Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kids' Bathroom

It's December 9th and we're all swamped.
We're up to our bosoms in all the Christmas things.

I just handed over gift-wrapping duties to the surprisingly capable (albeit tape-happy) hands of Ruby River, and I'm not ashamed to say so. Sister-friend got it done. Then crafted a bedazzled clarinet out of paper remnants. Naturally.

I don't think she actually got it to play notes.

Anyway, since we're all feeling festive and we don't have time for nonsense, this seemed like the perfect time to show you my...upstairs bathroom?

Using photos taken back in March?

Merry Christmas!

Cory just glanced over and had to do a double take. He didn't recognize these digs at first.

Power of the flower vase, friends.

Also, I cleaned that day. That may account for some of our disorientation.

This was back when the upstairs bathroom was the Kids' bathroom.
Now, we all share the Up and let Robert have the Down, though we technically still hold eminent domain and we're not afraid to exercise our rights.

 Except we're terrified to exercise our rights because he trashes out that shower. He ruins it daily.

I know, gross.
Just keepin' it real, all you teenager-less moms. You just wait.

Does anyone out there keep flowers in there bathroom for real?
If so, I need to know you.
I'm a big, big fan of yours, you know.

I always thought there was a chance I'd be that girl.
Turns out I'm a different one.

But hey, I did take the hanging flower basket down from the porch and stuff some rolled towels in it. And I awkwardly put the white stool in front of the vanity.

Call me, HGTV!

Toilets are so gross.
I have a real problem with them.
In theory, more than practice.

Why am I talking about toilets?

I can't stop.

Something you should know about me: I believe the lid should always be down. Like, always, man.
(Okay, not always...)
It goes back to a scientific "study" they did years ago on 60 Minutes.
That's all I'm going to say about that.

Plus, it's a toilet. No science required for that little nugget of truth.

FYI, the words "toilet" and "nugget" really shouldn't be used in the same phrase.

Do you ever wonder why I never made it big on the decorating blog rounds?

Me either.

I have dejavu right now. This reminds me of writing all my other bathroom posts. Like this one.

Did we miss any hot bathroom topics?
Am I forgetting anything?
Hello? Hello?
Is this thing on?

Shower curtain: West Elm
Curtain fabric: Wal-Mart
Cheap flowers: Kroger
Barn art: Grain sack from Pleasant Hill grain elevator by way of my dad's barn by way of Siley's old room
Flower painting: $1 vacation find
Vanity light: Lowes
Flooring: $50 vinyl remnant


  1. Love your bathroom! And I remember the 60 Minute "study" and actually moved the toothbrushes into the cabinet....yuck...and I enjoy your decorating just as much if not more than some of those "perfect" bloggers. But what I love most of all is you and your life with your family and your Christian heart! Keep on keeping on sister!

    1. YES. That was the one. :/
      Thanks for the kind words, Lady L!

  2. You just gave me spring fever.


  3. your bathroom is lovely - I really like the shower curtain! I too must have the seat down when not in use...

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  4. What a cheerful bathroom! Thanks for the laughs. It is nasty rainy here which would be lovely if I could be cozy by a fire reading a book....nope, it's off to work then tons of errands. Yay! Toilets freak me out, and I totally get the teenage-boy-trashing-shower-daily reference. Ugh.

  5. You should totally be on HGTV. You can really pull a room together and end up looking all fancy, like you didn't try. I always want that look, but I never manage to create it.

    Love the bathroom. My own lovely b-room has a giant pile of dirty clothes thrown on the floor. Not too pretty.

  6. We have six sharing one bathroom right now because of a home improvement project run amok, including two teenagers, and yes. Wrecked. The whole dang room. Also, you get a double punch of flowers when they're in front of the mirror. Nice trick! Off to fearfully Google 60 Minutes and toilets.

  7. Oh I'm sooo with you.....the toilet lid HAS to be down ALWAYS!! And I DO mean ALWAYS! It's as important as flushing......at our house!!!! Kudos for being real.

  8. Ugh, toilets!! I can't stand them and totally know the 60 Minutes special of which you speak. My phobia reached a high once I had to potty train my daughter and actually let her go in public. One of my proud mommy moments was when a friend watched her and helped her go and she leaned forward to hold on to my friends shoulders and wouldn't touch her toilet! She was like "eww, yucky!" :) makes a mom proud. Cute bathroom- love that stripey shower curtain!

  9. I've been looking for a stool like that for my boys' bathroom forever!

    I know exactly which toilet lid down study you're talking about! The toothbrushes are tucked safely away in a cabinet just in case someone forgets. Which rarely happens because I'm kind of crazy about it

    Speaking of toilets and nuggets, Google the Poo-pourri commercial. You'll laugh and want to throw up. And yes, it's real stuff. My MIL is a world traveler and takes it with her everywhere.

    1. What?! I've seen the Poo-pourri commercials online before and I never once considered that it was for an actual REAL product. Now I'm even more intrigued!

  10. Love your style and the way you can pull a room right together. I am one of those who always puts flowers in my bathroom. The room is very blah and the flowers just liven it up. I'm totally "not fancy" just like a pop of cheer in a dreary room.

    Agree, toilets are gross. And keep those lids down!

    Thanks for sharing a fun post.

  11. the toilet thing! i am with you. always down. i think it stems from the same 60 minutes thing you are thinking about...

    cute bathroom by the way. don't blame you for avoiding the "teenagered" shower. blech.

  12. I'm currently obsessed with all things decor so I LOVE when you post stuff like this. I love all your stuff but right now - I'm in a bad spot. Somebody help me and disconnect my Pinterest. (I'm not sure that's how it works).

  13. No soap at the sink? Honey, there's a TOILET right there. You've GOT to have soap. For post-nuggeting, you know.

    1. Well, I'm assuming the soap was ugly so I removed it for the shot. :)

  14. I love that big stripey happy cheerful-I can't be in a bad mood in this bathroom-shower curtain. LOOOOOVE IT and need it, with my teens in this house that wax between hyper happiness to inability to speak in anything but a grumble. And I hear you on the shower. OY. But lets talk about flowers on the counter. Why don't we do this more often? I am going to cut a couple little pieces off the back of the Christmas tree to stick in a glass and put in the bathroom right this moment, you've inspired me so! Merry Christmas season to you and your brood :)

  15. i feel like i tell you you're funny too often, but sometimes it's all i know to say.

    i don't keep flowers in my bathroom, but you make me want to.

    also, i can confirm that a bathroom used by a teenage boy is gah-ross.

  16. I am a bathroom flower girl. I often put a daisy or such in there in a milk bottle vase...they last months and even when dead look cute!!

  17. Flowers on the counter? lol
    I'm lucky if the roll is on the rolly thing.

  18. I have that same vinyl remnant in my upstairs bath. Actually, mine looks almost identical to yours minus the pretty. Now I have to go and stalk TJ Maxx to fancy mine up.



  19. I love your bathroom! It's bright and cheery and fun. However, if you have a major issue with toilets, I would recommend moving your towels to another spot. You have boys and a man in the house after all. I'm just sayin:)

  20. oh Shannan, we are so on the same page. The toilet lid should always, always, always be closed. Don't flush until you close the lid. I think I saw the same "60 Minutes" feature. LOL

  21. I love your bathroom! It is so sunny and bright...I love the curtains, I'm wondering if Walmart still sells that pattern.

  22. Closed toilet lids are NON NEGOTIABLE! I'm pretty sure it says that in Hezekiah 11:2.

    We have a bathroom shared by THREE teenage boys. I don't go in there. Did you know that Hezekiah 11:3 states that teenage boys must clean their OWN disgusting bathrooms. Well....it does!

    And I don't keep flowers in my bathroom regularly but I have done it and I would have fresh flowers everywhere all the time if I could afford it! I do have some dried babies' breath in a mason jar in our powder room. I think that totally counts!

  23. ewwww... i must have randomly watched that 60 mins too.
    i always, always put the lid down.
    and encourage my wee ones (and hubs) to do the same.
    can we say 1 billion germs circulating through the air when you flush??!!
    anyway... supah cute bathroom.
    seriously... love that art above the toilet.
    you probably paid like 29 cents for it too, am i right?

  24. I can't believe you used that word! . . . In your BATHROOM post!! I'm never reading this blog again . . . . LOL!!!!

  25. Love those curtains! And trust me, you are not the first mom to turn over gift wrapping duties to your daughter. :) There were many, many years where my mom would box up all of my presents and stick them on one side of the bed out of my site and then pull me in to the room and have me wrap everyone else's present's on the other side of the bed while she wrapped mine on Christmas Eve! :) :) That and baking, best southern cook on the planet but mother COULD.NOT.BAKE! And yes, toilet lids should always be closed. It bothers me. a lot. Like when I am sitting on one side of the couch and the bathroom door is open, I can see right into our only bathroom and if the lid (and sometimes seat) got left up, it bothers me so much I have to get up and close that lid. and then the door. to fully rid myself of the image and thoughts of the germs.

  26. one.more.thing.
    (i'm sure you just had it in that spot for the photo shoot)
    i'll have a new recipe for you soon-- one that could be combined or played with to vary your pretzel bark/crack... i'm working out the bugs, and by working on it, i mean reading seventy-leven recipes and obsessing over the ingredient combinations. there may be a way of escape from bark-mouth.

  27. I have that shower curtain in my kids' bathroom, too. Paired with Martha Stewart's Aegean Blue on the walls, it is sunny and bright in there....which helps disguise the fact that bathroom has no window! Thanks for sharing with us!!

  28. you missed the hot topic of NEVER SHARING BATHROOM TIME with anyone ever.
    the door stays shut.
    not even for the husbands.

  29. You are wonderful. And you are - by far - my favorite blogger. And like you, I feel very with-it-and-together-and-so-that-girl when I put flowers in my bathroom once a year. AND. I laughed so hard over the toilet/nugget comment. Thanks for that ;)

  30. Hello, Char from JE brought me here and I love your blog!
    I am the one really cannot stop thinking of how far the splash of little waterfalls reach in the bathroom! I wish I didn't watch that TV show which told me that's more than 5 feet. No way! :( That changed my life...... Ooops, this was not the subject I should leave for the first time! So sorry. But anyway, your bathroom is beautiful and I am inspired so much. This made me want to start my bathroom make over right away. <3

  31. I'm hiding from my children (my husband is in charge) and you gave me a big big laugh. Thank you

  32. I'm hiding from my children (my husband is in charge) and you gave me a big big laugh. Thank you

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