Monday, October 28, 2013

Make-Do Fall Decor

I stole these leaves from someone last year, pressed them in a ridiculous spiral-bound Congressional book, dug them out 365-odd days later, and tied them up with sewing thread.

Only, does it really count as "stealing" if they're on the sidewalk?

They're just so pretty, those ginkgos. And rare. At least around here.
Although I have to say, I'm not fond of the actual trees.

A reader commented on this post, "Just make a little fall banner to hang from nail to nail and it will look like they are there on purpose." With Howard the cat as my witness, I would have nevah, EVAH come up with that solution on my own.

True, my "fall banner" hits the paintings at an awkward spot, but we're making do, here. We're acting like those screws are intentional FOR THE WIN.

I bought this print at a local vintage market a few weeks back and then stewed around forever about where to hang it. (check out the artist's site here)

The thing about this house is, too few walls. And the ones I do have are all collaged up.
So, I'm making do.

Kitchen cabinets are totally frame-like, if you think about it.

Rubes & Calv frolicking in the leaves back at the farm.

I taped it right over the glass with borrowed washi.
Making do.

Does it seem like I'm more invested in fall this year than usual? I'm acting like it's Valentine's Day. I can't explain it.

My friend sent me this year-long calendar and I want to kiss it on both cheeks, European style.

I know it's not November yet, but it almost is, and I don't know, it made me happy that she let November have some fall fun, too. We always give the pumpkins to October, and November just gets the pie, which, let's be honest, isn't the best of the pies. (It's a texture thing.)

You'll have to close your eyes for this last thing, because I don't have a picture.
Are they closed?
Now are they?
Picture bushels of sweet, juice, Honeycrisp apples held together by just enough flour and sugar to qualify it as a cake.
Do you see the picture I'm painting here?
No? This might help.

It was so good. It probably goes without saying, but the caramel sauce is not even slightly optional. (I used whole milk instead of heavy cream and it worked just fine, I just had to cook it down a bit longer. Also, I added half a teaspoon of vanilla, because it seemed like the right thing to do.)

We're in the home-stretch of October. Can you believe it?
I'll be honoring the day with knee socks, crock pot root beer pulled chicken, a few cut-throat rounds of this game, and New Girl reruns after dark.

Happy fall, ya'll.