Monday, October 14, 2013

All This in Just One Day


Friends, we had a stellar weekend.

My sleep-over at Sarah's was all I dreamed it would be. We read mags and had snacks, then she put me up in the dreamiest guest bedroom and we texted from her end of the house to mine about important things like facebook stalking and Princess Kate.

I slept like a baby, then rolled out of bed 15 minutes before we had to leave for Holly's race.

Things were hopping at the Beehive.
The news was there!

"The news" - always so exciting. :)

Holly's brother Chuck took tons of video footage that he'll turn into something completely rad.

Chuck was one of the first friends I made my Freshman year of college. I love seeing him because he throws me right back to my youth. 

Holly's Dad said a prayer that made everyone weepy...

Then she RAN!

(I was somehow not prepared for this moment, and all of my pics of her taking off are blurry.)

I hauled back to Goshen, because this was happening.

He got his green belt, baby.
All weekend he's been telling us how he feels "older somehow" now that he has the green belt.

We're super proud of homeboy. It's amazing how much they have to remember! It all looks sort of the same to me... lots of arm-jabbing and kicking around. DO NOT tell him I said that, though.

 Back at the homefront, this was happening.

I grabbed grub and a shower and we headed out just in time for Calvin to remember that it was Pumpkin Extravaganza day at our church down the street. whew!

We took the little dudes. 

 I love our church!


Their Mama likes to tell me they aren't identical...and that they don't even look identical.
Say what???

We took the babies home, then hauled back to South Bend.

This is Holly, after running roughly 30-odd miles.

I mean, really.

Inspiring isn't even the word for her. Last I heard, she was up to $13,000 raised for Hello Gorgeous! And she was stopping at the pit-stops and doing ridiculous things like walking upright, laughing, and breathing!

In the sage words of Robert, "She be trippin'."

We drove around the city like a couple of idiots with no smart phone or GPS between them...

Eventually, we got where we were supposed to be.

We weren't able to stick it out to the end, but she made it. Of course she did! So proud of that lady. She decided to do something meaningful and important. She set goals and exceeded them. I know it took a lot of time, planning, training...not to mention the actual race. I know she was nervous at times. But she kicked fear in the shins and did what she was made to do.

It kinda makes me want to do the same!
I mean, minus the running part.

 Kids were showered up and in bed by 8, at which time Robert entered our room and didn't leave for 90 minutes. We had important business to conduct, on things like budgets and goals and other things he'd rather forget. :)

And that was just Saturday.

Here's to a new week, Party People!!


  1. With all that going on, who needs to run?!! You are hil.ari.ous;). Good morning Monday! Shannon is ready! God bless you.

  2. It was a beautiful day in your neighborhood! (Imagine Mr. Rogers......)

  3. So, here's what I'm dying to know.
    Since you're Robert's mother, does that mean you're Anthony and Avery's grandmother?

    Don't hate me. I couldn't resist.

  4. "She be trippin' " Robert just made my entire day. And I fully agree;)

  5. Well. That was eventful. I don't know how you squeeze me in sometimes.

    Ruby is rocking those braids.

    Siley. Swoon.

    Calvin is my new little person hero.

    I also like you too.


  6. you are a hoot! let me know if you do the marathon...i'll come cheer you on!! :)

  7. Bravo !!!! Job well done.It's a marathon just trying to fit all of life's treasures in at times.

  8. Sounds like a lovely weekend. :)

  9. my sister fighting breast ordeal with ovarian cancer...holly's run..crying tears of thankfulness that HE is in control....

  10. I agree ... those lovely brown eyes and sweet little mouths .. they so do look alike! Hugs to you all as you continue to work through things like budgets and goals and other things you may all prefer to forget. :)

  11. Hi Shannan, I just found your blog via pinterest. First off, congratulations to your friend Holly on her run. That is wonderful. Second, I found your blog completely randomly and it is so refreshing. Your family and your story are beautiful. Third, the way I found your blog is via a Pin of a tweed jacket and ruffled blouse. I think I read a comment that said you bought it for $5 at a consignment store and it was from Old Navy? But I had to double check. I found the picture a year ago and I am still looking for that jacket. Tonight since I couldn't sleep, it became my mission to find where the jacket was from. And that's how I found your blog. I was wondering if you have any other information on it. I'm going to look on google and ebay and it's on my Christmas list. :) Maybe my husband can find it in a Forever 21. He's a better "rack searcher" than I am. And if you were willing to sell it, I bet he'd even purchase it from you. But for $5, how could you part with it. Sorry for the long ramble. If you do have any information on who makes it or where I can find it, I would love to know. Thank you again for your blog.

  12. I miss those days! Enjoy them in the moment.

  13. it WAS perfect wasn't it! you know you can find a way to do whatever it is on your heart you know?
    whatever it is that your heart yearns for...find a way friend
    make the list..the goals...see the shore and swim like crazy...loving you tonight

  14. Did you know sometimes identical twins don't share a amniotic sac....with that said did you know Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are not identical twins! I think those babies are identical twins though. They look mirror image identical to me.