Friday, November 29, 2013

This IS the Big Time

Thanksgiving held her own this year.
All she was asking... was forrrr alittle respect just-a-little-bit. Right?
You give her a chance, and she knocks your socks clean off.

This was our family Thanksgiving and it was completely perfect, especially after we managed to wrestle Robert's cell phone from his hands. Just before we prayed, Calvin raced upstairs and came back down with a strange, stained button-down thrown over his t-shirt. He felt a sudden and visceral need to be "dressy" for dinner.

I'm really so proud of all our kids. They're so quirky and rad. They just make life better.

I cooked alllll day long, but it's what I wanted. I wanted to honor them with my time and effort.
They didn't hold some glowy, swirly ideal of what Thanksgiving dinner should be.
We just like each other. Our history keeps wrapping us tighter.
And it's easy to think about who might have been missing, but all that really matters is that all of us weren't.

I kept looking around the table thinking, I can't imagine if it was just 5 of us. I truly couldn't picture it. This is who we are, right now. And sometimes there are others and I'm sure things will keep shifting and moving, but this is today and today is just right.

This was our main course since I had roast in the freezer. YUM. (Mine slow-cooked an hour or two longer than what the recipe recommended.)

I made two desserts from scratch - a pumpkin cheesecake that Robert linked on my facebook wall (he's subtle like that) and this buttermilk chocolate layer cake.

Doesn't this look delicious and beautiful and very, very impressive?


For one thing, the cakes came out of the oven swirled. I don't know how that happened. The batter was lovely and delicious. For another thing, my frosting didn't come out rich and shiny looking. Basically, mine looked 15% like the photo on the recipe. Please don't look. You'll lose all faith in me.

Then I cut it, and let's just say, I had to push down on the knife with a bit more force than I would have hoped. The kids all ate it like champs. Haven had my back saying, "It's not's...flaky!" Like that was a compliment. :)

It's the thought that counts, and that's no joke.

So, are you people Black Friday Maniacs? We're watching the news right now where all kinds of weirdos are saying they lined up at Best Buy on Wednesday at 7pm. WHAT???!

I'm not a Black Friday girl.
Unless Black Friday is celebrated by staying in bed until 8:30 then schlepping around in pajamas until noon and curling up with this book whilst tuning out cooped-up, arguing, shorties. In that case, yes, I'm definitely a Black Friday kind of girl.

I do have my eye on one deal - my homies at Canvas People are running a special for a free 8x10 or $40 off larger sizes. Whenever they lose their good sense, I try to add to my collection. But, you know, you could go a different route and wow a parent, friend, or husband.

And with that, I give my official blessing for Christmas Mayhem to commence.

See how reasonable I am?

Hope your day was a stunner.