Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This is a Day For...

Sleeping-in 4-year olds.

Oatmeal with vanilla yogurt and blueberries.

Richard Scary's Busy Town.

Pandora radio all the live-long day. (Leeland channel)

Blanket forts and "offices" in the basement stairwell.

Pencil drawings of robots.

Ironing a tall stack of Cory's dress shirts.

Ironing these

Piling four-deep on the couch to read our favorite summer library book

Kiddies dressing up the kitty. (Senator Sing-Yung Hopgood dons a pink neck "frill"!)

Listening to the rain fall from a dark room with my youngest.

Mad-dashing to the farmer's market where we scored carrots, arugula, and red potatoes.

Saying no to $4 pints of golden raspberries. :(

Saying yes to $5 purple coneflowers (50% off at Kroger!) since we hear coneflowers don't mind clay.

Rain that falls at a hard angle and makes us wish for more.

The quintessential summer dinner :: green beans, red potatoes, smoked sausage simmered in a pot with onion, salt, papper, and garlic powder.

Dirt Pudding for dessert.

Pondering this line:  "[Jesus'] message and his life are an interruption of death. He constantly interrupts whatever is destroying the life and dignity of other people - and invites us to do the same."
- Red Letter Revolution

Mangoes in the fruit bowl.

A late-night Google chat with my #blogABLE team. (1 month til we fly!)

The promise of a show and a snack with my main squeeze.

What gifts did your day bring?


  1. Thank you for writing your truth. It hits a deep level of acceptance and home every time I read. you are a gem.

  2. Your dinner sounds perfect for the 100 degree days we're having here. Also -I love the new name for the cat.
    Gifts from today here - grocery shopping alone this morning, flowers from my husband to celebrate our (pseudo)anniversary, new play-doh, Blueberries for Sal on cd, library-fine voucher from our summer reading program

  3. So funny...I just posted my list of one-liner gifts for today:) Then happened to see yours - we must be on the same wave-length today:)!! Happy Summer!!

  4. I love your list! My peeps are going strong on day 2 of perler beads. I have a small "stack" to iron in the morning. :)

  5. i can't wait to read richard scary's busy town with emmett someday. such a classic! ;)


  6. We had that dinner last night - favorite summer dinner! Also the great thing about cone flowers they will spread over the years. I found some white ones last year at Lowes so now I have two colors running amuck.

  7. I am so stuck on the Red Letter quote that I can't remember anything that I read before it.
    My first (icky, but honest) thought was "well that's ridiculous" and then before I could stop the real honest truth came out. The last few months my life has been full of nothing but interruptions, that I have been doing my best to ignore them and keep going on with my life.
    It's so easy for me to blame others and/or try to find a "fix" to the issue, but much harder to stop and look deeper at why these things might be happening...

  8. You got Bachelor Buttons ..so pretty.
    God blessed us with 19 well-behaved (go figure!) 6th graders
    at bible school tonight.
    I made granola.

  9. I'm just glad I'm not the only one who ironed today. Our husbands are luuuuuuuucky.

  10. 1. Introduce Calvin to this book: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/couple-of-boys-have-the-best-week-ever-marla-frazee/1008225828?ean=9780152060206. I am sure GPL has it. :) (I like it so much, I'm tempted to call there tomorrow and have them hold it for you!)
    2. My gifts include a husband who waited up well past his bedtime for me to get home so he could hear about my meeting just because he knows I'm always bursting with excitement afterwards. Also, the same husband encouraged me to go out with my teammates after my meeting. And, 2 boys who are happy to have Daddy time and have dubbed such nights as "Boys night in". And also, my It Works team really do lift me up. I am blessed to have found a business that is centered on God, from the founders down and who instill positivity (it's totally a word) into all aspects of our team. AWESOME!

  11. Watching my dog babies play in the backyard.

    Taking Curtis for a walk in the morning. He's so excited about everything that it's contagious.

    Sitting in the backyard reading.

    Noticing tiger lilies and hydrangeas popping up in our garden.

    Air conditioning on a hot day.

    Grateful it's summer!

    Super grateful to be in this new, smaller home in such a diverse and lovely neighborhood!

  12. Ohhh, my day brings rain and homemade mac and cheese. A day at the library...why does the library make me feel so at peace? Drove through IN a few days ago, and thought of you.

  13. My day brings the usual introspection, homemade peanut butter cookies (the kind with the fork imprint : ) #promises writing and hope. I love your photography. Love it. And your writing too. Peace.

  14. Oh, I miss those days of forts made from blankets - I guess my husband would find it odd if I built one just for myself now wouldn't he? It's a sort-of vacation for us this week so yesterday was at the beach for us and today is outdoor project day. Keep enjoying these summer days...

  15. Love you! how do you do your dinner? I put small amt. of water, seasonings, onions, then sausage , then potatoes and carrots...steam. Is this the best way?

    1. I threw in the whole potatoes (they were small) then the beans, then the sliced sausage, then chopped onion. Added maybe 1/4 cup of water and seasonings. Heated at medium with the lid on, stirring now and then. Once the potatoes started softening, I reduced to low and vented the lid. Voila! :)

  16. gosh girl...this made me feel so bad. not your doing
    i am soooo in the dumps lately with this bag of poop thing. i know. poop but it is what it is. i am soooo thankful for it because i know it is giving me my life back.
    i feel so unsettled. i am reading pilgrimage of the soul and wondering if i am going through something..some kind of growth but it is oh so painful and i feel all flailing...and undirectional...if that is a word.
    soooooo.....told jesus i was trustin anyways. even though the feelings aren't there i know faith isn't a feeling. praise jesus. so after saying all of that not knowing what my gift was...i think it is trust. trust is hard for me. God knows that. so trust in the midst of not feelin it. yes..that is it.
    love ya girl...i have something for you. if you get time send me your addy...like you will really love it:) tiffkilgore@live.com

  17. You've got me addicted to Leeland Pandora. Thanks for that! Seriously, it's fantastic.

  18. "[Jesus'] message and his life are an interruption of death. He constantly interrupts whatever is destroying the life and dignity of other people - and invites us to do the same."- Red Letter Revolution


    And about Mangos...have you ever tasted honey mangos? your life will be changed.