Saturday, December 21, 2013

Collagey Christmas Tree Craft

Friends. Remember all that swoony snow I was all abuzz over just one week ago?
Well, it's G.O.N.E.

It's raining cats & dogs right now and to that I say, "Blerg".

I just got back from a 3-day stint as nurse to my Mama (and Pops) after her bunion surgery. This would be her fourth of the kind. Don't ask. My poor Mama. I was happy to be able to hang with them a while and help.

While I was down there, their ancient computer kicked the bucket, so I was without any and all internets for over 48 hours. It was wonderful. Except for the time when I held the phone up and waved it around in the southeastern-most corner of the house to eke out this text:

Me: "Does Miley sing that song about being a ruler and a royal?"
Friend: "No."
Me: "Then who does?"
Friend: "Uh, have you ever heard of Google?"

This is what my people are up against.
I'm not savvy and I know just enough to be a pain in the rear.

So. This is a craft we LOVED. It accidentally turned into a 3-day project, but we saw it through and, hey! It helped us kill time three days in a row-zo!

It's so stained-glassy.
So super-rad collagey.

Truth: I like any craft/project/escapade involving clashing colors and/or pattern.

We each got a sheet of card-stock and I cut tons of tissue paper squares and threw them in the middle of the table. (I happen to hoard tissue paper --- all the cool ones are from stores at the mall from back when I used to buy stuff.)

Cover the cardstock in the tissue paper squares using Mod Podge.

(Dab with a pencil eraser for extra precision???)

Once dry, cut "Christmas tree" triangles from your collaged paper, along with little rectangular tree "trunks".

Meanwhile, take a sheet of watercolor paper (or regular paper if you don't have watercolor paper) and paint the top third a light blue color.

Glue your triangles to the sky paper, then use a hole-punch and glue "snow" on top of everything.

For bonus points, tape them to the kitchen window and take over-exposed pictures because, really, you know it's your favorite kind. Or maybe it's just me.

This was such a red-hot winner!
They turned out so cheery and bright and a little CrAzY.

Happy weekending, Pals!!


  1. Awe, so sweet. I love this idea!! I bet it would be cute for Valentine's Day too, with little hearts hanging everywhere. Thanks so much for sharing. Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday. Speedy recovery to your ma!!

    1. Thanks! I LUV your V-day idea. I'm obsessed with Valentine's day!

  2. Shannan! No lie. I JUST did this with my fifth grade class last week! We made cards for my Nana's nursing home! Oh - and there was glitter. LOTS of glitter. Everywhere. Ha!

  3. I pinned this. It's the first thing I've pinned in over a year (I think).

  4. That is pretty! I might have my kids do that while they are home on Christmas break.

  5. One day....when I have grandkids...........

  6. I am a tissue paper hoarder too! I love this- will do it with my visiting nieces and nephew for fun activity.

  7. hello fpfg! im not sure i can trust the instinct yet but it seems your wonky sense of style is rubbing off on me! i've been quietly following along on nearly every post since, i don't know, probably the faded blue ticking stripe days back in the old farmhouse. we still live in a farmhouse in the country (despite how lovely you make the city seem) and this past year i've been ditching the faded blues & neutrals too. suddenly it's like what i need in my life is bright color and clashing print! just not sure how to get thru the grey winter here in the pnw without it!!! thanks for all the inspiration - there certainly does seem to be a lot of blooming in the city! this is always a thoughtful, charming place to land for a bit of joy.

    1. Aw, thank you!!! Love this comment so much. Viva la rainbow! :)

  8. Great idea! I also hoard tissue paper. I spent an entire afternoon after my baby shower ironing the tissue paper while my Mom looked on and muttered, "Your Grandmother (a product of the Great Depression) would be so proud!" LOL But, hey, my "baby" is five and I just had to buy tissue paper last year for the first time!

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