Saturday, November 2, 2013

Weekend Things

We did marginally better than last year, right?? (Like my mum??)

All Ruby cared about was that she had eyeshadow on. You know how glam bumblebees can be...
Calvin caught the bug and did some strange doodling on his cheeks with a Crayola marker.

Silas just straight-up owned his mad scientist.
This picture encapsulates everything I know to be true about him.
Daddy says, "Silas! Turn around so I can take your picture!"
What happens :: this.

He spent the entire night saying, "Mommy, thank you so much for letting us trick-or-treating!"
I feel like he read my post or something. He seemed oddly aware of my on-the-fenceness...

Speaking of my shorties, see that pink speck in the middle tree?
1 guess.

I'll give you a hint: She randomly falls down more often than seems to make sense and she wore the following to school on Friday: light pink and dark pink striped tights, pink gingham skirt, pink and red striped shirt. With high tops.

Speaking of my strangies, the extension cord is still trucking.

Speaking of me, I'm still busy pattern mixing. (You can still join the FPFG Mocha Club team and get the T for free!)
And acidic-food eating. (Thai sweet and sour soup? I'm still puckering. J'adore! J'adore!)
I'm also busy culture mixing, apparently. I'm tres, muy, connoisseurish.

Mostly importantly, I'm busy watching 6-7 episodes of New Girl with Cory. Every dang night. Until roughly 1 a.m. It's our job, people. It's a burden we carry not so much with ease as with great delight.

Should you have any questions, I am happy to answer them all.
I am the expert, in fact.

Last but not least, who wants to be my neighbor?
Good news is, you'd find yourself on the right side of the tracks. Yet you'd still be close enough to meet me on Wednesdays for a chocolate croissant. Or, you know, a Burrito Supreme.

Come ON. Someone, buy this house! It keeps on torturing me.
I peeked in the front windows. You would faint dead away.

It's listed at $154,000.
3 bedrooms.
1.5 baths.
1,886 square feet
Gleaming hardwoods.
Original trim (painted white for the win!)

I can't even take it.

Happy weekending, Homies. Whatchoo up to?