Friday, August 23, 2013

Hear Me Out.

It's just that it's getting late and I've got food on the brain.

I know I said I'd be back with State of the 'Hood - Vol II, but I'm feeling all Friday-ish. I'm hopped up and breathing easy.

In short: I don't have the necessary attention span to do that post justice.

Can we still be friends?

Speaking of friends (like how I did that?) - Sarah cooked for me and Holly a few nights ago. It doesn't happen often enough. Makes me mad. She acts like she has a husband and a life and a step-son and a full-time job commanding her attention. She acts like I'm not her problem.

But every now and then....I weasel in.

I'm such a flipping sucker for food.

And before anyone thinks I'm getting too big for my britches with all this fancy food, let me assure you: I'm getting too big for my britches with all this fancy food. As in, bring on the elastic waistband.

But before anyone thinks I'm some sort of a food snob, or acts like it's too much pressure to cook for me, let me tell you the simple truth: I could eat Taco Bell 5 days out of 7. Not even playing. I love Eggo waffles and too many dear varieties of cold cereal to name. My heart cries for hot 'n sour soup from the dive Chinese place. I have been known to enjoy cheese "food" from a can.

I love good food.

The end.

Okay, no. Not done.

{cocktail hours}

{fancy cheese - basil something or other cheese! who woulda??}

 {burst tomatoes for...}

I died.


Whatever. I don't have time to parse the transcendence of this meal right now. There's more food to dish on.

Does this crop make my plate look fat?
Be honest, I come in too close.

I like to be up in the biz.

This shot is dangerously far away. I can't even smell the basil.

Hi, pickles!

Note: If you invite me over for a fancy, all-tomato meal, this is what I'll bring: all-tomato salad and a jar of pickles.

I can't be bothered. I prefer being catered to in situations such as these.

{Blackberry pie with vanilla bean ice cream}
{And someone was genius enough to think of digging the drunken peaches out of the pitcher}
{But I won't name names.}

This night was so much of what I needed. I'm so thankful for my people. They love me so well.

And speaking of my people, I just stole these pics off Sarah's FB. She won't mind.

We're all very happy to be together! Sarah is all chill. And I'm normal for the split-second moment!

Don't talk, Shannan! You know you're not good at multi-tasking! Shut UP!

Holly always looks so pretty when she's laughing. Hate her.

Sarah's losing her pretty, ever-so-slightly...
Holly's still putting us to shame...
And I'm a total creeper.

The truth is out. I'm the opposite of photo-ready.

So there. Sue me. I don't have IG, okay? I get my food fix in the unabridged version.

And I'll just warn you, I feel like there's more where this came from.

Movie night is calling my name.

Happy Friday night, Homies!


  1. Oh HOLLA all the way! I busted up that the one pic was of your plate! At least you didn't pull an R. and take the leftovers for your third helping. I like you, you make me look good! Xoxo

  2. I have never tried Marscapone, but I will be doing so! I just wish it wasn't already 10 pm cause I would be headed to the grocery store!

    1. I hadn't had it, either. It was yum! Kinda sweet.

  3. Hey Shannan, just wanted to tell you how much I love reading your blog. You have a beautiful way with words.

  4. You're so witty and good with words, it's a crime really. Sounds like a lovely night.

  5. Dear Shannan, we can still be friends if you talk whoever owns that adorable dish rack and plate collection into packing it up and shipping it to my house immediately! ; ) Love your blog whether profound or just-for-fun.

  6. HAHAHAHA!!! Thanks for my Saturday morning laughs. Come over to my house. . . I'll rustle up something that will make ya swoon.

    love a fellow-cold-cereal-lover

  7. That cropped shot totally makes your plate look rotund!

    You are so funny.

    Now I'm craving burst tomatoes and vegetarian tacos.

    Dammit Wolf Blitzer!

  8. You make me laugh. Always.

    And I probably haven't had Taco Bell in 8 years. For real. I don't even think I can tell you where a Taco Bell is located but all of a sudden I want Taco Bell and those little cinnamon crispy things. Ohhh, do they even make those any more?

    1. I don't wanna know a life without TB.
      It may alarm you to know that I was never a big fan of the Cinnamon Twists. :/

  9. The dishes...the pasta...the friendship...the booze...I want Sarah to be my friend. Looks like a lovely night!

  10. You just gave me one of those silent, hard, don't-wake-the-kids laughs that are so good for the soul! Love, love your blog!

  11. This. I wish I had girlfriends to do this with. You are so right, there is something about Holley that radiates. You are just adorable no matter what! Your BFF in Fl. :)

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