Friday, December 27, 2013

Important is a State of Mind

~family ~

I feel like it's somehow taboo to post pictures of Christmas stuff after Christmas, like maybe we're all sort of ready to move on. That holiday! - it's such a show-boat! We get caught up and it's so dang good, but then there's that tiny moment at the way-end where we breathe a quiet sigh of - not relief, just an Okay, that was good. But so is this. And so is what comes next.

Or maybe it's just me.

~ close up ~

I'm so thankful for everything this season was, all the ways it made me dig deeper into truth, every bit of the festivity and reflection.

I'm also thankful that the gifts and glitz are over and I'm just left sitting here in my ordinary, stripey-pj-pants life, where Silas obsesses about "watching his songs" and Ruby stacks her neck 14-deep in rubber band necklaces. I like it here, in the place where I settle back into the slow and comfortable.

~ christmas cat ~

Today, this week, I see a pause. And I'm taking it.

Next year is close enough to touch. It feels full of right things and like we can't even fathom how good it's gonna get.

But it's still 2013, and I'd like to end well.

In that vein, you'll be thrilled beyond words to hear I put together a 500-piece folk-art puzzle entitled, "Winter Scene" by myself, in roughly14 hours, with 8 of those hours being sleep. And don't you dare listen to a word Cory or my Dad tells you. They shouldered 25 pieces between them and I'm being generous in my estimate.

All I know is, the puzzle happened to be in the warmest room of the house, and one thing led to another.

Isn't that how all good jigsaw tales begin?

Then it was 1 a.m. and all the festive sleigh riders and snowman-builders were complete, leaving me with nothing but wide stretches of sky and swaths of evergreen.

I was so tired and the box was full of pieces that looked identical.

But I couldn't even handle the thought of that snarky puzzle winning.

So, you might say a lot of things about me, but you sure won't say I'm the sorry lady who didn't put together an entire puzzle in 2013. Nope.

~ "He likes to sleep by my tummy." ~

Since I'm already bragging about my retro gaming skills, you should know Cory and I totally threw down in the annual couples Trivia challenge at his family Christmas.

And by "threw down", I mean we scored 8/20.

But a win is a win, even if my tennis knowledge was called into question in the process.

~ First Angel ~

See what happens when you take a pause?
You surprise yourself with what suddenly becomes news-worthy.
You begin to wonder why you don't always eat 6 clementines in one day.
You think life without red pop may not be worth living, after all.
You forget all the things that make you tired.

~ important business ~

Right about now, I feel like there are no more problems in my world, and even though I have a hunch it isn't true, I'm sticking my fingers into my ears and riding this lalalalaaa out to the blessed end.

I'm slightly buzzed on sugar and carbs. I'm well-rested and giggle-boxed.

~ "decorations" ~

All the land is a shiny strand of lights, and I'm still right here, looking straight ahead but entranced until further notice.

Happy After, fancy ladies.

Remember - today is just as important as two days ago, or any day next week.

Make it count in the most necessary ways, and define "necessary" with as much naked truth as you can muster.

*December photo round-up courtesy (mostly) of Cory, because he's all techy and cool and I'm the girl obsessed with jigsaw puzzles.


  1. Remember today is just as important as 2 days ago or any day next week….LOVE that…that is all the resolution I need for next year (or ever)…live each days magic!

  2. I love the after - truly, my fave time of year! xo

  3. I feel like my after will be slightly interrupted when we leave my mom's later this morning and head back to our house. We took our tree down before we left and there will be gifts to put away and bags to unpack...not my favorite. But a loungey weekend with friends is on the horizon so that'll be good.

    I love Silas's decorations. I'm not surprised he has holiday lights right next to his bed.

    I'm slightly jealous over the puzzle. On Christmas my mom commented that we should have a puzzle going like the old days. Santa used to bring our family a new 1000 piece puzzle each year and it would sit on the card table the week after Christmas until we completed it. It's been quite a while since I've done a big puzzle. It might be fun to do one that isn't wooden and has more than 24 pieces.

  4. Beautifully said and so true...I'm right there with you, except for the puzzle:)

  5. Living in the moment and savoring it...vital.

  6. I am trying to live in the moment but I do have to say that I am looking forward to 2014, going to try and make this the best one ever. One can always hope right........HOPE! :-) Have a blessed New Year hun.

  7. This is a truly happy post. It made me smile all the way through, especially the puzzle part. When there is a puzzle out, I get obsessed with finishing it. Everything else can wait. It's a weird kind of disorder. Like you said, you can't let the puzzle win!

  8. I am loving the "after" too. My husband is a teacher, so we enjoying his glorious two weeks off - sleeping until 8:00 and staying in the same pj pants for days in a row. We were officially licensed foster parents on Christmas Eve, so I am sticking close to my phone, waiting on the call that will add to our family of 4! So thankful for your words, friend!

  9. My husband and I have been working for the last 10 days so we have yet to 'celebrate' with family. I'm not in the after yet, but I'll catch up next week. Happy Christmas After to you!

  10. For real, the after is almost my favorite part. I feel all sparkly still, and the kids craziness doesn't even drive me half crazy (except when I forget to eat). Love, love the after.

  11. love this!! i love the after too

  12. Love the family photo....and Cory in his orange sweater! :-)

    We too are enjoying the is my middle man-child's 23rd birthday and it will be celebrated with family, friends and Pulled Pork Tacos with Sweet Chili Sauce.....followed by Chocolate Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce! It IS going to be a great day!

  13. I'm still going, because of two Christmas birthdays, but I'm looking forward to it all being done. BTW, you make reading fun. : - )

  14. Are you still looking for ceramic tree?? My Big Lots in Kennewick WA has them....marked down to $12! I have pics but couldn't see how to send to u.
    LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!

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