Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ruby River's Collage Wall

We've lived here for over a year and there are still a lot of little nooks that I've never taken the time to share. Sometimes, I just haven't thought about it, or I had other, more important things to talk about, like walking in pee, the time I forgot about vinyl records, or the time Cory fell into a slobbering slumber while we were on a double date.  But other times, I decide not to show things because they aren't finished, or they're kinda hodge-podge or boring, or they're just not cool enough. Or the desk is too messy or the lighting is bad that day.

Isn't that lame?

So I'm going to start sharing the nooks, baby. Because I'm done applying standards to myself that I don't apply to anyone else. I love seeing ya'll'ns's nooks. I hope they aren't perfect. Unfinished? Show me anyway. Hodge Podge and slightly unoriginal? You make me feel human.

At the end of the day, I care a little bit. I enjoy puttering around the house and making things look cute. But it's a hobby, not my life's work. I'm just gonna assume that's alright with you.

I find myself particularly enamored of collage walls, these days.
(Enamored of? Enamored with? Cory and I have had this discussion about 18,000 times and we've never drawn a hard conclusion.)
(And yes, we are as interesting and spicy a couple as you'll ever hope to find. Why do you ask?)

The collage obsession is raging around here for two reasons:
1) Our walls are all white and this is a great way to fill up that space with as much color as we crave.
2) It's all about the thrift, party people. Collages are the best way ever to dig out all of the junk you've been hoarding for years. Dig it on out, throw it together. Stunning effect. Or at least "interesting" effect.

I don't usually put a ton of planning into my collages. (Yes, I said collages..stay tuned.) I start with something in the middle and work my way out, making sure the whole thing stays slightly wonky and imbalanced. It's part of the charm.

For Ruby's collage, I started with this piece, because it's one of the coolest, most personal, textured-up, super-colorful works of art I've ever owned. My homegirl Courtney created it just for Rubes. It made me verklempt.

**Court is offering FPFG readers 20% off all orders in her Etsy shop until Oct. 7th! Use the code FLOWERPATCHFG13 at check out.**

This "R" was created entirely by Ruby and I love it. We bought one of those hollow, cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby, then I cut a bunch of scrap tissue paper (most of which came from shopping bag packaging from places like Boden, Aerie, VS...never throw that fun stuff away!) into squares and she ModPodged them on. Kids take risks, you know? They're fearless.

We made this soon after we moved in, having no idea that I would end up finding that delicious quilt while I was at Craft Weekend last February. It was fortuitous.

The bird came from who-knows-where, who-knows-when. I've had it forever but never used it. Shame!

This is one of my favorite verses.
The print came from one of the swooniest Etsy shops - Katy Girl Designs.

We all love Katie Dasiy, right?
I found a boxed set of KD greeting cards eons ago at TJ Maxx. It was before I even knew she was thing. 

I popped one in an old frame and called it done.

 I have always dreamed of having a child who played the harp. The end.

Okay, that was a lie.

These came in a pair from the best thrift store in all of Kansas. I think I paid $2 for the set.

This is Ruby's very favorite art work, lovingly made by her Birth Mama.
Ruby loves riding Buck the Horse with her (birth) Grandma Maggie. This gift = perfection.

Quilt: Bearly Makin' It, Marion KS
Sheets: Target ($5 for the set last week!)
Pillowcase: TJ Maxx
Striped pillow: Allegan Flea Market

Totally forgot to mention that little square frame under the Harpist.
It's a vintage sample of wallpaper that came in the frame when I bought it, ages ago. I liked it, so I kept it in the frame.

There you have it, in all its quirky, hodge-podged, thrifty splendor.

In related news, this happened last week, after much angst and thrashing about. (See: tears.)
In the end, it was the suspense that nearly did her in...the actual pulling wasn't so bad.

Sister Friend is the last of her friends to lose a tooth, but she's making up for lost time by walking around town holding her lower lip down, so you and me and the crossing guard and the cashier at Kroger are all sure to catch it.

I don't know about you, but I'm thinking it seems like it's pretty fun to be 7.


  1. I really like the old frames. It all looks great.
    All the to-do's with Ruby are so sweet.


  2. I love it! I cannot believe how big she's getting!! I want a thrifted quilt on my bed but they don't have many queen sized vintage quilts. I guess back in the day people crammed themselves into tiny beds. The horror.

    Thanks for sharing my artwork. Oh and I think it's enamored with but then I also can't pronounce the word "gallant." (I say it to rhyme with "valiant" which apparently is wrong, according to the entire cast of Grimm and my hoity toity husband.) Phffththhh.

  3. The tooth made me laugh -- the suspense, the dread, is killer. My 7 year old can't take it at all, so she pulls all her teeth herself to avoid the trust-fall of someone else doing it.

    I love your quirky pattern mixes. I could never throw something like that together and just have it work -- feeling envy right now.

  4. Girl, I am The Queen of It's Not Finished And Perfect So I'm Not Going To Show It.


    You're inspiring me.

    Miss Ruby's nook is as darling as it gets. It's sentimental. It's floral. It's quirk. Perfection.

  5. This post was just what I needed today. Thank you! You ALWAYS inspire....in the best of ways. :)

    5 dollar' Target sheets!!! Are you kidding me!!!

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  7. I love Ruby's wall,,,it is so simple, and colorful and ...just right!

  8. Poor Ruby! My daughter could so relate - in the process of losing her first tooth, (she's 22 now), she hyperventilated and passed out! Saddest part of that was, the next day, the next tooth needed to come out! Just laid her on the couch from the get go......p.s. - - if you had a decorating book, I would SO buy it!

  9. I think every room needs a collage wall. And how did you get that print.

    1. I bought it from you...didn't I?? Pretty sure I bought it the same day I found you...it was an online download. I think? ha.

    2. Dear Katygirl
      I sent you an e-mail, wondering if you could do something for me.

  10. i loooooove! :)
    so perfect in all of it's non perfectness!

  11. I was thrilled to have help sanding and staining an old retro 1960 dresser. This is absolutely beautiful just like Ruby. Now I have inspiration to figure out how to get those soccer uniforms in a frame and up on the wall. Thanks !

  12. She looks so grown up. I don't know why this made me cry.

    So, I have a shoot tonight at 6:00, but the minute I walk in the door afterwards I am getting a hammer and nail and hanging something. I absolutely must. I keep avoiding it. But, heaven only knows, we need some color on our walls, right?

    I told you that my sweet and wonderful husband thinks we have to wait 10 years to paint the walls. He swears they told us that when we moved in. I know I told you this story about 17zillion times, but it's fascinating, right?

  13. Dreamy.
    That custom art is making me all heart melty.
    And now I'm off to find a wall that's just waiting to be collaged.

  14. Must say I'm pretty darn excited to see the rest of the nooks. We're kindred spirits in the puttering around the house and making things look cute department. :)

  15. Shan, it is beauty full!! The picture above the bed made me cry. Ruber is such a blessed little girl. And her bed is what fills the pages of home magazines. I can't wait to see what you will do with Si Pie's nook!!

  16. with. definitely with.

    and that is the absolute darlingest collage wall!

    1. Google both options and compare the results. THAT's ALL Im SAYING.
      The "scientific evidence" is conflicting.

    2. Sheesh. Why did you have to send me to google? I was perfectly happy with, or should I say enamored with, my use of with with enamored. Half an hour later and it's all a muddle of prepositions. I am not enamored of this.

  17. Very cute! Such a fun space for a little girl, but I love that it's unique and a little quirky...maybe like Ruby? At least that's how I imagine her based on your stories. I have been in my house for almost three years and still have many blank spaces and a whole lotta boxes with pictures and things in the basement. I have been thinking that I needed to just pull some of it out and start putting it to use. Also, my kids are now 4 and 2 and neither one has a "finished" room. Shelves and pictures are still to be hung, antiques need to be placed, etc. I feel like I should get to work now.

  18. I am enamored with/of/by this space. It's absolutely lovely in its imperfect perfection. I love stuff to be a little wonky, to have character and story.

  19. Please, please come to my house and make your collage magic on my walls. I love everyone else's, but hate my own. Why is that? I'm so indecisive. Arg.

    The tears. Oh, my. I used to cry from the anticipation more than the actual event. I precisely remember asking my mama over and over again in the pediatrician waiting room what a vaccination was going to feel like. She would pinch my arm and tell me, "Like that." It never was as bad as I thought it would be. All the tears for naught.

  20. Yay Ruby. We've always got some major tears here too. Love Courtney's art. I have one of hers in my studio. Super cute wall.

  21. Such a cute post about a cute little girl's room. She is adorable. Love all the items. I want to paint all my rooms white, eventually, anyway.

  22. You made a few fine points there. I did a search on the subject matter and found the majority of folks will agree with your blog.

  23. Quirky is good. I love that each piece has meaning. You've put them together in such a pleasing way! Happiness. :)

  24. girl..you make me want to give up even blogging...ha!
    you had me at collage--everything is hodgepodgy perfection
    i LOVE it-- power to the not perfect people
    i love you more every time i read...oh and its wednesday...xo

  25. Love this combination and love that she contributed an art piece of her own in the R. And I love her name, Ruby River - the best!

  26. Really enjoyed this post! I think I might just have to get one of those pic's of Micah 6:8.... also a all time favorite of Mine!!! Enjoyed seeing the pic above Ruby's bed especially! Lovely pics for a lovely girl. Our Ruby is the best~

  27. Love, love!

    I will text you photos of all of my unfinished areas in our new house.

    Prepare to be bamboozled!

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  30. OH man. That is the most ridiculous little print that Courtney Walsh made. I would buy it in a hot second if it were available!! So beautiful. :) It's all sweet and sugar!

  31. I haven't visited your blog in ages and I don't know why. I love your sense of humor and self deprecation.

    Ruby's R is beautiful and her entire "nook" is lovely.

    I have to go with "with" - enamored with, but then again, I may be wrong.

  32. gracious, i love this so so much. collages are certainly the fab right now, but for a good reason; a mish mash of interesting art pieces in one place- perfect.

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