Friday, November 1, 2013

Sipping the Kool Aid

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't get you "Fall" people with your chunky knits and your pumpkin frolics. I don't get football or candy corn. I don't really like peanuts. (Are peanuts a Fall thing? Because I feel like they might be and I do not really like them. Unless they're mixed with other things, like milk chocolate, creamy caramel and nougat. Whatever that is.)

The main problem is that Fall robs me of my beloved Summer. It makes me cold. It makes me wear socks to bed and then it makes me put the fleece sheets on my bed and then I'm velcroed in. I can't get loose. Shifting gets awkward.

But the real problem is, I live in the Maple City now. And you cannot imagine how beautiful the Maple City can be right around October 31st. Who cares if it's raining for two days straight? The sky is gray, but all I see is gold.

Maybe my search for wonder is serving me better than I even knew.

All I know is, you're a looker, Fall.

I don't get it all, but I do get that much.

It'll have to be enough.

In your honor, I'm kicking it Rocktober-style, editions 2009-2013. You've served me so well, it's clear. And though hosts of people will only look forward starting today, even though Kohl's had Christmas trees up as of yesterday and my 5-year old now begs to put ours up every hour on the hour, I'm here for you.

I present a gallery of all we've ever been.
(Have your skies always been so blue?)


Taking A Bow

Trash Day

Betty Draper's Garland

Blurry Pear

Coming Home

 Hurts My Eyes a Little

Fire Dancing

My Husband's a Rock Star

Tell Me Your Secret


"I pity the fool."


Tilt Your Face

It's The Berries

Longest Lane

Those Kids Can Party

A Study in Moss

I Want to Passionately Kiss This Shot

Rocktober Plaid

Not Forgotten

Well Spent

 Eyes Up Front

Hey, Sister, Go, Sister, Flow, Sister

To Every Season


Lips as Kryptonite

Let's do this again next year, October. I think we've got a real thing going here.

Flower Patch Partly-Fall Girl

Mad props to Cory for half of these photos. The better half. :)