Friday, November 1, 2013

Sipping the Kool Aid

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't get you "Fall" people with your chunky knits and your pumpkin frolics. I don't get football or candy corn. I don't really like peanuts. (Are peanuts a Fall thing? Because I feel like they might be and I do not really like them. Unless they're mixed with other things, like milk chocolate, creamy caramel and nougat. Whatever that is.)

The main problem is that Fall robs me of my beloved Summer. It makes me cold. It makes me wear socks to bed and then it makes me put the fleece sheets on my bed and then I'm velcroed in. I can't get loose. Shifting gets awkward.

But the real problem is, I live in the Maple City now. And you cannot imagine how beautiful the Maple City can be right around October 31st. Who cares if it's raining for two days straight? The sky is gray, but all I see is gold.

Maybe my search for wonder is serving me better than I even knew.

All I know is, you're a looker, Fall.

I don't get it all, but I do get that much.

It'll have to be enough.

In your honor, I'm kicking it Rocktober-style, editions 2009-2013. You've served me so well, it's clear. And though hosts of people will only look forward starting today, even though Kohl's had Christmas trees up as of yesterday and my 5-year old now begs to put ours up every hour on the hour, I'm here for you.

I present a gallery of all we've ever been.
(Have your skies always been so blue?)


Taking A Bow

Trash Day

Betty Draper's Garland

Blurry Pear

Coming Home

 Hurts My Eyes a Little

Fire Dancing

My Husband's a Rock Star

Tell Me Your Secret


"I pity the fool."


Tilt Your Face

It's The Berries

Longest Lane

Those Kids Can Party

A Study in Moss

I Want to Passionately Kiss This Shot

Rocktober Plaid

Not Forgotten

Well Spent

 Eyes Up Front

Hey, Sister, Go, Sister, Flow, Sister

To Every Season


Lips as Kryptonite

Let's do this again next year, October. I think we've got a real thing going here.

Flower Patch Partly-Fall Girl

Mad props to Cory for half of these photos. The better half. :)


  1. Gorgeous pictures. You've got some serious photo-skills, skilz, whatever.

    I'm a fall lover. Of course, summer is better, but there's something about crunching in the leaves and sipping hot chocolate, tea, coffee, that leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy. I like it. I just don't like what's ahead in that next season. You know?

  2. That windmill made me tear up slightly. Ahhhh the rusty goodness. When I lived in MN the first brisk fall day made me suicidal. No joke. It was the dreaded season chasing it's heels that scared the crap outta me.

  3. I wanna kiss this post. (I think I may wanna kiss those Kryptonite lips the most. Grandmamas love kissy lips. Well, this grandma does.) It's all fall, y'all, and I love it.
    And now I'll correctly use the Southern word we spoke of before courtesy of my brother-in-law: Y'allses fall rocks!

  4. "alive"....I want that one blown up and on my wall! WOW!

    The leaves are just starting to turn here. It's late, but it will be beautiful!!!!!!

  5. I sat and thought and couldn't figure out what in the world NKOTB stood for. Really?? How could I have forgotten that?! Further proof of how uncool I was as a kid. Or how bad my memory is. Probably the first! ;)

  6. I sat and thought and couldn't figure out what in the world NKOTB stood for. Really?? How could I have forgotten that?! Further proof of how uncool I was as a kid. Or how bad my memory is. Probably the first! ;)

  7. Trash Day and Betty Draper Garland are both calling my name, Farmgirl.
    Oh, and Coming Home and Rocktober Plaid? Sa-weet!
    I never like fall until it's here. I wake up one day and I'm all of a sudden ready for summer to be over. But I'm with Farmgirl Paints. It's the winter to come that puts such a dang damper on things.

  8. I love your photography...they are all good...but I love that first shot!! Your sense of that too...and is probably one of the main things that keep me tuned in!! Fall is actually my favorite time of year...but once the leaves are gone...snow better replace them...cause I can't stand the day in and day out grayness. A good snowfall is like sunshine to me!!

  9. Nice photos! Please tell me you're not still shooting in autopilot mode. I may cry and try to forget everything I've tried to show myself about manual mode and click the dial over to automatic.
    ps I really don['t like that once I'm bundled up, I then have to go pee.


    1. I NEVER shoot in manual. I tried once. It wasn't pretty.
      Why re-invent the wheel?
      Several of these are Cory's pics. (He shoots in auto, too.) :)

    2. Nooooooo......
      Well, they're really beautiful. You guys have a good eye.

  10. I'm with farmgirl paints. the windmill shot. swoon. sell those puppies . . . and I lived in mn too and it made me cry when fall came - but maybe 'cause it came in august - lol. here in south carolina I am still not a fan of fall, just.don' and I'm a bit of a "over-dreader". I am looking out at the beautiful leaves and the weather is absolutely perfect here: 60-70's- so maybe I need to let go of my fall-aversion . . . .? if only we could go right to spring with a week or two of winter for christmas? ok seriously this is the longest, boringest comment ever. i need more coffee. the end.

  11. oh heavens but these pictures are beautiful. Love love love.

  12. And now I will be singing Lady Marmalade all day long today! Could be worse. Love these pictures!!

  13. And now I will be singing Lady Marmalade all day long today! Could be worse. Love these pictures!!

  14. I love that church! Every time I pass it I want to whip my paints out and watercolor the life out of it. And the trash day photo, I live on a street like that but the street is brick and there's some red mixed in. be. still. my. heart.

  15. Falling in love again all over with ... FALL! love it. and even more with your photos.. ;)


  16. that whole "shifting gets awkward" thing...i die.

  17. Fall is my favorite (sorry.) and you captured it beautifully in picture! and your titles are wonderful too.

  18. Beautiful photos. Clever titles! Your posts lately have me thinking deep thoughts, searching inside and it's this one that makes me de-lurk and comment. Ha!

  19. I'm with Silas...can we put the Christmas tree up already?!?

    I'm all for skipping from summer to Christmas.

    Incredible pictures that portray fall perfectly. Thanks for sharing...


  20. Gorgeous, gorgeous, and gorgeous. You do know palm trees don't change their colors for anybody. They don't even care. I'm walking a fine line between admiring and coveting...and it's getting slippery up here...

    PS, how can we join the Noon Optimist Club?

  21. Really?!! These pictures are amazing, every single one is so dang beautiful!!!!

  22. i'm so glad you did.
    these shots are incredible.
    i'd like to schedule myself to that neck of the woods for next october, it is all so beautiful!

    happy friday, welcome to november. i hope you love it as much as october!

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. My favorite (because of the title): "To every season."

  25. So, not a fan of fall, but do you like winter? That's the one I have trouble with. Annnnywaaaayyyy.... your photos are GORGEOUS! I love each and every one. Are you sure you don't like fall? <3

  26. As a Fall Fanatic, (although I prefer to call it Autumn, color me fancy) these photos made me want to kiss the earth. Adore. Best thing I've seen all week:)

  27. To Every Season - I want that shot. I want it big and kinda more square-ish and on my wall. Is that possible? Gorgeous, all of it. Just gorg.

  28. I live in northern california so fall here is the best weather sll year. Think of san diego and that is exactly what it is like. I lived in san diego during college days where it is low80's year round! Winter is cold here but nothing like the midwest. We lived in kansas city for 18 mos and i thought i would die in that cold depressing winter. So i understand a little bit why you would hang on to summer for as long as you possibly can!

  29. I feel like by posting these pictures and making me fall in love with that windmill shot that it is now your responsibility to figure out how I can own that. I know right where I would put it. Pretty please with sugar on top. Thank you.

  30. You know what? I totally agree with your first two paragraphs! Your fall (up north) looks way prettier than mine in West Texas. Sad. Just can't wait for next spring and summer already! :) Very beautiful pictures tho...

  31. you had me at every caption and slayed me with the final one. kryptonite, indeed.

  32. You don't like peanuts?! I think of them as more a summer food-camping, baseball games, etc.

    Fun look back at Octobers!

  33. Come to the fall side...we have pumpkin.

    PS: I agree with the others. I would order any of these as canvas prints to hang all over my house. No. Joke. Is it possible to make that happen?

  34. ohhhh emmmm geeeee

    I'm gulping down this kool aid, girl. Just when I thought I had set my eyes on a fav pic, another would win my heart.

  35. I am so in love with all these photos and it's even making me a little sweeter on Fall. I live in MN and Fall is so gorgeous, I love it, but when it first arrives, I am always sad because summer is over and winter is coming. But it isn't Fall's fault so maybe, just maybe, I'll be a bit easier on her!

    Thanks for sharing these beauties! And also.....your pictures are making me a better photographer! I am inspired by your angles and perspectives!

  36. I cannot believe we are even friends. I ADORE fall. But to each their own. I guess this is what Jesus means by loving everyone? Even those who don't get fall? I guess I'll keep ya. xoxo

  37. i am in shock at half these pictures.
    the goodness is almost too much to bare. grace.

    can't even stand that you use auto button. who would ever know? no one, that's who.
    why am i trying so hard in manual? today i will shoot in auto.

  38. I love fall!! It makes me feel cozy to see all the crops off and tucked safely in the barns. Canning is finished for now, and we can look forward to hot cocoa, and a warm fire in the stove. It gives me a secure knowing that God is watching and taking great care of us. Can't wait for the first big snow!!

  39. The untitled one should be called Wind in My Hair….
    Fall is my favorite. Always has been. Probably since my birthday is in November :)

  40. I'm kind of a Fall kinda girl. 2 days ago here in the Midwest, before a couple of storms with winds that whipped the yellow leaves around, it was the perfect day to see the Fall colors splashed around. The reds were just right and the yellows still up there. Now the yellows carpet the streets and yards, the reds are beginning to brown, but the "burning bushes" are fantastic! God is at His most artsy!

  41. Seriously, girlfriend, you can WRITE!

  42. half of why i love kijabe so far is that every morning feels like fall. brisk & breezy with a thin wash of sunlight. apparently this is also known as high altitude, but i like to pretend it's perpetually september.

    for the record, i harbor no inner tingles for candy corn, corn in general, pumpkins, caramel or turkey. (but the trees! the spiraling leaves! those pierce me straight through.) (ps we do not have leaves of gold here. moment of silence.)

    while i'm still on imaginary record, the main reason fall weakens my knee region is that it feels exactly how christmas felt growing up. like, it's the right weather for december/january in mililani. and so, here we are: high altitude mornings = early fall weather = christmas nostalgia. i'm a complicated girl, minus the complication.

    miss you. and fall. but mostly you.

  43. I had to laugh at the abundant bedtime clothing making shifting hard. Ditto! Gorgeous and all.

  44. I just love your writing and your blog and the pictures are fantastic! I, too, am becoming a Fall fan. And good job to Cory for the shots he took.

  45. I'm still all stitched up in that plaid beauty and I don't even wear plaid.

    I die.


  46. I totally tilted my face. It was worth it.

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