Thursday, September 26, 2013

Go-To Summer-to-Fall Outfit

We're dealing right now with that dreamy kind of air that makes for a brisk walk to school, then turns deliciously warm and blissful before noon.

So, in a perfect world, I would rummage around the road-side 10/$1 mini gourd stand in skinny cords and a chunky knit, but in real life, I had sweat lines in my old t-shirt today from just 10 minutes in the school pick-up line.

As I've said about 800 times, I'm a real jeans-tee-and-ponytail kind of lady. (Why am I almost 40 but it still feels ironic to refer to myself as a "lady"? When does that stop?)

But once in a while, I twist up some holiday hair and wear something sparkly.

When that happens, I usually need something grungy to balance things out, like wrecked-out jeans or beat-up Converse.

I'm a study in contrasts.

A little bit country, a little bit suburban mom preppy urbanite biker-chick ...

I'm practically Gaga in my jeans, with my knee all hanging out like it ain't no thing. That's all I'm saying.

Fear me. I bend to no one's expectations.

This is the perfect outfit for Summer-Fall because it gives the wearer the sensation that they've finally moved on from the dog days of tank tops and Old Navy flip flops worn down to nubbins, while still allowing for maximum ventilation and "Hey, it's September!" cuteness.

1 button down, messy-cuffed, messy-tucked
1 pair of jeans, preferably jacked up in the knee, messy-cuffed to just above ankle length
1 pair of sandals, preferably with some hard-ware, dark in color if the shirt is light
1 lightweight scarf, messy-looped, preferably from fashionABLE
1 flea market bracelet
1 slouchy, colorful bag, preferably from TJ Maxx, circa early 2000's

* Incidentally, these are the only jeans I own that fit me well. I've had them for a very long time, which you may already have wisely deduced.

They're now discontinued by Gap, and adding insult to injury, even if they did bring them back, the entire corporation has discontinued my size. Now what, Gap? Is this how you repay my year of service, circa 2000?

* Incidentally numerou dos: The scarf I'm wearing is the freebie offered by Mocha Club for signing up. Join my FPFG team, which promotes Economic Freedom for Ethiopian women, for just $9 a month.

So, what's your go-to outfit for this time of year?

Is your weather as wonderfully psychotic as ours?

If your stomach rolls made sweat lines in your t-shirt while you waited in school pick-up line, would you blog about it?

Me either.

Yours in Fashion and in Not,