Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Today's Faves

1. Books
2. Salsa
3. God
4. My family
5. The Mindy Project

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Just joshing.

Bling Fave:

Blogging has brought innumerable blessings to my life, mostly in the "People" genre, but I won't lie, I've gotten some really great reads and lots of rad jewelry as a result of this gig.

31 Bits recently sent me this necklace and I've fallen irrationally in love. The entire site is stocked with so much eye candy, it's redonkulous, as we cool folk like to say to our kids (especially the 19 year old.) And...this is the kind of buying you can feel really good about. 31 Bits is based on a business model that provides Ugandan women a way out of poverty. Winning, for the WIN!

Here's a tip: The weirdest necklace you own, the one that seems like it works with almost nothing you own, actually works with almost everything. True story. As you can see, it obviously works with a rain-splattered ink-blue T. But it also works with pinstripes and button-downs and gingham and layers. Or so I've been told.

Kid Fave:

Wash & Dry Bingo. This is such a hard-core classic around here. We've been playing it forevs.
In fact...the photo was taking in February of 2010, back at the farmhouse. 1 month pre-Silas!

I can't even bear the thought of what my game-mates must have looked like...

Okay, fine. They looked like this.
Oh my word, it hurts! It hurts so dang bad! Look at Ruby's cheeks! And Calvin's little teeth!

They also looked something like this. Just keeping it real.
My kids have always rocked their weirdness well (see this) and I hope it never changes.
Stay weird, weirdos!

But if you have a pre-schooler at home, this game is a total score. The kids love it, it holds up well, and it won't make you claw at your eyes or other valuable organs.

Shameless Food Fave:

We have a hotdog cart. Downtown.
It is extremely dangerous, because it's just always there, always staring me down, always taunting me.

Also, it serves Gyro Dogs, and I cannot quit them.

It serves other seemingly tasty dogs, but I had this one first and it won me over. That's just the way love goes, sometimes.

Incidentally, I feel compelled to show you this, as well. Remember my rule? One real-life picture for every fancy one? Well, this is me. This is how I usually look. This is how I look right now, in fact, minus the dog. (It ain't right!)

Friend Fave:

You need to meet my friend Holly. We took this pic at a house concert at Sarah's house last Summer. Holly has the best laugh on the planet (a theory affirmed by Robert the first time he met her) and she's so photogenic she makes the rest of us want to just give up and get old and ugly, already.

In just a few weeks, Holly is running 50 miles for one of her favorite charities, Hello Gorgeous!, a charity that provides make-overs to women battling all kinds of cancers.

Holly, like most of us, has been personally impacted by cancer. Most recently, one of her dearest friends died from ovarian cancer, after receiving a Hello Gorgeous makeover. Holly saw first-hand the impact this gift had on a life that was losing hope.

So she started to dream big and then she got busy.

She even designed this logo, because her awesomeness knows no bounds.

I can't even tell you how proud I am of her. Her goal is to raise $10,000, but I totally think she's going to surpass the goal. Her brother Chuck Fry, a talented film editor from SoCal, put together the rockingest video. Go here to have a look or contribute to the cause.

As always, please tell me what you're crushing on right now. It's a bonding experience.

Enjoy your day! It's already Wednesday, friends. Time to grab the rest of the week by its ears and smooch it square on the kisser.