Monday, November 25, 2013

Just Run with It

Silas and I hung this garland last Thursday. We're trying to do better about displaying some of the hundreds of photos we take every month and this was the perfect application. Aside from the cost of printing the pics, the only additional expense was a $1 bag of tiny clothes pins. (Silas calls them "clippers" and he should know, because he was in charge of handing them to me.)

It's my new favorite thing in the house and I'm not even close to being ready to take it down.

I find myself getting all twitched-up, because this is Thanksgiving week. There's so much to do but they're all good things and I don't want to forfeit a moment of this right here because I'm too busy thinking about what comes next.

There's plenty of time for that.

I'm not ready to think about taking down the paint-by-numbers. They still make me so happy.
And my 10-cent gourds are still fresh as a weirdo, bumpy-skinned daisy.
The foot turkeys? I can't compose myself enough to even talk about it.

I'm content here.
I'm wading around in dashed-off grocery lists, debating the merits of various non-pie pumpkin baked goods and desserts.

It's full of promise but slow as a Sunday nap.

This is the season. This one, right here. It's where we are and it shouldn't be short-changed or over-shadowed. How can we possibly celebrate the day of gratitude when we're up on our tippy toes looking over its head?

I shall now hop down from my high horse.
You're welcome.

I know most of you don't feel as strongly about this sort of thing. Seasonal allegiance is one of my spiritual gifts, that's all.

I promise I don't judge you early-Christmas-music listeners ducking your heads in shame. It's okay, lovies. Come on out behind that pre-Thanksgiving Christmas tree. We can surely live in harmony.

Just tell me this: Pumpkin coffee cake with brown sugar glaze? Pumpkin cream cake? Pumpkin cinnamon rolls with maple cream cheese frosting? Pumpkin scones with maple glaze?

I'll let you know what I decide.

Happy week-of, friends.

PS - I found the rad Grateful pumpkin print a few weeks ago in my friend Sasha's shop. I loved it immediately for its pure and simple sentiment. Annnnd, it's a fresh variation on all the typical orange. I tried to buy it but she got all rascally and sent it for free. Yeesh, my life is rough. She's got so many sweet goodies happening in her store and she's gracious enough to offer you guys 10% off anything you fancy with the code "flowerpatch". (The offer expires in one week and her shop closes for the holidays on Dec. 13th.)