Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Today's Faves

1. Books
2. Salsa
3. God
4. My family
5. The Mindy Project

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!

Just joshing.

Bling Fave:

Blogging has brought innumerable blessings to my life, mostly in the "People" genre, but I won't lie, I've gotten some really great reads and lots of rad jewelry as a result of this gig.

31 Bits recently sent me this necklace and I've fallen irrationally in love. The entire site is stocked with so much eye candy, it's redonkulous, as we cool folk like to say to our kids (especially the 19 year old.) And...this is the kind of buying you can feel really good about. 31 Bits is based on a business model that provides Ugandan women a way out of poverty. Winning, for the WIN!

Here's a tip: The weirdest necklace you own, the one that seems like it works with almost nothing you own, actually works with almost everything. True story. As you can see, it obviously works with a rain-splattered ink-blue T. But it also works with pinstripes and button-downs and gingham and layers. Or so I've been told.

Kid Fave:

Wash & Dry Bingo. This is such a hard-core classic around here. We've been playing it forevs.
In fact...the photo was taking in February of 2010, back at the farmhouse. 1 month pre-Silas!

I can't even bear the thought of what my game-mates must have looked like...

Okay, fine. They looked like this.
Oh my word, it hurts! It hurts so dang bad! Look at Ruby's cheeks! And Calvin's little teeth!

They also looked something like this. Just keeping it real.
My kids have always rocked their weirdness well (see this) and I hope it never changes.
Stay weird, weirdos!

But if you have a pre-schooler at home, this game is a total score. The kids love it, it holds up well, and it won't make you claw at your eyes or other valuable organs.

Shameless Food Fave:

We have a hotdog cart. Downtown.
It is extremely dangerous, because it's just always there, always staring me down, always taunting me.

Also, it serves Gyro Dogs, and I cannot quit them.

It serves other seemingly tasty dogs, but I had this one first and it won me over. That's just the way love goes, sometimes.

Incidentally, I feel compelled to show you this, as well. Remember my rule? One real-life picture for every fancy one? Well, this is me. This is how I usually look. This is how I look right now, in fact, minus the dog. (It ain't right!)

Friend Fave:

You need to meet my friend Holly. We took this pic at a house concert at Sarah's house last Summer. Holly has the best laugh on the planet (a theory affirmed by Robert the first time he met her) and she's so photogenic she makes the rest of us want to just give up and get old and ugly, already.

In just a few weeks, Holly is running 50 miles for one of her favorite charities, Hello Gorgeous!, a charity that provides make-overs to women battling all kinds of cancers.

Holly, like most of us, has been personally impacted by cancer. Most recently, one of her dearest friends died from ovarian cancer, after receiving a Hello Gorgeous makeover. Holly saw first-hand the impact this gift had on a life that was losing hope.

So she started to dream big and then she got busy.

She even designed this logo, because her awesomeness knows no bounds.

I can't even tell you how proud I am of her. Her goal is to raise $10,000, but I totally think she's going to surpass the goal. Her brother Chuck Fry, a talented film editor from SoCal, put together the rockingest video. Go here to have a look or contribute to the cause.

As always, please tell me what you're crushing on right now. It's a bonding experience.

Enjoy your day! It's already Wednesday, friends. Time to grab the rest of the week by its ears and smooch it square on the kisser.



  1. I just want to know how I can get some awesome jewelry for my blogging efforts :-) haha

    love you!

  2. You are so cute. We have no carts here. None. I feel so ripped off.

    I'll try not to blame you.

    Bring your camera to Janie's. I need you to take a pic. I don't want to forget.

    Siley's side kick was off the chain this morning when I dropped her off for preschool. God bless that teacher.

    Also, you're a cutie.


  3. Holly! Thank you for running that run! You are inspiring!

    Shannan, these posts are my fave! I love seeing your favorites! :-) Thanks for the tips on pairing jewelry that doesn't seem to go with anything, with everything! I'll give it a try!

  4. Remember the Hillbilly Hotdog that wasn't?
    I'm not a hot dogger, but that one was calling my name.
    That was such a fun visit, Farmgirl.
    And your t-shirt reminds me of Timmy, which makes me think the next time I'm confined to the couch I should maybe have a FNL marathon.

  5. Yes to the Mindy Project! And that gyro dog doesn't look half bad either. Favorites right now: The wooden wick candles that make the crackling sound as they burn and having Sunflowers in my house.

  6. I love reading your blog. I have read it for a good long time. It wasn't until June 4 that I realized why the Lord directed me to your blog. I was diagnosed at age 36 with Ovarian Cancer and had to have an emergent hysterectomy. I've never had children and the opportunity will never come my way, however your kids and story of adoption gives me hope that someday I will have those opportunities of being a mother; something I've always dreamed of. I loved reading this post of your favorites. I know exactly what my nieces and nephews will be getting for Christmas this year! They love Bingo! I loved reading about your friend running in support of cancer. Oh, how fun that would be to have a makeover; maybe someday I just need to go to my local spa and treat myself. I love how there are people out there for us the cancer patients, making it a little easier through these hard days. When you have no hair, little eyelashes and eyebrows, swelling from chemo and the life sucked out of you definitely don't feel beautiful.

  7. Shannan,
    You have such great style.
    Yeah, that about sums it up.
    And, the makeovers sound like a god-send.


  8. A gyro dog?! Who thought of that?? Yum!

    My current faves:
    1. Your faves posts. I'm thinking I should start doing them on my blog.
    2. The sound my son makes when he's playing Transformers (he imitates the sound of them "transforming" and nails it)
    3. Dark Chocolate Blueberries-
    4. Lauraine Snelling's historical fiction

    There you have it!

  9. I adore Mindy Kaling, but The Mindy Project makes me mad!!! How can a Christian pastor justify a relationship with a non-Christian woman? Yes, I know it's TV but the message makes my blood boil. I can't watch the show without feeling conflicted so I don't watch it anymore. Bum deal!

    I am SOOOOOO there with you on the family, salsa, God, books thing.

  10. Please tell me exactly what's on that dog. Then kindly deliver one to me.

    I also adore The Mindy Project. It was a mid-season discovery for me last year.

    Your friend is awesome and adorable and admirable.

    My Faves: homemade soup, homemade biscuits, knitting, Cedar Cove (on the hallmark channel and a totally wholesome cheesy kind of good) and my dear people that I am lucky enough to call family.

    1. You love The Mindy Project.

      This endears you to me for life, JJ. LIFE. (As if that was ever in question.)

    2. Oh wait, forgot to answer your Q.

      I dunno...some kind of delish homemade tzaziki, chopped tomatoes, red onion, feta, and oregano. And kalamatas!


  11. totally loving the book: An Arrow Pointing to Heaven, Stitch Fix, learning to make bread, The Smoking Loon Cabernet, and my Mocha Club tee.
    I've worn it 3 times in 1 week.

    1. We could be gray pocket T twinsies! I love mine, too. So soft!
      And I'm on the fence about Stitch Fix...Emily Freeman is close to swaying me. :)

  12. a friend in CA just told me today about the live fully 50 project. amazing.

    love these kind of posts from you...

  13. THIS week, my favorite thing is crossing items off of my LONG "to-do" list! Travelling on Monday and there is MUCH to get done!

    Watching Blue Bloods with my hubby ...... Tom Selleck is eye candy! :-)

  14. That picture of y'all with the dog is so totally my favorite. I'm a bit curious as to how the scene played out on the street there?? "Hey, Cory! Snap a quick pic of me and the dog. Squeeze in, kids! Now zoom in for a close up."

    Take me to that cart, girl.

  15. I heart all your faves.

    My favorite thing today was my sweet 3rd grade ESL students telling me about the "new boy" in their grade, and telling me "he is brown like us but he only speaks English." I love their sweet faces, hearts, and viewpoints.

  16. You're just charming.

    You had me at redonkulus! I'm sure your spelling of it was better, but my memory lasts two secs, I'm commenting and I'd have to scroll up to re-read the spelling.

    Let's roll!

    I love a win-win and am off to check on the jewels.

    The pics of Calvin and Ruby as Wees was almost too much to bear!

    1. My hubby and his good/ better health. I'm grateful. Enough said.
    2. Our new neighborhood. I'm blissfully happy here.
    3. Curtis the labraweinie- walked for the very first time as a gentleman today. No pulling on the leash! He did poop right across the street from our fave local food joint. If you were eating and looked up- what can I say? I picked it up, we moved along. I may have muttered " I don't think any of us saw that coming."
    4. The Mindy Project! Lol, lots of love!
    5. The return of Punjab Choley OR- I finally unpacked our pantry box ( I know, it's been three months) and there were GEMS in there! Teas, hot chocolate, cake mixes.

    Can you say sugar conniption?!


  17. Shannan, YOU are the photogenic one, my dear! Look at you! Model material, thru and thru!!

    Thank you for sharing about my run. I felt my face getting hot as I was reading it! You are so dear, so good to me. I can hardly wait to see those cute kids out on the course cheering for me! Those pics really did make my heart hurt!

    And I can't even believe Robert commented on my laugh because HIS laugh cracked me up every time! I can still hear it!!

    Love you so much,

  18. I just got a 31 bits necklace in the mail yesterday! I ordered it to wear while speaking at a conference this weekend ... all of a sudden, I need another. Wow, woman that necklace is FAB! Love you and all your faves ... any chance you are going to Allume this year? Just scored a ticket!

  19. I just posted Holly's video to my facebook page. I hope it helps :)
    I'm crushing Pumpkin Spice creamer. I. Can't. Live. Without. It.
    Thanks for always keeping it real.

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  23. love the necklace! looks great with the blue shirt, too :)

    and that hotdog. nom.

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