Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Distract Me

Here's something I've learned about myself: When life gets wonky, I default to certain things, mainly food. But also flowers.

When I have the most on my plate, the most emotional turmoil or baggage, when I'm at heart or head capacity, I run straight into the arms of Susan, Black-Eyed.

Call it a distraction. Compartmentalization.

All I know is, a wild-flower has never broken my heart, spilled cat-food down the stairs, talked on the land-line for 10 hours in one day, mooned his brother, complained about dinner, or given me a deadline.

These little beauties were on Sarah's windowsill when I was there last week for dinner.

I was immediately transfixed.
I experienced instantaneous Nutmeg coveting.

Aren't you more peaceful than you were 5 minutes ago?

You're welcome.

In a stunning twist, 2 days ago Silas was scrolling through Facebook (naturally) and came to a similar picture on Sarah's wall. "Aw! These are so new! I wish we could get some!"

So, duh, we did.

Sidenote: I'm not a photographer. At least 50% of the times I try to spot-meter, this sort of thing happens.

The bigger problem? I love it.

I'm the Charlie Daniels of the Canon.
The Andy Warhol of the spice rack.

The copy-cat of the windowsill psychotropics.

For what it's worth, see that blur of fabric over to the left of Sarah's flowers?

It's a napkin curtain. So we're even.

Lest anyone worry, things are going really well here under our roof. We're happy and adjusting and it just so happens that I inherited one very chatty 19 year old who spends his days with me and one very chatty 4 year old.

I could not possibly be luckier.

But still, with all the talking.

I'll have more to say about all of this, but for now, I shall leave you with this conversation, one I share with  Robert's permission:

R: Mom, have you heard about all this Miley Cyrus stuff?
Me: Yes, but I haven't watched it.
R: (shaking his head) She just needs people to stop judging her. (getting wound up) she had all those people tell her what to do her whole life! If she wanna be twerking, she should be twerking!
Me: But she's lost all her self-respect...
R: Well. She has changed a lot since her Hannah Montana days...
Me: She needs Jesus.
Me: She needs Jesus!
R: Well, I wrote her. On facebook and twitter. I told her I love all her songs, all her movies, and all her shows and -
Me: (DYING laughing) Are you serious right now?
R: Yeah!!? I wanted to throw her some support. She don't be deserving all this judgment. She's grown!

Someone, quick! Pass me a flower!
I'll be your zinnia if you'll be my primrose.


  1. Love it. Can I just tell you that your permission-shared conversation just made me giggle for the first time all day. It's been a rough day. But, that, that's awesome. I agree. That girl needs love--Jesus--and His true love...just like the rest of us.

  2. Wow! I can't believe those are mine! I need some of your photo mojo magic! And your R... well, he is a bonafide crack-up!

  3. Ps. I'm a totally gonna have to share this link on fb! :)

    1. Share it, Lovey!

      (Sorry that convo didn't end up being FYEO! haha. Too priceless not to share!)

  4. Thanks I needed to breathe deeply. Flowers truly are the one thing God forgot to put a soul in to.

  5. Have you read The Language of Flowers? If not, you MUST! Flowers suddenly become more awesome than they already were :)

  6. I read and resist the urge to eat an entire jar of Nutella! :-)

  7. I love your flowers and your spot metering and your conversations with your family.
    love. love. love.

    I am going to sniff my dying hydrangeas right this second before I go up to bed in honor of you.

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  9. Okay. Robert? You are the new voice of my conscience. I'm so prone to getting all Judge Judy up in people's business, and I really do need take a page from the Book of Robert and *quit* *judging*. Thanks for the wake up, Robert.

    Plus? How 'bout a new family portrait up there on the top of this page with the biggest in there now that he's home.


  10. I have been so sorry for billy ray..well, I friended him on fb... and
    read what he had to say...he is PROUD of her performance...didn't see that
    coming. I can tell you Who isn't proud, no sir. She? Laughing all the way
    to the bank like her predecessoristas. Judging, no, discerning, yes...girl
    is gonna reap what she sows...not counting costs...I'm so sorry

    Pretty flowers!!!

  11. At first I totally interpreted the R in the conversation as Rubie and I was so confused...(and concerned =). Glad I got that one figured out!

    1. Haha! Didn't even think about that...

    2. I added a little word of clarification. Can't have people think Ruby is keeping tabs on Miley! :o

  12. oh my.
    I needed this distraction this morning.
    and those me some napkins on a curtain rod.
    thank you for a smile by way of real, living flowers (all of mine curled up and died in July)

  13. Maybe R can give Miley Jesus while you just smell the pretty flowers....sounds like a good deal!

  14. Flowers make everything better. Now I want to be a copycat a string some wildflowers in jars along my windowsill too!

  15. I loved this post. R has a thing or two to pass to those of us who may be quickly to judge. I also believe your compassion and lack of judgement has given R permission to accept those who may be "lost." :)

  16. Um yes, you are a photographer :)

    And I just learned what "twerking" was this week thanks to all the Miley Cyrus talk. I will never be able to watch The Last Song in the same way. Although, maybe I should view it through the same eyes as R. I will still watch The Last Song but I probably won't be looking to watching more of her "twerking"....

  17. Well, heck. To think I gave away my old spice jars to Goodwill the other day. Might need to go and buy them back. I like Robert's view on Ms. Cyrus, but I actually think it was her people telling her to do the twerking (uh oh, spell check doesn't know what twerking is yet). There's gotta be a better way to leave Hannah behind than to shock the heck out of everyone. BTW, twerking doesn't bother me. The tongue and her "finger". Now, they bother me.

  18. OK! So we just moved and inherited a huge garden of black eyed susans...and all those cutsie little vases I unpacked and placed in the verrrry back of my kitchen cabinet? Those babies are coming out and I know just the thing to do with those susans. So thank you. Thanks for the inspiration! ;)

  19. This made me laugh so hard. You've got a wonderful sense of humor, lady.

  20. My coping mechanism when I need to be distracted from all of life's crazy business is baking. I feel like flowers might be a better choice.

    1. Hahaha! I often have the same affliction.
      It's double trouble around here because Cory doesn't like sweets. (WHAT>?!)

  21. Oh, Robert. You wise (and free!) man!

  22. The windowsill flowers are the sweetest. I am all for a bit refreshing amidst the chaos of life. FLower power! (Yeah, I was alive in the '60's...)

  23. if all you ever wrote were conversations between you and robert, it'd be fine by me.
    i adore him.

  24. When I'm overwhelmed I cut flowers, rearrange them and give them fresh water. I do this when I have under an hour to get to Fed Ex, or need to be doing something else.

    I always thought it was floral OCD. Glad I'm not alone ( or am I?)

    Robert is wise with a kind heart. Miley's parents seem worthless. When I lived in Tennessee, they used to come and eat in the restaurant where I waitressed. Pre Hannah Montana. Miley was young and unknown. They seemed so normal. Sad.

    Unrelated: I'd like cake.


  25. Love Silas' description: 'These are so new!' My 4 y/0 describes things she loves as 'new' all the time! And also. We had our first day of preschool today - we did all of the things on your list and she felt so special and 'ok.' Thank you!

  26. Overexposure is underrated. I dig it.

    I need NEED napkin curtains in my life. I'm going to make them happen!

  27. The flowers are lovely and calming.
    I'm so so SO glad Robert is home.


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  29. i feel like your convo with robert was just like any convo i have with scott.

    me: did you hear about reese getting arrested?
    s: i hate hollywood.
    me: but grace, scott.
    s: i seriously cannot stand hollywood.

  30. I love it too.. =) a single flower can truly makes us feel good! =)

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