Friday, October 11, 2013

Photo Dump Friday

I've got big, bad plans for this weekend.

Tonight? I'm slumbering at Sarah's house. WHAT?

After having been college roommates for 3 of our 4 years, it has been a very long time since we've slept under the same roof. But duty calls early tomorrow morning in the form of Holly's 50-miler. We simply saw no other way.

I'm excited.

Who knows? Maybe it'll become a regular thing.

In the spirit of the weekend, I thought I'd unload a mass quantity of photos on you. The bad news? You'll have to keep scrolling down. The good news? I'll try to keep my yammering to a minimum. Wish me luck, because you know that's like asking a baby to stop being so chunky and cute or asking a cat to stop being such a weirdo.

These are the hooligans who run our block. Some of them are sweet and some are spicy. I've never seen the lurker behind the tree until this exact moment. In summary: My kids have found a quirky and wonderful community here. So thankful for that. (Silas was inside during this photo opp due to an offense which shall remain unnamed.)

Am I a fan of this facial hair situation? I am not.

But here's the thing: I realized a very long time ago that however my man chooses to present himself (i.e. all gray outfit, all corduroy outfit, Nikes with Dockers, etc...) is not a reflection on me. I'm not into making people change their appearance to suit my whims. So, Ruby dresses like a circus clown, Calvin currently looks like he's wearing a gopher on his head, Silas went to school today with a mohawk, and Cory has a disastrous but well-deserved goatee, entirely gray thanks largely to our shortest child.

While we're on the topic of Cory, he did a couple photo sessions recently.
This is Leo.

These are the Sloats.
Otherwise known as Our Vacation Buddies.
Or, as I like to refer to them, The Most Attractive Family on the Planet.

Apple Festival 2013.
I ate: apple fritters, mini doughnuts, apple dumplings, popcorn.
I wore: my perfecte-coral fashionABLE scarf and the army green vest I impulse-bought at TJ Maxx about 6 years ago. It's one of my favorite things I own.
They wore: Backpacks. I have no idea why.

Photo Bomb.
This makes Calvin laugh hysterically whenever he sees it.

We had Haven's birthday dinner last night.
This is how my living room often looks.
It's wonderful and tragic, all at the same time.

Girl Avery!
Also, I got a haircut.

Robert got to meet my parents this weekend. (He and my mom were pen-pals while he was locked up.) He refused to stop being dorky for the photos. (He's not talking in this picture...this was his intentional "pose".)

So I tickled him.

Sidenote: Don't ever, ever tickle me. I hate it. It makes me cry.
But I will totally tickle you, if the occasion warrants it.

There are 5 or 6 of these pictures and my dad has the exact same expression in every single one of them. Like he's cast in stone or something.

I should have tickled him.

This is from the summer but I found it and had to share it because 1) It's taken at a Mexican restaurant and 2) CALVIN LOOKS LIKE HE'S 17!

While I'm back in summer, I miss my herb garden.

And finally, I present to you a brief, carefully edited collection entitled The Littlest in Wigs.

(These wigs live in the toybox at my Grandparents' house. I used to wear them around. They are approximately 852 years old. If only smells could transmit through computers, you would have a much more authentic experience with them.)

Happy Weekending, Pals!