Monday, November 4, 2013

Spikesmandu and A Winner

I've always known I have the best readers EVER. I didn't need it confirmed. But you went ahead and confirmed it anyway, because that's just how awesome you are. You don't even try. You don't even know it, man.

Thanks for all the book suggestions. I've added a ton of them to my list. Stay tuned!

I'm not sure if you guys are aware, but over on my sidebar is the word "READS". If you click that, you'll find an up-to-date list of everything I've read, along with our favorite kids books and my list from last year.

The winner of my mystery package is... Laura Fraser! Hit me up with your addy, L-Train.


The response to my Rocktober post blew me away. I wasn't expecting it! It was such a quick post, flipping through all the old October folders and loading the photos that struck me. Allow me to clarify again, most of them are Cory's. I don't post his photos very often and when I do, I try to always give him credit, because I just don't need the unnecessary pressure of people thinking I actually know what I'm doing with the camera. :)

At any rate, you made his day. Mine, too, because a few of them were from yours truly.

We don't have all the details yet, but we're going to make jpeg files available for purchase, then you can print them or put them on canvas or anything your little heart desires. Stay tuned!


Just this.
(A shout out to "my friend named Bentley" for the inspiration.)

It's Monday and we could all, presumably, use a little extra cheer. Silas in Mohawk delivers!!

And while I'm already being weird, this is why we really do need Pinterest in our life:

Someone has AWESOME parents! (and the kids are like, "HUH?")

I can't stop cracking up.  HAHAHAHA!! Those poor little boys must be so confused. But thank you, genius parents, whoever you are.

Lastly, the #hashtag video. So funny. SO FUNNY.
Be warned, there's a "bleep" at the very end, so don't watch it with the young'ns around, or if you're particularly bothered by that sort of thing.

Happy Monday, Pals!


  1. Just when I thought Siley couldn't get any cuter.

    Stop it.


  2. Si! He looks awesome!

  3. Just thought I would update my comment on your book suggestion post. I wrote that I was starting Excellent Women by Barbara Pym. I finished it this weekend, and, um, NOT so excellent. However, then I read Me Before You and it is great. Just wanted to make sure you didn't add Excellent Women to your to-read list. Haha

  4. Yeehaw! I haven't even finished reading I'm so excited! I sent you my mailing address via Facebook :)

    1. I don't see anything from you on FB and I can't find you. Help!
      You can email me at shannandmartin *at* gmail


    2. I sent an e-mail, hope that makes it!

  5. I SO wish I had kept a list of books read. My hubby's grandmother wrote down the title of every book she read and then "rated" each book! The back of her journals are a treasure trove of good reads and ones to avoid!

  6. jpegs in the house!

    That video kills me every time. I need more JT and JK in my life.

    I also need more Siley. Siah would do a back flip for that Star Wars shirt. <<< I was hovering over the publish button with sh*t written here instead of shirt. Caught it just in time. Phew! Wouldn't of been able to bleep that one out. ;)

  7. THANK YOU for offering the pics for purchase at some point - exactly what I thought when I saw them! I will pat my own back because I took what I think is a gorgeous corn pic this summer and put it on canvas and then I thought how I would LOVE to have a pic in that spot for each of the 4 seasons. Not enough trees around here to get a good fall one and yours are gorgeous. Can't wait to order the jpeg at some point and thank you for sharing that gift!!!

  8. just had a girls weekend where all we did was hashtag every where we went! #somuchfun #lolololololololololol #ibloggedaboutit #youshouldtryit

  9. Love the # video. Have you see "Christmas" by Froggy Fresh? I mean, seriously. Can't wait to get my hands on that windmill picture! Kudos to Corey!

  10. My preschooler loves to wear a "mohawk." It all started when we were hanging out with the college/career group at our old church. Does Silas constantly touch it to check it? b/c my Bubby does - and then I'm nagging, "Don't touch your spikey hair!"
    Also - the Wayne's World costumes made my day.

  11. The windmill photo will be in my house - woohooo!
    Love Silas rocking the mohawk!

  12. So if you are offering your fall photos for purchase, would you by chance offer your flower pictures for purchase? Cause I want to cover my walls in all the pictures you have of flowers! And some of these fall ones too....may have to make seasonal changes if you make this happen. ;)

  13. hashtag i just coughed up my fazoli's that jimmy falon sketch is fuuuuuneeee!

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