Saturday, November 30, 2013

American Jesus, Etc...

Well, Black Friday was more wonderful than expected.

Our trip to Ohio fall through at the last moment and I was honestly dreading the day, myself and all 4 of the kids cooped up. I thought there would be massive amounts of angst happening, mixed with a loud, chatty, drama-laden dose of Robert.

Hallelujah, I was wrong.

All I'll say is this: Holding "If you're good today, we can put the Christmas tree up later" over the head of my shortest shortie proved to be a powerful motivator.

We did two Christmas crafts yesterday morning, made Bisquick waffles (is there any other kind??) for lunch, had the tree up by 4, and went to Pizza Hut at 5 to celebrate the end of our dreadful 5-week stretch between paydays. We made it! Whew. It was nip and tuck.

I was reminded (again) of the simple sweetness of these little people.

Last night I dreamed we sold our house and moved one block up the street, into a ridiculous shamble of a home. I spent most of the dream crying my eyes out and told Cory at the end that I would have to shut down my blog because "My readers can't take any more of this!" hahahahaaaaa! Dreams are so messed up and hilarious. And for the record, we have no plans to move, but should that ever change, you're coming with me. Like it or not.

For today, I wanted to share my guest post at The American Jesus. I stumbled on this blog for the first time a couple weeks ago and instantly fell in love. I submitted a guest post later that day and was thrilled when it was chosen, along with 4 other fantastic posts. Check it out and be sure to nose around a bit. (He lists some of his most popular posts on his sidebar - that's a good place to start.)

All hell broke loose when we adopted a 19-year old convicted felon and welcomed him into our home.
The problem wasn’t him, or at least he wasn’t the biggest problem.
The problem wasn’t us, or at least we weren’t the biggest problem.
The poker-hot problem was the voice of other Christians in our ear.
- See more at:
All hell broke loose when we adopted a 19-year old convicted felon and welcomed him into our home.

The problem wasn't him, or at least he wasn't the biggest problem.

The problem wasn't us, or at least we weren't the biggest problem.

The poker-hot problem was the voice of others Christians in our ear.

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Happy weekend, Homies!


  1. Read it yesterday....POWERFUL! Liked some of the other stuff too! That last picture of Calvin makes me smile from ear to ear!

  2. Ruby's chops under her sailor's hat are killing. me.

    Also, I loved your post on TAJ. So many of your words rang true about our adoption experience with Rosy as an older child. Minus the inappropriate FB and ciggie smoke. But this kid is tight-fisting some ratty, stinky baggage filled with deep hurt and soul-freezing fears that are way beyond my skill set. Poverty, yes. Abandonment, yes. Rejection day after day, yes. Neglect of medical needs, yes. Loneliness, loneliness, loneliness, yes, yes, yes. Thank-you, Jesus, the great healer of hearts (and skin!) and carrier of our baggage. Hope abounds, even on the darkest days. xoxo

  3. If you move down the road, I will follow.
    See what I did there ;)

    Yes, dreams can bring out the strange, can't they?

  4. I clicked the link. I read your post. And I loved it.... every heart-to-finger-tap of the fingers on the keyboard part of it.
    My out loud response after reading it: You go, Girl.
    Seriously. Keep loving the unlovely- especially the days when the unlovely is you. God is shining through this.

    1. just have to say (before clicking any links and reading anything else, which I am so totally going to do) that I've been much hoping for glimpses of your calvin, ruby and silas --oh happy day!-- such cuties.

  5. I've read your blog for a while but never posted. Most post leave me in tears wanting to be more like you others leave me feeling like I need to shut out the outside noise better and continue to listen to God and not other Christians! My husband and I are foster parents we have 2 bio and 3 adopted kids. People keep telling us our hands are full and hope we won't adopt again. But are they willing to step in and love a child that has no one else? We as a church need to step it up and make a difference in these kids lives! Thank you for blessing me every post and sharing your heart!!

  6. Christmas tree motivation...never fails!
    Thanks for the intro to The American Jesus...heading there now.

  7. As always, I love your posts; they're honest, broken, re-built by Jesus and inspiring. Thoughts of adoption, foster care and taking someone in has been weighing on my heart ...

  8. I'm sitting at the kitchen table and my hubs just texting me from across the room "pick something else to read you weeper ;)". Flowerpatchfarmgirl, I can't help it; I'm getting what your saying girl. God's given me a different path to walk than you, but we are heading the same direction and it's not easy and I like hearing that I'm not the only one. Wishing we could share some chips an salsa and mull over Gods goodness and the crazy ways He shows it. Thanks for your all-the-time honesty.

    1. YES to all of this. And tell your hubs a little cathartic weeping is underrated. :)

  9. hello sweet girl...your so raw and i SO love it. it is valuable. it is needful. don't stop and btw...we would all come with you wherever you ruth:)
    i thought i was back last week. i was wrong. i miss visiting as i've heard myself saying over the last two weeks. praying this is the week it will get back in the least
    hugs girl and i am heading over to read you post....xo

    1. Girl! XOXO!!!
      Guess what I hung yesterday for Christmas?


  10. i can't wait to read the post and dig around awhile on his blog.
    and, can't wait to see your house at christmas. yeeeeee-haw!

    and, i love calvin's hair.
    the end.

  11. scratch that.
    i'm not done.
    i read it and wept.
    now. the end. i think.

  12. As usual girl, I am undone. Shared with my lovies in the midst of their own struggles with "other Christians in our ear" and your words bolstered their faith. You are a blessing. To us all. This morning I read these words and cried for you. With prayers of praise and thanksgiving. For He is worthy!

    I said: "Let me walk in the field";
    God said: 'Nay, walk in the town";
    I said: "There are no flowers there";
    He said: "No flowers, but a crown."
    I said: "But the sky is black,
    There is nothing but noise and din";
    But He wept as He sent me back,
    "There is more," He said, "there is sin
    I said: "But the air is thick,
    And fogs are veiling the sun";
    He answered: "Yet souls are sick,
    And souls in the dark undone."
    I said: "I shall miss the light,
    And friends will miss me, they say";
    He answered me, "Choose tonight,
    If I am to miss you, or they."
    I pleaded for time to be given;
    He said: "Is it hard to decide?
    It will not seem hard in Heaven
    To have, followed the steps of your Guide."
    I cast one look at the fields,
    Then set my face to the town;
    He said: "My child, do you yield?
    Will you leave the flowers for the crown?"
    Then into His hand went mine,
    And into my heart came He;
    And I walk in a light Divine,
    The path I had feared to see.
    --George MacDonald

  13. I so love you and that post on Robert! Blessings to you all!