Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Moo :: A Living Room Shake-Up

I tend to get itchy with the changing of the seasons. Happens every dang time.

As much as I'd love to be the multi-seasonal girl who obliviously rolls with the temp dips, it turns out I'm actually the girl who spends her last $10 before payday on two bags of mini gourds.

And tacos.
But that's a given.

As luck would have it, just as that tweedy, golden-hued, nubby, brisk-aired itch blew through the screen, Cow arrived.


(Ruby has twice identified the nose as a dog's. We're working on it.)

Cow is from the lens and shop of my friend Meg. He's canvas wrapped and wall-ready. She has lots of options in her shop, and though I momentarily paused on the globes, it was really Cow all along.

I love him.


Cows are usually "her" anecdotally, right? Bessie? Anyone? Yes?

It soon became clear that Cow, while quite large and rather in charge, needed some friends.

So, you know, I scrounged around.
I could medal in scrounging around.

Don't be jealous. It's not as glamorous as it sounds.

I added to the mix my $8 estate sale Wakarusa water-color painting, a $0.25 garage sale Blue Bird Pies pan, a $4 thrift sale framed print that reminds me of Northern Ireland, an old tape measure that I strong-armed into an "M", one of my old score-board numbers from back at the farm, and a croquette mallet.

I'm loving the mix. Cow's looking so fly with his posse.

At first I worried the tapestry curtains wouldn't look Fall-ish enough. Dumb. They totally work.

And if I'd had my druthers, I'd have run out and bought a bunch of fun new throw pillows.

But a bunch of fun new throw pillows would So I unearthed the gray felt, the purple, and the grain sack numbers from the basement.

I tossed an old wool Army blanket across the back of the couch to warm it all up a bit.

Robert isn't down with the cow. (He's a city slicker, you know.)
I've decided not to let him impact my decorating decisions.

This right here is the extent of my photo styling. A $2 impulse-buy mum from Ace, two old books that previously sat on the green entry table, our fun new dinnertime book, and a fashionista pumpkin.

Nevermind the nail holes from our last situation.
We only half-roll. Life is too short to sweat this stuff. Pop and lean, people. Pop. And. Lean.

Then next month, do it all over again if you want.

(I'll concede that the jar of acorns and buckeyes is a bit weak. We have time...)

Too many pictures, I know. I know!

I just didn't want to leave out the rando chair ($15) or the ancient plaid thrift store throw, which is presently wrapped about my feet and knee-region. Just FYI.

Bird's eye view!

You can get your own Bessie (or globes, or sunflowers, or watercolor paints) from Meg's shop for 15% by using the code FPFG15 at check-out. Statement art! It's a good thing.

I love Cow so much.
I love him for inspiring another off-the-cuff collage wall.
I love him for his farminess.
I love him for his quirk and his girth.
I just love him.

I mean her.