Monday, December 23, 2013

All Dressed Down...

I've been spending time this month really focusing on things I already have - simple things I love, things that make me happy or make my life easier.

Cory totally tops the list.

But OH MY GOSH what happened last week while I was gone???

I mean.


I'm speechless.

The note I left said, "Have Silas at school by 6:15 in 'festive attire'". We discussed the fact that he is somehow without anything red or green. But I suggested one of his cutie church sweaters or a button down.

Not the Garanimals.

I told my mom I was a little nervous about what might happen.
But in my wildest dreams, it wasn't this bad.

I mean, we're not a family of anarchists here, as you might assume. We're not all anti-establishment. We're not trying to make a statement on the commercialism of the holiday season or a pint-sized illustration on the plight of urban or global poverty. We're not trying to teach a lesson or rise above...anything. We're just not trying. Like, at all.

I can't stop laughing. In horror.
I have felt the way he looks so many painful times. Only the outcome has never been quite as dear.

Siley. I just love that boy. I might even love him slightly more than normal when he's wedged in between a kid in a three piece suit and a bunch of girls in party dresses.

This is why Mommy should never leave during the holidays, or anytime physical appearances are a priority.

So now, not only will he be remembered by his classmates as the kid who totally rocked their class picture, but also as the kid who showed up to the fancy Christmas program in the very fancy church, wearing his pajamas.