Monday, December 2, 2013

The Freedom of White Walls

Well, I rearranged my front entry drop zone. Again.

I've never been much of a rabid rearranger. This house has changed all that.



The white walls.

I daydreamed about white walls for so long, but always convinced myself I couldn't pull it off.

In our past houses, all the walls were painted some version of blue or green. I loved having color on the wall. But this is a whole new ballgame. I'm stone-cold digging it.

It's so easy to switch my wonky garage sale finds around. In this new world, everything matches the walls! It's magic! Granted, my stuff doesn't necessarily match my other stuff, but all the white neutralizes any potential conflict.

(I don't know what that weird sign is, I only know I bought it for $1 last summer and it made me happy.)

All I'm saying is, if you've ever wanted to paint it all white but you feared it would be boring or blah or sterile or perpetually cold or your eyes would have trouble focusing on all the lack of contrast, you just might be wrong.

Wait til you see what I'm doing to my living room for Christmas.

*Switching Gears*

To date, 49 of you have joined the FPFG Mocha Club team.

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If you haven't joined our team, I'd love for you to consider it. You can sign up here. All new members get a free I Need Africa scarf or pocket tote.

INA 2.0 fashionABLE Scarf (2 Colors!)

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And if you've been waiting for the right time to buy some fashionABLE scarves for Christmas gifts? THIS IS THE DAY. Free shipping all day!

Boom. Christmas = solved. 

Merry Monday, party people! 


  1. We are painting all the walls in our new (to us) house white. My family thinks I'm weird. Glad to hear it from someone who's done it, that it is fabulous :)

    1. You will love it! Prepare to get a bit reckless with color in other places. I think that's key. :)

  2. I am so tempted to go white!! I have very warm toned woodsy furniture though (think cozy farmhouse) so I'm still hesitant!! Can't wait to see your living room!!

    1. I LOVE warm woods with white! Seriously, check out my Homey pinterest board. You'll see plenty of that. :)

  3. Ok, I saw this on Pinterest ealier, but didn't realize it was your house. LOVE it!

  4. I would love to go white, but I have log walls. Mostly, I don't mind, but it feels a little dark and sleepy, sometimes. Also, pictures, shelves, etc. never really hang right.

  5. i've got white walls in the basement. i know shocking!!! there is no lack of color though. an occasional can of chalkboard paint finds it's home:))

  6. Can you join this club if you are in Australia?

    1. Just ran this past Mocha Club and they said it's no problem!

  7. Make that 50 Shannan! (or more than 50 if others joined before I had a chance this evening). I've been meaning to do this for a couple of weeks, finally managed to get myself together and did it just now. Thanks for the reminder! Love the front entry drop've got me rethinking white walls. :)

  8. I think I only have two rooms left that aren't white. I love it!

  9. Just did this in our new house and I love it. Only I used antique white, is that cheating?

  10. Yay! Just ordered some Christmas presents and helped out a great cause. Thank you for the tip!

  11. and i totally love seeing all these new Mocha Club members show up in my email account...
    weird, but I LOVE it!
    (first indication that you have written a new post.)

  12. I repainted much of our house white a couple of years ago. Living room. Dining room. Kitchen. And I love it as well. We live in a 1920s Arts and Crafts house with loads of dark wood trim. So the white is a great contrast. I must admit that it took me ages to find just the right white though. I wanted a white with a bit of warmth. I wanted to feel as if I was living in a sepia-toned old photo. :) I also let myself go creative and colorful in the other rooms. Also, love your taste, Shannan!!

  13. So I love your entry way. It has inspired me to change mine up a little. We have all white walls in our rental, and I absolutely love them!

  14. We went from color to every room being white a few years ago and love it. We live in the Pacific Northwest where it rains and is dark a lot so the white is so much brighter. Our living room floor is a white glazed type finish that my husband wasn't sure about. Now he is thinking we should do the kitchen also. Fine by me : ) I just love all your inspiration Ms. Shannan!

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