Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Very Good Wednesday

Today was a smashing mail day. A smashing day all around, really.

First, my new just-try-to-peel-it-off-me favorite Urban Farmgirl t-shirt arrived.

I'm not sure if you can order these? But I know you can buy them in Mary's shop if you happen to live near Rockford, IL. (Read more about it here)
(I will live in quiet pain until I'm able to visit. I know it's that good.)

I paired it with my goes-with-all 31 Bits necklace just to see if my theory would hold. It did.

And the jeans?  :: Ebay-by-way-of-Denise-from-Texas FOR THE WIN!! Lamenting the state of my jeans in this post inspired me to soldier on in my exhaustive and maddening search for a replacement pair.

It's no surprise to me that you'ns are the best sort of luck, because I finally found my holy denim grail!

Confession: They're assaulting my mid-region ever so slightly. It may have something to do with the chocolate croissants.

About that.

My townie friendio Kim introduced me to killer chocolate croissants earlier today, baked by a Parisian baker, in a shop just across the way from my personal casa. I'm filled with terrror. And fervor. I need more want more must have more chocolate up in here.

So on one hand, I thank you, Jones. (I call her Jones. It's complicated.)

On the other hand, let's just say, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't guarantee the horse won't water-intoxicate itself.

Tonight we called Impromptu Family Date Night.

It was too gorgeous not to snatch this evening up and run with it. Also, Wednesdays are $1 taco night at San Marcos. Win.

Calvin manned the point-and-shoot most of the evening.

 I can't say exactly what he was going for here but I love it.

Oh my word this picture.

I don't know why my arms are so weird, okay? We've talked about my wingspan issue. I'm an anomaly.

Just give me sun flare or give me death!

Actually, just give me sun flare.

Ghetto Game Night (i.e. Robert has friends and they say they won't play board games but then they do and they love it) was unexpectedly shelved for a later date, due to extenuating circumstances.

We rallied via a shared bag of Salt 'n Vinegar chips and some good conversation. We can't get enough of this Big Kid. (Except for the intermittent times that we can get enough of him, and then we just send him to his basement cave.)  :)

So that was my day.

How was your Wednesday? What were you up to?