Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thriftiest Gift Idea And Then Some

Friends, meet Cow II.

Cow II, meet all my homies.

I found this little honey in a dusty pile of junk a couple weeks ago at our local year-round garage sale.

It's as classy a joint as you would imagine.

She ran $6 and I almost passed her up...oh my gosh.
What was I thinking??

Well, I was thinking I shouldn't be buying stuff for myself.

I was supposed to be looking for mugs.
You know.

Guys, I've decided my Eveready battery rack/thrifted mug rack/Cow II corner is the best corner there ever was.

I can't stop loving it. It's so gratifying to scour all the haunts for these mugs and, I might add, they absolutely enhance my Earl Grey experiences.

My obsession became such that I needed a 12-step program. I knew it was time to start spreading the amore.

I present to you the thriftiest friend-gifts to grace the planet.

Only, the gift was really for me. Because I got to track them down.
I hit every thrift store in a tri-county area and two in Ohio. I LOVE a good hunt.

I didn't pay more than $1 for any mug, and most were 49 or even 25 cents.

A few times it hit me that it might be weird. Merry Christmas and I love you! Here's someone else's old coffee mug.

But then I shrugged off that idea like a bad sweater and kept on hunting.

People - rest assured - there are a lot of ugly coffee mugs in this world. I started strong then the crap hit the fan and I had to make a few concessions in the ways of adding a few teacups and espresso cups to the mix. (Question: is "espresso cup" a thing? because that's what I'm calling the tiny cups. but I'm no coffee drinker, so what do I know?)

What I can say is, I love them alllll.
My litmus test was this: Would I hang it on my battery rack?
(Isn't that what everyone says?)

Before long, I wanted to put stuff in the mugs.
Lipstick is always fun, but it's too pricey.


Because I scored these L'Oreal puppies on clearance for just over $1 a pop. BOOM.
I added a honey straw, an Early Grey tea bag, a salted dark chocolate, and one of my vintage hankies.

I stayed up until the wee hours crafting cute tags, then the blasted things kept slipping down the handles. So I stuck them in the mugs and called it a day.

The moral of the story? I'm an odd friend.
The other moral of the story? I think you guys are probably a bunch of odd-balls, too.
And if you are, your other friends probably are.

So the real moral of the story: If you're short on time and ideas, hit up the Salvation Army! Or an antiques store! Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, Party People!

Here are a few of my other ideas:

Someone gave me this gift earlier this week and I swooned.
Give homemade. We all dig it.

And yes, sometimes we just want to be mall rats. Ain't no shame.

Here's a nod to commercialism and the downfall of mankind:

Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter (I also love Grapefruit and Honeymania) They have cute minis in the stores for $3 each and they're running mad online sales.

Some of the best gifts I've gotten in recent years include a new tea kettle and crazy socks.

And books!

I could go on and on about all the books I've loved. I do, in fact, right here.

But there are three books that have changed who I am on a cellular level.
Or at least on a very profound and important level.
Or at least that's the story I'm sticking to today.

Tattoos on the Heart

Grace for the Good Girl

Ragamuffin Gospel

Some music to go along with the books? My two favorite cd discoveries this year:
Mumford - Babel
Civil Wars

Kids love books, too! We've been reading:

Ramona Quimby, Age 8
Skippyjon Jones

Our kids get 3 gifts from us for Christmas. I bought each of the littles a craft kit this year. Don't tell! They love getting crafty and it'll be something to keep them busy during another sloggy winter. I found really cool kits for Silas and Ruby on Clearance at Target for 75% off a couple of months ago. Each was no more than $4.

Calvin's getting this:

Build Your Own Fighter Planes

While I'm already rambling, do you happen to have a Silas in your midst? My friend Heather wrote a couple years ago about the Melissa & Doug cutting fruits set. She also has a Silas and swore this was the only toy he cared about. So I ordered it immediately and, I kid you not, homeboy played independently and quietly and without destructive fall-out for the first time ever.

(This was 2 years ago and much progress has been made, but we've managed to not lose the knife and that's saying something.)

There you have it.

Merry Almost, Ladies and Gents. You sure make this gig fun.

Festively Yours,
FPFG (& Cow II)

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