Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Kids' Bathroom

It's December 9th and we're all swamped.
We're up to our bosoms in all the Christmas things.

I just handed over gift-wrapping duties to the surprisingly capable (albeit tape-happy) hands of Ruby River, and I'm not ashamed to say so. Sister-friend got it done. Then crafted a bedazzled clarinet out of paper remnants. Naturally.

I don't think she actually got it to play notes.

Anyway, since we're all feeling festive and we don't have time for nonsense, this seemed like the perfect time to show you my...upstairs bathroom?

Using photos taken back in March?

Merry Christmas!

Cory just glanced over and had to do a double take. He didn't recognize these digs at first.

Power of the flower vase, friends.

Also, I cleaned that day. That may account for some of our disorientation.

This was back when the upstairs bathroom was the Kids' bathroom.
Now, we all share the Up and let Robert have the Down, though we technically still hold eminent domain and we're not afraid to exercise our rights.

 Except we're terrified to exercise our rights because he trashes out that shower. He ruins it daily.

I know, gross.
Just keepin' it real, all you teenager-less moms. You just wait.

Does anyone out there keep flowers in there bathroom for real?
If so, I need to know you.
I'm a big, big fan of yours, you know.

I always thought there was a chance I'd be that girl.
Turns out I'm a different one.

But hey, I did take the hanging flower basket down from the porch and stuff some rolled towels in it. And I awkwardly put the white stool in front of the vanity.

Call me, HGTV!

Toilets are so gross.
I have a real problem with them.
In theory, more than practice.

Why am I talking about toilets?

I can't stop.

Something you should know about me: I believe the lid should always be down. Like, always, man.
(Okay, not always...)
It goes back to a scientific "study" they did years ago on 60 Minutes.
That's all I'm going to say about that.

Plus, it's a toilet. No science required for that little nugget of truth.

FYI, the words "toilet" and "nugget" really shouldn't be used in the same phrase.

Do you ever wonder why I never made it big on the decorating blog rounds?

Me either.

I have dejavu right now. This reminds me of writing all my other bathroom posts. Like this one.

Did we miss any hot bathroom topics?
Am I forgetting anything?
Hello? Hello?
Is this thing on?

Shower curtain: West Elm
Curtain fabric: Wal-Mart
Cheap flowers: Kroger
Barn art: Grain sack from Pleasant Hill grain elevator by way of my dad's barn by way of Siley's old room
Flower painting: $1 vacation find
Vanity light: Lowes
Flooring: $50 vinyl remnant