Saturday, January 11, 2014

I'm Giving You Homework on a Saturday

This is what I want for 2014.
I want to walk closer to the edge of myself.

Getting more in shape would be nice. Organizing the dusty corners sounds like a good idea.
I'd like to be more patience and read my Bible more often.
I want to love people more fully.
And hey, cobbling together our first official family vacation sounds like a worthy challenge.

None of that matters if I'm not not following where God leads.
And if I've learned anything at all, it's that walking behind Him means risk and sometimes even a little pain. It's all the things my flesh would rather avoid: tricky, grueling, exhausting, scary, humbling. And people will think you're a weirdo.

But there's a silver lining that casts a shadow on all the rest. Following blindly is exhilarating and life-affirming. It's addictive.

So, it seems the only way through this life is the constant reminder that it doesn't belong to me.

Watch this video and pay close attention to the lyrics on the screen.
This song was made for me, but I think it was made for you, too.

Happy Saturday, Dears.


  1. What a powerful song. I just printed out the lyrics to stick in my bible notebook.

  2. That song is my theme song or anthem, rather. Even in the darkest days I hope I will say "Lord, deeper" if it means more of Him, and a stronger faith if He will be glorified in my life. Some days it is so hard and I forget this, and I fail. But, I have learned as God's been moving and working that it really is exhilarating, maybe not in the thick of some things, but usually there are always blessings and joy to be found. And this is what I want to focus on this year - finding the joy and blessings in the everyday, the mundane, and the painful seasons of life. Thanks for this beautiful reminder today!

  3. I love that song. A perfect Saturday song to cause me to lift up my eyes. Thanks.

  4. Sometimes it's so scary. You can hear the words of those on the shore pleading to stay safe in the boat. It's so easy to stay safe in the boat. After all, you're not on the shore with your feet in shifting sand - you're in the boat. And, only you can hear the voice calling out for movement. And, trust.

    I read the words of the song (which I've heard a millions times but never actually listened to) and watched the waves. I tried to think of a time when I took the step of faith and fell. Of course, I can't think of even one. (And, being human, if there were one wouldn't I be able to point to it with anger and bitterness?) Yet, not even one comes to mind. Every time I've taken a step towards what I feel go leading me to has been met with something positive - even if was for me to learn.

    So, the question for myself.
    Why is it so difficult to step out from the boat when He's ALWAYS been there?

    1. SO get every word of this.
      You're 100% right and I have to give myself the same reminder: He's always been there!

  5. Your words challenge me, as always. I've tried to comment on your last five posts and my darn phone has not cooperated. I love these words. I told my husband how they challenge me, us, to step so far out of our comfort zone. But like Dana said, why is it so hard?

    We have a young high school boy in desperate need of guidance that stays with us part time and another family (not his own) part time. He is the oldest of eight siblings. Anyway, one weekend he was with us, he got in trouble for being out wayyy past curfew and when my husband (who is also his basketball coach) sat him down to have a talk, I thought, "I need Shannan! She would know the words!"

    God spoke through Russ for sure but it soooo eye-opening to the depths of which these kids need us. Of which God deeply desires for us to see Him through these kids.

    Thanks, as always, for your words.

  6. That same song is going through my head every day---it's become my Spirit's chant.

  7. I had heard this song a few times before, but watching the video and reading the lyrics brought me to tears. So many times I try to do it all on my own when I am called to keep my eyes focused on Christ. It seems so simple, but like others have said, can be so hard.

  8. This is my theme song as we contemplate our more (yeah, I am the one going to Africa). I am not so scared to step out "there" for myself but for my children knowing what we are leaving and losing. I was reminded that sometimes we "give up what we love for what we love more." I listen to this song on repeat when I can't sleep with all the thoughts swirling in my head...

    1. You need to check out my friend Nicki's blog. Her family (5 kiddos!) moved to Kenya in July.
      I'm so excited for you!

  9. oh man... this song was on constant repeat for me this past summer.
    pushing me, ever so slightly, to risk my heart and life FOR Jesus.
    how much has he done for me?
    i just need to trust and obey.
    it's just so darn cozy in my little bubble.
    thanks for sharing what's on your heart.

  10. This song has been speaking to me lately - LIKE A TON! Thanks for sharing the lyric video.

  11. this song has been sung at church, stuck in my head, and on so many people's instagram/facebook/etc.!

    'spirit, lead me where my trust is without borders. let me walk upon the waters wherever you would call me...' <- SO GOOD FOR MY SOUL!

  12. Ahh!! THIS song. It was on repeat when my BFF left for Ghana this fall. It has become my anthem for this year as well. Thank you for be an inspiration and using your words to bless so many.

  13. Man I'm with everyone else; this song stops me in my tracks when it comes on our local Christian radio. I finally bought the song and play it on repeat at work... This listen brought my attention to the section for the first time:
    "Your grace abounds in deepest waters
    Your sovereign hand
    Will be my guide
    Where feet may fail and fear surrounds me
    You've never failed and You won't start now"

    His grace ABOUNDS in deepest waters. His love is perfect when we take that step through our fear, knowing he has never left us and will not now.

    Thanks for sharing, Shannan. I'm so blessed by finding your blog!

  14. My friend lost her baby boy at 37 weeks, and this song has been her anthem. Specifically the line, "Your grace abounds in deepest waters." Even as we are drowning in sorrow, His grace abounds.

  15. A friend told me to listen to this song when we were waiting to find out if we could adopt our daughter and it became a prayer for me. I wrote about it here:

    That song got me through some hard days and on the last day of my waiting, I sat in my car, listening to this song and cried, trying desperately to grasp onto any last shreds of faith and endurance I had left. I prayed - confessed that I couldn't do it anymore. That my faith was failing and I needed to be pulled out of the water. On that day (March 23, 2013) the song played its last note and I wiped my tears away and checked my email before I began driving home. The tears returned as I realized that my waiting was over - there was an email from our agency saying that our daughter's birth parents were ready for us to come pick her up. We met our daughter three days later. That song will forever be a reminder of God's faithfulness in that season of my life - and an anthem over my daughter's life. My sweet girl had Down syndrome so there are many hills yet to climb for her little life, but her First Mama gifted her with the name "Faith" and she is the very embodiment of God's faithfulness - a reminder to fix our eyes on Jesus and "keep our eyes above the waves." Love this song. Thank you for the excuse to listen to it again - I'm all verklempt now! :)

  16. "So, it seems the only way through this life is the constant reminder that it doesn't belong to me"

    amen.....and my 14 yr. old girl. her's doesn't belong to me either. (or my boys-we're just in the midst of some choices with the girl right now.....i could choose safe.....or continue on our path of "weirdness" as you so aptly put it.)

    living this's all a "challenge to your balance" to use the words of Natalie Merchant

    and some outcomes have been getting to me and i've been in a funk of late and have lost my sense of Wonder.

    thank you for the homework. and the words. know God has used them in His whispering to me-restoring that Wonder. so that i can

    "take courage! I AM"

  17. What powerful words. Just the message I needed to hear today. Thank you for sharing!

  18. My "word" for this year is trust! For oh so many reasons!!! BUT, I want these words to be my theme.... Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
    Let me walk upon the waters
    Wherever You would call me
    Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
    And my faith will be made stronger
    In the presence of my Savior

  19. this was my "driving home from county jail" song for quite some time. As my "Robert" gets ready to move out on his own, and I face all the fears of having a kid shaped hole in my heart/home, fears of: will he stay out of trouble? will he ever come home again? will he be okay? will he feed himself something other than nacho cheese? will he sleep? will he stay clean? I am learning anew that God will "take me deeper than my feet could ever wander" if I just stop fighting it and let go of my belief that I can micro-manage everything better than Jesus' love can cover...

    1. Thank YOU for THIS.
      I could have written it myself.

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