Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Today's Faves

Kid Fave:


One year ago, Calvin resorted to telling any and all Hispanic persons about his love for "huevos con chorizo" because it was the only bit of Spanish that he was confident in. Now, the littles are all soaking up the language wherever they can get it. This dvd is perfect for them. (There are 11 language programs, total.)

I'm hoping they learn quickly, so they can teach me.

Pretty Fave:

My fashionABLE leather clutch.

Full disclosure: I've never been a clutch sort of girl. I'm more the "cavernous monstrosity" variety. Cory refuses to look for anything in my bags.They are ancient, untidy and unforgivable.

So I was skeptical.

But listen, see how my clutch looks a little bulky up top? It is holding a large zip-up wallet, my phone, a lip gloss, and a paper back book. These are my essentials and I had to see if it worked. (I may admittedly be missing the point behind a clutch...)

It did work, and I'm feeling sleek as a cat with my perfectly distressed leather. It's just the sort of thing to elevate my jeans, old T, and damp hair.

All of the leather products are handmade in Ethiopia by women earning a fair wage. I can't stress enough how impressed I am by this company. And what a bonus that we can support this business and look all stylish.

Today only (August 27th), fashionABLE is offering free shipping on all leather. Think early Christmas shopping!

Food Fave:

Grilled pork chops with grilled peaches, balsamic, and blue cheese. Please make this as soon as possible. Do it exactly as they say to do it, because they're the experts, after all.

Send salsa in lieu of gifts and cards of thanks.

Book Fave:

All I can say is this: I'm stealing away to read half a page. I'm staying up way too late. I'm all-in.

What are you hooked on right now?


  1. Love your faves! I'm seeing a lot around the blog world with fashionABLE. I'll have to check it out.

  2. A Joyful Noise by Janet Gillespie
    Call the Midwife
    avocados ForEVAH
    fingernail polish with sparkles
    Ezra Jack Keats

  3. I judge books by covers. This one grabbed me. Thanks for the info!

  4. my "cavernous monstrosity" is referred to in our house as the RLS - the rather large satchel (that once doubled as baby bag/ purse, now only singles as purse. large purse).
    my faves: #ginghamstyle (duh!), the artist's way by julia cameron, walk off the earth (music and videos),www.hoodamath.com/games/escape.html(fun math-ish games for kids), and emeril's marinated grilled flank steak recipe with p-dub's crash hot potatoes.

  5. Have you read "Dinner with the Smileys"? LOVED IT!

    Right now, my total focus is on Bible study prep as we kick off on Thursday and a trip I am leading that leaves in 4 weeks.....not much time for anything else!

  6. My 'hooked on' right now is Alo brand honey flavored aloe juice......I know, it was afraid of it, but a friend at work shared hers and I love it! It is THE MOST refreshing delicious drink/treat of the moment! (I know, I'm a little weirdo!)

  7. Ok, I just put that book on my reading list. I really hope my library can get it for me. And, I love that clutch. I'm not a clutch kind of girl either, but that one is right up my alley.

    Lately I'm loving popcorn with Parmesan cheese (sorry to bring food into this discussion), a yellow leather across the body Fossil bag I won last winter and only began using this summer, and a pair of shiny red heels I walked away from in Target.

    Those language videos sound pretty cool. I want to learn Portuguese, because my dad lives over there and everything and it would be cool to speak the language. Not that I need to because he speaks English, but it would still be nice. I'm bad with languages though. I think I need something on a kid level. 2 years of college Spanish and I can only manage a few sentences.


  8. That book is so good. I read it this summer and I had to keep shooing people away so I could find out what happened next. The author lives in my neck of the woods, and she's great, too!

  9. Sperrys. Can't believe I gave in.
    Pumpkin spice coffee. I know, I am early. And it's from last year. I know, gross.
    Nikon D3100. Faux-toggin' it.
    Eggs for breakfast. With fruit.

  10. I'm hooked on Runa Tea which is another Fair Trade company helping the Kichwa people in Equador. My daughter is a finalist in their contest and is currently in 2nd place to win a trip to meet the Kichwas and see how the company is helping them. It would be great if you and your readers could give her a vote Shannan! http://www.runa.org/contest/ Not sure how to make it clickable, but just go to runa.org/contest. She is the 4th photo with the bright blue cape. You need instagram to vote. Thanks for supporting Fair Trade businesses!

  11. Have you announced the winner of the clutch and scarf from FashionABLE? I'm holding out hope...

    I just finished Khaled Hosseini's new book and it was so stinkin good. Also loving fall-like mornings (where did those go?) and Leo's new propensity to sometimes put his head on my chest while watching a show.

    1. I did not announce the winner! I just told her. (It wasn't you.) :/
      I should totally announce these things to everyone, lest everyone wonders.
      You'd think I'm an amateur at this!

  12. I'm completely immersed in the world of Stars Hollow. I have friends who have raved about Gilmore Girls for years but I just can't stand the acting of Alexis Bledel so I never made it through more than an episode or two. I decided to give it one more try and it took. I'm totally hooked.

  13. Chai Latte in the Keurig after months of being out
    Call the Midwife series and books
    Fall fashion trend jackets

  14. I also recommend for your kiddies "The Day The Crayons Quit."

    SO adorable. A letter to a boy named Duncan from ALL of the crayons in his box. Some are overused (the red crayon complains of having to color Santa, firetrucks, etc..) the pink writes a letter because she is rarely used. The peach crayon is upset as he/she (unsure!) is missing the crayon peel (clothing) and now can never leave the box. It is witty and adorable and hilarious.

  15. I clicked over to Little Pim hoping to see Korean as one of the languages. No dice. Darn! I know all of 5 phrases of Korean. The majority of those are food related, of course.

    Tell Mr. Lee that Si misses him. We really must get together again soon! Lots to chat about.

    Way to pack that clutch, girl!