Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Investing in A Woman

So much of what we're called to do is so much simpler than we think.

I'm prone to complicating things, or borrowing trouble. I try to look too far into the future. I make unfair comparisons and imagine all the grim ways the train may miss the rails.

In the end, I'm usually asked to simply walk beside the hurting or the disadvantaged. I'm not called to fix them or even to teach them. I keep them company and remind them they're not alone. I offer support in the form of hand-me-down clothes, cases of toilet paper, an invitation to dinner, a full-on laugh - because they're funny, and I want them to know it.

I get to know them right where they are. I become part of their life and bring them into mine.

This is investing, I think. It feels small, but it isn't.

This week celebrates the 3rd anniversary of fashionABLE. To celebrate, they're offering 30% off all their products today through Friday.

I wish I could really make you see the impact your purchase has on the Ethiopian women who create these scarves. In the meantime, I'll keep on trying.

Do me a favor. Grab a tissue and watch this 2 minutes video:

These women have been handed their dignity back to them by fashionABLE and every person who buys their products. Remember, this isn't charity, this is their livelihood. This is, for them, an opportunity to show up every day and work hard. It's a chance to provide a future to their little babes. They're changing their family tree, and we get to be a small but meaningful part of that.

Buy a scarf for your sister or your Mom. Buy one for a neighbor. Buy one for that girl with the tattoo on her neck who makes you crazy while you walk beside her in a life you'll never understand.

Every purchase is an investment in a family half a world away. Amazing, right?

Happy Birthday, fashionABLE!