Saturday, December 21, 2013

Collagey Christmas Tree Craft

Friends. Remember all that swoony snow I was all abuzz over just one week ago?
Well, it's G.O.N.E.

It's raining cats & dogs right now and to that I say, "Blerg".

I just got back from a 3-day stint as nurse to my Mama (and Pops) after her bunion surgery. This would be her fourth of the kind. Don't ask. My poor Mama. I was happy to be able to hang with them a while and help.

While I was down there, their ancient computer kicked the bucket, so I was without any and all internets for over 48 hours. It was wonderful. Except for the time when I held the phone up and waved it around in the southeastern-most corner of the house to eke out this text:

Me: "Does Miley sing that song about being a ruler and a royal?"
Friend: "No."
Me: "Then who does?"
Friend: "Uh, have you ever heard of Google?"

This is what my people are up against.
I'm not savvy and I know just enough to be a pain in the rear.

So. This is a craft we LOVED. It accidentally turned into a 3-day project, but we saw it through and, hey! It helped us kill time three days in a row-zo!

It's so stained-glassy.
So super-rad collagey.

Truth: I like any craft/project/escapade involving clashing colors and/or pattern.

We each got a sheet of card-stock and I cut tons of tissue paper squares and threw them in the middle of the table. (I happen to hoard tissue paper --- all the cool ones are from stores at the mall from back when I used to buy stuff.)

Cover the cardstock in the tissue paper squares using Mod Podge.

(Dab with a pencil eraser for extra precision???)

Once dry, cut "Christmas tree" triangles from your collaged paper, along with little rectangular tree "trunks".

Meanwhile, take a sheet of watercolor paper (or regular paper if you don't have watercolor paper) and paint the top third a light blue color.

Glue your triangles to the sky paper, then use a hole-punch and glue "snow" on top of everything.

For bonus points, tape them to the kitchen window and take over-exposed pictures because, really, you know it's your favorite kind. Or maybe it's just me.

This was such a red-hot winner!
They turned out so cheery and bright and a little CrAzY.

Happy weekending, Pals!!