Saturday, November 2, 2013

Weekend Things

We did marginally better than last year, right?? (Like my mum??)

All Ruby cared about was that she had eyeshadow on. You know how glam bumblebees can be...
Calvin caught the bug and did some strange doodling on his cheeks with a Crayola marker.

Silas just straight-up owned his mad scientist.
This picture encapsulates everything I know to be true about him.
Daddy says, "Silas! Turn around so I can take your picture!"
What happens :: this.

He spent the entire night saying, "Mommy, thank you so much for letting us trick-or-treating!"
I feel like he read my post or something. He seemed oddly aware of my on-the-fenceness...

Speaking of my shorties, see that pink speck in the middle tree?
1 guess.

I'll give you a hint: She randomly falls down more often than seems to make sense and she wore the following to school on Friday: light pink and dark pink striped tights, pink gingham skirt, pink and red striped shirt. With high tops.

Speaking of my strangies, the extension cord is still trucking.

Speaking of me, I'm still busy pattern mixing. (You can still join the FPFG Mocha Club team and get the T for free!)
And acidic-food eating. (Thai sweet and sour soup? I'm still puckering. J'adore! J'adore!)
I'm also busy culture mixing, apparently. I'm tres, muy, connoisseurish.

Mostly importantly, I'm busy watching 6-7 episodes of New Girl with Cory. Every dang night. Until roughly 1 a.m. It's our job, people. It's a burden we carry not so much with ease as with great delight.

Should you have any questions, I am happy to answer them all.
I am the expert, in fact.

Last but not least, who wants to be my neighbor?
Good news is, you'd find yourself on the right side of the tracks. Yet you'd still be close enough to meet me on Wednesdays for a chocolate croissant. Or, you know, a Burrito Supreme.

Come ON. Someone, buy this house! It keeps on torturing me.
I peeked in the front windows. You would faint dead away.

It's listed at $154,000.
3 bedrooms.
1.5 baths.
1,886 square feet
Gleaming hardwoods.
Original trim (painted white for the win!)

I can't even take it.

Happy weekending, Homies. Whatchoo up to?


  1. Ruby is looking so lanky!!!

    I LOVE the house and would love to buy it, but there are 2 small problems......our house has still not sold and I live in AL! :-)

    I have never watched New Girl, but maybe we need to check it out? (though it will not be every night until 1 a.m. I would NEVER be able to stay awake!)

  2. My sweet hubby and I also went through the 6-7 episodes of New Girl per night until we finished up the few seasons on Netflix. Now we're stuck with 1 a week? Just doesn't seem fair.

    On the bright side, hubby said I've stopped twisting my head in a weird "Schmidt-y" way when I talk to him.

    1. Hahahaha!
      I am laughing out loud. LOL, as the young'ns would say. ;)

  3. I'd be your neighbor, but I have 3 precious little empty houses on my street that need somebody living next to them, so I'll have to stay. One's boarded up, one's just plain empty, and one is straight out of a storybook- it's crazy blue with white trim and man, at $84,000 it's a steal.
    (so maybe pray the Lord would fill up all the holes on our street? it's getting sad.)

  4. I would love to be your neighbor! Maybe I can convince my hubby to move....

    Your kids are adorable. Fabulous job on the costumes! You owned it this year.

  5. The house sounds super.
    And, oh how I would love to be your neighbor.
    I'd be all, "Hey Shannan, I was comparing these 3 homemade salsas and wondering if you would like to come over to...."

    The pic of Silas?
    If you don't blow that puppy up HUGE and put it on the wall each autumn...
    Well, I'm just saying you might love autumn a bit more if you knew it meant bringing out huge pics of the shorties looking aDORable.

  6. SILAS! He kills me. So adorable and hilarious.

  7. Love the Halloween Pictures...I want to be your neighbor so bad. I would bake things and take them to you and you would critique them and take awesome pictures and then blog about how much you love your neighbors baking. I love chocolate croissants! But since we can't be neighbors, I'll just pretend we are the best of blogging friends, because I feel like we are! You really have given me something to look forward to each day through my cancer treatments.

  8. I'm so happy for the littles and their Halloween joy! That is too charming. I hope someone as cool and quirky as you buys it!

  9. Your mum is gorgeously dead. :)
    glad your kids had fun trick or treating....mine did too.

    hope someone buys that's so pretty!

    1. Ok. I just read this and was all, "Why does she think my mom is dead? What is happening?" I read it twice. Thrice. I cannot being to understand the way my brain works, but clearly, today, it's in anglo-mode.

  10. The kids looked adorable! And that pic of Silas in the leaves? A showstopper.
    That house is awesome! Surely someone will buy it soon. :)

  11. Love the outlet pic! And I totally love and encourage the little quirks of kids! I thought of you and your little guy when I saw this power strip. They have it at Home Depot too, but at BB&B, you could use one of those 20%off coupons they always send out. I'm telling you - a totally trippy gadget for the outlet obsessed!

  12. Great looking Halloween Costumes. Ya done good! That house looks fantastic. Praying for wonderful new neighbors for you soon.

    1. Thanks, Lady!
      Loved reading all your comments on the other posts, too. :)
      Happy Sunday!

  13. I love that house! And compared to prices here in MA, the price is a steal! I have always wanted a home with a front porch too. The kids look adorable in their costumes!

  14. Beautiful house! I would buy it in a heartbeat if I were moving to that area. But alas, I am not. Sorry. Stuck here in the middle of nowhere, Nebraska.

  15. Well those costumes look down right professional. Tell Ruby - her eye shadow made that outfit.

  16. That house! Oh...that house would torture me as well!!! From the curb to the kitchen it's perfectly dreamy. *Sigh* Who wouldn't want to be your neighbor? Croissants on Wednesday & zinnias still abloom in October... Oh & that porch... Excuse me, I need to go pray (repent)... ;)

  17. LOVE the costumes!! And oh my Ruby looks sooooo tall in that pic!

  18. Silas's too much! He and my daughter have so much in common. You say look at the camera, she looks out of the corner of her eyes if you're lucky. Smile? Not happening. She works on her own terms.

    I love that house! It reminds me of the house I grew up in...the neighborhood too. If we were planning a move to IN I'd be all over it!

  19. Ahhhh! I just read your link to that chocolate story. Now what am I supposed to do with my life?!

  20. Funny thing is, I see a house like that and I'm all like, "Well maybe we could sell the ranch, and forget about the logistics and reality, because seriously, that house!" Yeah, we'd be great neighbors. You're chocolate croissant and my caramel mocha coffee.

  21. You all seem pretty cool, but I want to be Silas' neighbor. He's so awesome.

  22. Ahhh Halloween- so fun to see through their eyes! That picture of Silas is priceless!

    oh and I totally get the New Girl bender- that was us over the summer.

  23. Our weekend is continuing all the way to holidays as a parent just aren't what they were when I was a kid. Speaking of tucking and running, there are sometimes very clear moments when I see just why God made me poor and put me on the other side of the planet from America ... I couldn't even click on the link to the house for fear I might then buy a ticket back with money I don't have. "Quaint" is a feeling I need today and I got heaps of it from just the pic. Maybe I'll just save the pic to my desktop and pretend?

  24. Love the Tinys! Any event that a young girl can wear makeup is a win!! The Rehab Addict and I agree that house is swoony!!!

  25. Ok, going to app stalk that house. (My fave app on my iPad. I'm a total homes-for-sale stalker.) DH and I probably won't be moving back to Goshen, but it's worth a look - it's complete adorable!

    1. Yep. Totally want that house. *GAH* it's so stinking cute.

  26. How do you DO IT? It's like you know exactlywhat is stirring in MY heart and soul....from the ridiculous to the profound....and you somehow find a way to give it words...

  27. 154,000 for that beautiful house!! WOW,,,you could not get anything like that even close to that great price where I live! If I didn't live in Canada, I think I would just have to become your neighbor!! Love your blog and reading about your adventures!

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