Thursday, November 21, 2013

So, About Those Dreams

Relief over misery. I've seen the enemy. And I won't go back. Back to how it was. - Switchfoot, This is Home

All the world seems a little bluesy lately. Or maybe it's just me? The time of year?
Last November was so full of crushing tragedy. This one is different. Hallelujah.

But where one year ago the train whistle wailed like one hundred breaking hearts, now it just sounds tired. Spent. The sluggish footnote to one more year.

Who wants to live like that?

Not me, that's who. I seem to have taken a hiatus from dreaming. I've been treading water too long. I think I've forgotten I was allowed, maybe. Or I just didn't give myself the room.

So this is my small November suffering - a dream deficiency. (And I'm not talking about the kind where my molars crumble or I've forgotten to study for my chemistry final. Or the kind where one of my kids turns into just a head with no body and I carry on like it's normal. Or the kind where my mom gets pregnant at the age of 65 and I decide she did it just to end up in the news.)

The remedy is day-dream supplements, as many as possible, taken most optimally in the steam of the shower or with your hands in a bowl of dough.

Here's my list, for now.
It's subject to change by the hour.  Change is mandatory, in fact.

* I'd really like a gray polka-dotted sweater. Call me a trend-hopper. If the cotten-blend fits, I'll wear it.  Ruche has a super cute one for around $30.

* I've never had my make-up done by one of those ladies at the department store counter. Have you? Because I feel like I've missed out. Would they make me all smokey and smoldery? Would they plaster me up a quarter-inch thick? Who knows. The suspense is killing me.

* I want to sit and read for two uninterrupted hours. Right now this book is Slaying me. Capital S. Gorgeous prose and every analogy is food-related. Nothin' butter'n that! (See how I did that? I should totally be a writer.)

* Related side-note: Calvin is all hopped up right now on this book. It's imaginative, moody, and intriguing and as a bonus, we found a potential typo! (Either that, or we're more behind than we even knew.)

*Face wash with glycolic acid. Self-explanatory. All the "experts" say I need it, because I'm, uh, aging. All I use right now is baking soda in the a.m. and generic Cetaphil for oily skin in the p.m. Your thoughts on this?

* Our bedroom is a hot mess. We collect junk there. We have no curtains. One of us has a bent toward untidiness, though I shan't name names. I think curtains would be a fine place to start. After that, in my dream-world, I'm sending out an SOS to this lady. Because she works it. She works it.

* Silas and I would dearly love one of those ceramic table-top Christmas trees with actual, light-up lightbulbs. Please tell me you follow me Aunt Carol used to have one. Or maybe it was Aunt Jan. One of the Aunts had one. I think ALL of the aunts EVERYWHERE probably had one at one point.

* I'd like this girl and this girl to sit down and create a rotating schedule in which they deliver dinner to my door each evening or, at the very least, teach me to make my food pictures look prettier. That's all I'm asking. Oh, they also have to keep me company while I eat. No big.

* I want to be the boss of my inbox.

* I want a solo salsa/movie night with Cory. (Hi, teenager who isn't allowed to leave the house - EVER. I'm looking at you!)

* I want to take a trip for our 15th Anniversary. (Money's no object when I'm dreaming in the steam!)

* I miss game night with our Big Kids. They pretend like it's dorky and then they can't stop loving it. But now they're both gainfully employed and parents and it never happens anymore. ((rubs genie lamp)) MAKE IT HAPPEN!

That might be all for now.

Come on, guys, play along!
What are you dreaming about right about now?

PS - The book links and the Ruche link are affiliate links, which means if you buy something, I get a small commission. The end.


  1. Dreaming of a full-time job and zero debt. Not the most sexy dream, but it is what I got. :)

  2. Dreaming of my completed bathroom reno. We're in the "exposed joists and outer walls and no door and no where close to the uphill side yet" stage... An actual shower in an actual bathroom?! Would be unbelievable!

  3. Oh, I bought one of those aunt-like ceramic Christmas trees last year! I paid $6.96 at the Salvation Army for it (weird pricing strategies going on there). I adore them. Funky. Fun. Festive. I think they are going to be quite trendy this year!

  4. I have your ceramic Christmas tree! It came from an aunt. You are so smart. Dreaming of a Paris vacation.

  5. Ugh...just in case you didn't ARE a writer, my friend. ;)

  6. I think I remember seeing one of those Christmas trees at Big Lots when I was shopping in dreams include a smaller house - ranch with no stairs...where we can live a simpler one around here seems to be on the same page...hopefully one day

    Cheryl @ The Creative Me and My McG

  7. I have a ceramic light-up tree too...yard sale find. Hey, if I see another one, I'll snag it for you. Never had my face did by the makeup lady. I would like to.

    In fact,
    I've been dreaming of going to MAC counter or Sephora (I'm not even sure if it's a store or a counter...ya, you can tell my makeup comes from CVS) and buying a bunch of stuff, enough to get a free gift with purchase if they still do those anymore.

    I'm dreaming of going on a vacation this summer to Maine to see all our friends who feel like family to us. My kids are aching to go.

    I'm dreaming of really connecting with the girls on my block and not just in a shallow-surfacy sort of way. Four years in and it's still difficult. The kids in the neighborhood practically live in my house, but the parents are so distant.

    I'm dreaming of my son passing math. It's more of begging God for a miracle. Perhaps He will send a tutor to my house.

    Okay, that's enough. Don't want to hijack your comments. Your polka dot sweater dream sounds perfect for you.


  8. Agh! I clicked the link to your apricot book on Amazon and I can't stop reading (I know what I'm adding to my Christmas list). Yum!

    Today I'm dreaming of using someone else's credit card to go on a winter shopping binge -- cozy scarves, sweaters, boots & funky Christmas decor, although I'm trying to take joy in my two little strings of twinkle lights from Walmart!

  9. Time. Time to sit alone with my thoughts. Time to wander through my house imagining all the pinterest ideas I would make happen. Time to write. Time to read. Time to dream up recipes. Time to clean in those martha stewart places.
    From the outside looking in - you seem to make your life look like you have time or at least a well thought out schedule, all time blocked and stuff. It's one of the things I so admire/feel inadequate about when I read your blog. You are somehow making it look completely manageable and I know darn well it's not.

    1. Oh My Gosh. Hahahaha!
      I can't even tell you how disorganized and unscheduled I feel/am.
      Thanks for saying this, it just made my day! And gave me a good laugh. :)

      Having said that - I don't work full time outside the home. I have several close friends who do and Im constantly in awe of them and what they accomplish. I feel quite undisciplined and unproductive - like I'm just doing laundry and spinning my wheels. My hat is off to all the working mamas!

    2. I also work INSIDE the home and you're still winning on making it look put together (in the contest in my mind).

  10. What a great post!
    Just requested your book suggestion from my library...thanks in advance. :-) I am dreaming of a trip to Germany in March to celebrate the 25th anniversary of kissing my future husband in a castle for the first time.

  11. I'm dreaming of a day off to clean my house...or a super cleaning lady. I'm dreaming of dogs who do not drag in mud and do not claw at antique doors. I'm dreaming of a husband who doesn't have to work so many long hours. I'm dreaming of an insurance adjuster that says our deductible will be enough to fix the storm damage. Mostly I'm dreaming of comfort in my own skin, silence in my mind, and being stable and kind in my emotions.

    1. LOVE.
      This needs to be stitched on a decorative pillow.

  12. I'm dreaming of The Hubs being done with nursing school. (One more semester after this one... I think I can, I think I can..) I'm dreaming of my youngest being able to communicate clearly and use his hands effectively.
    I'm dreaming of sitting over coffee with old friends who are spread across the country to catch up on life, love and other mysteries.

  13. I'm dreaming of a time to just sit in my little craft room to sew and create----instead I'm trying to homeschool my last child while the other 3 who have graduated still live at home, but all work different 40 hour schedules at their places of work, plus my hubbie---trying to keep everyone fed and the kitchen clean is a full-time job. :)
    I'm totally captivated by the little blurb at the beginning about your mom getting pregnant at 65---I'd love to hear the rest of the story!

  14. i dream about blogging again. and it makes me angsty. something broke in my writing, or something changed in me and it feels like standing at the bottom of mt. fuji looking up.

    1. Meghan, when you figure out how to unbreak the writing, please let me know. I'm in a ditch right now as well.

  15. Have you read Twenty Wishes. This sounds like a list from there. I hope all your wishes come true. I bet your mom will get a chuckle about her pregnancy. I used to dream that I was and that I was the oldest person ever. Hah, finally that dream stopped.

  16. I'm dreamin' simple here today. All I can think about is a big bowl of steaming tomato soup and grilled cheese. (It's cold and rainy in Northeastern Ohio)

  17. I'm dreaming of a time when I go to wash my husband's socks and they aren't wadded all up. But that's nearly his biggest fault, so life is pretty sweet with him. I'm also dreaming of the few days we get to spend with our kiddos at Christmas...just our little family. No traveling, no parties, just the six of us in our house. Lots of movies, games, possibly some snow fort building, wassail...can't wait.

  18. Farmer's market from 8a to 2p on Sundays. The one I've never been to before.

    A low energy bill. A sigh of relief to jump out at me and not the usual heart attack delivered neatly in a 4x6 white envelope.

    Just. one. yellow leaf to finish off my mantle. The empty frame sits there begging for one yellow leaf, but being right on the border of Mexico, it's still 80 something degrees during the day. Just one?

    Thanks for asking!

  19. "...i've been treading water too long..."
    oh did that ever strike a chord with me.
    jumping on this dream band-wagon i add mine with gusto. i'm dreaming about: taking my lawyer's phone # off my speed dial. a house free of stinkbugs. getting to spend summers with my beautiful daughters instead of watching them take off on a jet plane for two months each year. self-folding laundry that puts itself away. having the guts to find my voice to share my faith out loud again and not shut up just because it makes someone uncomfortable. finishing that half ironman that i registered for back in 2011 but had to back out because i got pregnant. finding my body again somewhere beneath these jello muscles of mother-hood. a gluten-free doughnut that tastes exactly like krispy kreme. a cure for my momma's cancer.

  20. Dreaming of moving out of temporary housing, dreaming of being done with this semester of grad school, and a trip to visit family far away without going into debt for the airfare.

  21. And, time to think, process and write.

  22. You link on, linker. You led me to The Canvas People and I am forever grateful. I'll take two of whatever's up your sleeve.

    I'm dreaming that we will wake up tomorrow and my parents will tell me they're staying an extra week.

    And that my new puppy will really believe that good boys go potty outside. Hey, you asked. ;)

  23. oh me too, with the ceramic bulb-studded tabletop tree. just think: we are both aunts! i propose we rummage a couple up to seal our respective aunthoods.

  24. Yeah for Mysteries of Harris Burdick! I taught for 10 years and it was the one thing I did EVERY year, no matter what grade I was teaching. We wrote stories to go along with the pictures. So fun!

  25. A kitchen. We tore out the mice infested ones when we bought our house 3 months ago and are building the news ones. By building I mean drawing up the plans. Far from being done. Do you have a kitchen board on pinterest? I want to see it! Oh and I have a white ceramic Christmas tree with blue birds and lights from my beloved Mimi. : )

  26. I enjoy reading your column so much each day! H&M have some really cute sweaters at really great prices. They just recently started letting their customers order online. Please check it out! you have a sec! Happy Thanksgiving!

  27. 1 - A day of quiet.
    (This is actually happening right now. And, you were on my list of things to catch up with!)

    2 - Having a chance to read the next book in the Sweethaven series.
    (Which is on the couch next to me. So excited.)

    3 - Making Thanksgiving for my husband for the first time ever.
    (It's our 3rd T-day and it looks like it will be happening this year!)

    4 - Keep it real this holiday. No stress. No time, money or patience for stress. If it's stressful, it's out. We're circling the wagons. Those we love are in. Those people and stressors are...out. Time to work on good boundaries. (Speaking of which, saying no to something important lead me to be able to accomplish #1 above today. I needed to.)

    Love your dreams. BTW, I totally have a ceramic tree made with love from an anonymous old lady at the community center. I think we should put it out this year. Oh, and I would totally melt chocolate for you, just saying.

    (The trick is mic on low, stop and stir frequently, stop when there are still lumps and then stir more, and don't add any liquid - but a tsp of crisco early on will help big time)

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