Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Harder Job


We spend our time working hard to teach our kids the beauty of giving, that it's better to give than receive, but we hide a secret behind our backs - not only is giving better, it's often easier.

It's hard sometimes to confront our need. It makes us wince to face our humility, to feel without distraction the moment where empty is filled, to be exposed as having nothing in return.

We'd take the Santa suit over the thin chatter of a child, all naked wanting and wide-eyed expectation, palms wide, no status to be shaken.

But without receiving, we miss the richness of giving.

Sometimes receiving means new pajamas, a surprise Yankee candle, a check in the mail. Sometimes it's a Honda. Sometimes it's a child.

We give and receive, we do so imperfectly, our worries and insecurities making waves while we sail on the grace that made both possible.

We give and receive, believing Emmanuel really is with us. And since it's true, we can't begin to separate our relationship with God and our relationships with our brothers and sisters, the bearers of His image.

We keep practicing this gift of receiving, of humbling our hearts enough to accept something we never earned, and we're one thump of a heartbeat closer to understanding the coming of our King.

He's here.

He's with us.

Around us.

He's all we ever needed, exactly what we always wanted, so we open our hands and receive Him.

*my canvas from the crafty party :)


  1. good and true words. hallelujah.
    love you, lady. merry christmas.


  2. O Holy Night. There are so many great one-liners in that song! Merry Christmas. May we feel that "thrill of hope" as the "weary world rejoices" :)

  3. winging so much love to you from this side of here. merry christmas, my friend.

  4. Oh beautiful beautiful beautiful. What a gift your words are too this night. Peace.

  5. Yes, God is with us. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  6. Oh, that last line is Christmas all wrapped up …

    1. Ditto what Donna said! Merry Christmas to you and yours, Shannan! May you have a sweet day filled with both giving and receiving!

  7. Beautiful. Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family.

  8. Like my husband always says, well sometimes he says it, it's important to not be a selfish-servant (or a selfish-giver); instead giving and receiving the grace of God that we don't deserve to give or receive. Thanks for your encouragement :)

  9. Merry belated Christmas, Farmgirl!

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