Friday, August 23, 2013

Hear Me Out.

It's just that it's getting late and I've got food on the brain.

I know I said I'd be back with State of the 'Hood - Vol II, but I'm feeling all Friday-ish. I'm hopped up and breathing easy.

In short: I don't have the necessary attention span to do that post justice.

Can we still be friends?

Speaking of friends (like how I did that?) - Sarah cooked for me and Holly a few nights ago. It doesn't happen often enough. Makes me mad. She acts like she has a husband and a life and a step-son and a full-time job commanding her attention. She acts like I'm not her problem.

But every now and then....I weasel in.

I'm such a flipping sucker for food.

And before anyone thinks I'm getting too big for my britches with all this fancy food, let me assure you: I'm getting too big for my britches with all this fancy food. As in, bring on the elastic waistband.

But before anyone thinks I'm some sort of a food snob, or acts like it's too much pressure to cook for me, let me tell you the simple truth: I could eat Taco Bell 5 days out of 7. Not even playing. I love Eggo waffles and too many dear varieties of cold cereal to name. My heart cries for hot 'n sour soup from the dive Chinese place. I have been known to enjoy cheese "food" from a can.

I love good food.

The end.

Okay, no. Not done.

{cocktail hours}

{fancy cheese - basil something or other cheese! who woulda??}

 {burst tomatoes for...}

I died.


Whatever. I don't have time to parse the transcendence of this meal right now. There's more food to dish on.

Does this crop make my plate look fat?
Be honest, I come in too close.

I like to be up in the biz.

This shot is dangerously far away. I can't even smell the basil.

Hi, pickles!

Note: If you invite me over for a fancy, all-tomato meal, this is what I'll bring: all-tomato salad and a jar of pickles.

I can't be bothered. I prefer being catered to in situations such as these.

{Blackberry pie with vanilla bean ice cream}
{And someone was genius enough to think of digging the drunken peaches out of the pitcher}
{But I won't name names.}

This night was so much of what I needed. I'm so thankful for my people. They love me so well.

And speaking of my people, I just stole these pics off Sarah's FB. She won't mind.

We're all very happy to be together! Sarah is all chill. And I'm normal for the split-second moment!

Don't talk, Shannan! You know you're not good at multi-tasking! Shut UP!

Holly always looks so pretty when she's laughing. Hate her.

Sarah's losing her pretty, ever-so-slightly...
Holly's still putting us to shame...
And I'm a total creeper.

The truth is out. I'm the opposite of photo-ready.

So there. Sue me. I don't have IG, okay? I get my food fix in the unabridged version.

And I'll just warn you, I feel like there's more where this came from.

Movie night is calling my name.

Happy Friday night, Homies!