Sunday, January 5, 2014

Healthified 2-Minute Peach Crumble {& A Few More Faves}

Well, for one thing, we finally got the blizzard OF MY DREAMS.
I don't know, I just go for major weather events. It's a semi-appropriate channel for my latent flair for drama, though don't tell facebook, because the last time I whined about not getting the big thunderstorm they were predicting, my feed was flooded with "Shame on you!"s complete with pictures of tornado wreckage and denouncements of my Christian faith.

You probably don't care that I'm still in my pajamas from last night, because at this point, telling you something like that is the exact equivalent of telling you I like salsa or that gingham is a neutral.

So, rather than boring you all to tears by recapping our "day", I thought I'd share a few of my favorite thing from the past week.

Here's something I always feel like clarifying: I never tell you I love things unless I really do love them. It's an inexplicable truth that sometimes people send me things for free, hoping I might dig them. Often, I do, and sometimes I blog about it. But a lot of times I just like to yammer about regular things I like that I either bought myself or (more likely) want to buy but may never find the nerve.

The moral of this story: You can trust a sister. I'm not about pretending anything.
The other moral: I always feel weird talking about "blog" stuff. It kills the vibe, right? I much rather pretend this is just me and you, yukking it up.

So let's go back to that.

The first thing I'm loving today?

Well, duh.
It's healthy peach crumble, because, you know, it's the New Year, etc...

I invented it ON THE SPOT, people. IN. VENT. ED.
This must be what it feels like to be Kanye!

The ice cream is the slow-churned kind that's lower fat and whatnot, plus it has the black flecks of vanilla bean, so it's totally healthier than other kinds of vanilla ice cream sans specks.

I bought a jar of cinnamon-steeped peach halves at Aldi last week sliced them up, then put them in a baking dish topped with some weirdo all-natural granola cereal mixed with a few scoops of plain Greek yogurt, some ground flax, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

And butter, but not much.

And a small but essential tiny spoonful of brown sugar.

So, maybe healthy isn't the word, but it could be worse.

That's my motto!

It could be worse.

And, in fact, it is worse.

Because I went ahead and drizzled caramel sauce over the top. 

Be The Change White Raglan T Shirt
Okay, why am I the dorky girl who never really understood Sevenly until recently?
I'm officially obsessed.

Every week they add new T's with a conscience, then they donate $7 from each sale to the corresponding cause.

Man, do I ever like a good cause.

And whoaaa man (said in my best Charlie McKenzie voice), do I ever like a good t-shirt.

gluten free and natural skin care products for women

This is my new hair salvation.
Maddie and Sophie's Mane.

It was graciously sent to me last spring in a box of things to check out. First I fell deeply in love with Essence, but I finally got around to trying this and my affections are now divided. 

The site says it's fantastic even in fine hair, but I didn't really believe it because I've been burned too many times by too many sprays, gels, mousses, and hybrids.

But this. I scrunch a bit of it through at the very end and it gives me texture and a bit of wave and oomph. Who couldn't use a bit of oomph? (Maddie and Sophie is offering 20% off your purchase. Type FPFG in the comments section and the difference will be refunded via Paypal.)

Oh Darling Sign

I saw this a few days ago on Pinterest, pinned by my uber-stylish friend, Jeanne. I assumed it was fancy and foreign and out of my league, but of course I re-pinned it in record time, because it is just SO MUCH EVERYTHING that I adore.

It's a little bit chic, a little bit stark, a little bit whimsical.
I love the message and the imperfection of it.

Moments after falling in love, I discovered it's part of my pal Tiffani's new line, from her shop House of Belonging . And then I feel more in love, because art is one of those things that carries the soul of its maker. I'm quite fond of her soul.

Our Greatest Adventure Sign
This one is also so beautiful.
It's just so true - Adventure!! I love an adventure. I love looking at my life as an adventure.

Speaking of adventures, school is already canceled for tomorrow, as is work for Cory and Robert.
Clearly, work for me is not canceled.

The high will be -8. That's right, the HIGH.
So outside won't be happening. We'll have to get creative and I may resort to switching into different pajamas.

Help a sister out. Entertain me. Indulge me. What are you loving this week?

Flower Patch Blizzardgirl


  1. I LOVE the big bad weather events! One of my favorite things as a kid is when the water was up. I loved going around and looking at all the creeks inching toward the roads. I described this weekend's snowstorm to my husband as "the perfect snowstorm" and loved every minute of it. That being said, I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see just how far the temperature will drop in the next two days.

    I'm loving Steve Martin's banjo-y album "Love Has Come For You", pretzel crisps with hummus, and American Hustle. Also the being in the pajamas 2 days later...that's my favorite.

  2. homemade play dough should help us weather the storm in Iowa!

  3. I saw the same artwork yesterday and was going to blog about it too! My favorite was the "You are our greatest adventurer." I really want to buy that. I think it would be perfect for adoptive families!

    I'm also a fan of big weather events. I love thunderstorms and I like the prospect of getting snowed in (but, in fact would actually hate that). We aren't quite getting the snow you are....we are at a lame 1 inch. But, it supposed to be insanely cold here with wind chills near -30 or -40 degrees!

    I think tomorrow is going to be another "day off." My husband is working from home and it's supposed to be a back-to-reality day for me, but I'm thinking we'll throw some logs in the fireplace and curl up and still enjoy a semi-day off. Everyone else is getting one here.

    I'm with you on the many days in a row can you wear them? I think I've lost count.

  4. I love big weather events if they are of the snow and thunderstorm variety. Where I live, big weather events equate to temperatures north of 110 or unexpected rain for days that cause major flooding. Then its not so fun. Will you pretty puh-lease show some snow photos? Would love to see it and dream of a white winter :)

  5. I am loving our crisp clear cold weather days here in Oregon this week! I also am loving homemade Granola ! I am loving the ups man for bringing me boots on clearance ! I am loving sweaters and boots all week long ! I also love on FB a van with no plan ! Two young Christian Men traveling around volunteering their time and doing odd jobs here and there to make some money. I also am loving Downton Abbey is on tonight! It's a great week :)

  6. Peach Mango Juice. Seriously, I can't get enough of the stuff. I told my husband we must move where the mangos grow.

  7. Okay - I am (probably) going to try out that hair product for my fine hair. (And by fine I mean texture not "fiiiine" as in awesome.)
    What I am into these days - Roasted Tomato and Olive Oil Triscuits. Not normaly a triscuit fan, but I love these. Emily Freeman's book "A Million Little Ways," and reading The Snowy Day almost every day last week to my boys.

  8. I had a t-shirt company like that once. Well, for a year. No, two. One year to design and plan everything and one year to watch it fail. We donated profits to Feed America, ASPCA, Smile Train, etc. Each design had a cause. I loved it. Still love it. A happy memory ... so glad someone else is able to make it work.

  9. Snow storms and lightning storms are a few of my favorite things! As is wishing I didn't have to go to work today either ;)

    PS. Come to Canada, where seven feet of snow have already fallen this winter and the temperatures plunge to -35F -- it's actually pretty great!

  10. I am fond of storm events but living in the middle of Nebraska with a village of 53 other people I am over the weather events. Today we will be dancing with the penguins and polar bears as we reach a temp of -45 with windchill. Listening to the wind howl across the prairie and light snow is blowing. I am hunkered down with my 2 American Bulldogs, 2 Siamese cats and 2 dachshunds praying for a break from the cold. I am very thankful for internet to keep us connected to friends and family and to scour recipes to make things that help heat us up as well. Sticking to healthy eating we partake in Meatless Monday. Today it is going to be Guy Fieri Gingered Carrot Soup and I was introduced to a new type of bread Anadama Bread. Stay safe and be warm peeps !

  11. 1) Congratulations for getting Hatmaker-ed on your Facebook. That's the term for people without a sense of humor telling you you're awful and NEED JESUS. ;)

    2) I need that cobbler in my life. But I'm going to have to stick with the unhealthy version of BlueBell ice cream so my Texan card might not be revoked.

    3) I love you forever for the So I Married and Axe Murderer reference. "Look at the head on that kid! It's like an orange on a toothpick!"

    4) I thought I would die in our 24 degree weather, but I suddenly feel warm. Negative 8?!? Fly south, sister!

    5) I started using foundation that is intended for an airbrush machine, but I just apply it with a sponge/brush instead of an expensive fancy machine. It feels and looks like I'm wearing less makeup...but I look better. My other fave is Big Sexy Hair's root pump. My entire small group (the ladies, that is) has started using it. When you go to church with Beth feel the need for your hair to be BIGGER.

    Thanks for the giggles and tips this morning! Stopping by here always brightens my day! :)

    1. Heed! Pilloe! Nayow.

      (That's my dialect translation. hahaha)

  12. I love the weather drama as well. I do not like tornado warnings though. Hurricanes are predicted ahead of time so that's okay. I do worry about my husband and loved ones that have to go out. I guess I am included in the "have to go out" later today. (Hoping they cancel my DIL's work as I am watching two of my littles). I am keeping my fingers crossed today that my daughter and her children get home from Colorado okay. They are at the Dayton airport and getting ready to fly out. I don't like them to be flying when it is this cold. Tomorrow I may take down Christmas, hah. But, I am in the same jammies as yesterday but a bath and clean clothes are approaching.

  13. I'm sooo jealous of your snow! Maryland NEVER gets any good weather and I love it all too!

    Enjoy snuggling and staying in!

  14. Giggling as I read... I love chocolate covered pomegranates from Costco (buy the big bag cuz they're crazy good... and poms are healthy, right?). I love a good t-shirt and a good cause... thanks for the tip on that one! And my favorite House of Belonging sign has to be the Glenda the Good Witch quote... perfection! In Atlanta, the weather is cold... like really, really cold for us and they've already canceled school for tomorrow (no snow but baby it's cold outside :-).

  15. It's currently -9 here. Not counting the wind chill. What am I loving? Apparently white, because I am in the middle of painting a bagillion rooms white right now. I am convinced if the walls are white, the rest of the messy house will somehow look clean despite the toys, clutter and everyday life! Stay warm!

  16. Yo blizzardgirl,
    I'm loving "just dumped a bunch of cans fromt he pantry - Look... it's Chili!" which is currently in the oven.
    Yes, oven :)
    Cuz it's a big ol' (-15) for a high in Chicagoland.
    Kitties napping on the couch.
    Catching up on sermons (online, woo! Hoo!) which I missed during the last 6 months when I had to work Sundays.
    Catching up on bloggers I love. Who loves you, baby?
    Basically, it's a ketchup day!


  17. peach cobbler= healthy dessert, not as, healthy breakfast option
    it snowed all weekend here (that's what happens when you live in ski-town colorado), but the sun is shining today, and the sky is all kinds of blue.
    and today i'm liking- a walk with my kiddos with not a single complaint! that's more than like, that's revolutionary!

  18. I'm good unless we lose power....then I freak out.

  19. I adore big weather events as long as neither of my kids are out driving in it! No bigger letdown than a predicted BIG storm that peters out before it gets to us (and that happens a lot in Richmond, VA). But tonight it will be single digits here so that is something...just no precip. Darn!

  20. i live in my pj's too
    i paint in them and gasp...even go to bed that night in the same pair. i know right? you have me obsessed with the t's. i clicked over and am going to order the one you shared
    i LOVE them all.
    all i know is i am freezing and living for spring. i struggle with depression in the gloomy winter months.
    hope you are well friend...shirts start arriving this week to me....can't wait to send yours. not sure which one's yet..xo

  21. I am totally ponying up for that Sevenly t-shirt. Super cute! Also, I LOVE House of Belonging. She made me the perfect sign for my family room which I can't get enough of! I tried to include a photo of it but I don't know what I am doing. :)

  22. loving all of tiff's new signs that she has created…
    they're all beautiful and fun and full of whimsy!

    hope you guys are well...

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