Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happy Birthday, Baby...???

I knew our nativity was special from the first time I met it.
It immediately made me happy. Still does.

But it did beg the questions - why does Baby Jesus have a full head of bowl-cut hair?
Why does he look like a full grown man stuffed into the manger like a bound foot?

I wondered, but never long enough to solve the mystery.

When I unpacked it this year, I had the eerie sense that I could almost place his face. I thought I'd open it up to you guys, feeling as sure as ever that you'd save the day.

Then I had my friend Kim over for tea and we laughed about the man-child Jesus figurine for one split second before she blurted out: "It's Bruce Jenner!"


Now I find myself wishing I could get a peek of the "baby's" chompers. Maybe watch him putter around the kitchen a while. Do you think he's a strict parent? Is his hearing failing? Are his legs permanently cramped from all that running?

Friends, these are questions that shan't be answered.

Please try to have a Merry Christmas anyway.