Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This is a Day For...

Sleeping-in 4-year olds.

Oatmeal with vanilla yogurt and blueberries.

Richard Scary's Busy Town.

Pandora radio all the live-long day. (Leeland channel)

Blanket forts and "offices" in the basement stairwell.

Pencil drawings of robots.

Ironing a tall stack of Cory's dress shirts.

Ironing these

Piling four-deep on the couch to read our favorite summer library book

Kiddies dressing up the kitty. (Senator Sing-Yung Hopgood dons a pink neck "frill"!)

Listening to the rain fall from a dark room with my youngest.

Mad-dashing to the farmer's market where we scored carrots, arugula, and red potatoes.

Saying no to $4 pints of golden raspberries. :(

Saying yes to $5 purple coneflowers (50% off at Kroger!) since we hear coneflowers don't mind clay.

Rain that falls at a hard angle and makes us wish for more.

The quintessential summer dinner :: green beans, red potatoes, smoked sausage simmered in a pot with onion, salt, papper, and garlic powder.

Dirt Pudding for dessert.

Pondering this line:  "[Jesus'] message and his life are an interruption of death. He constantly interrupts whatever is destroying the life and dignity of other people - and invites us to do the same."
- Red Letter Revolution

Mangoes in the fruit bowl.

A late-night Google chat with my #blogABLE team. (1 month til we fly!)

The promise of a show and a snack with my main squeeze.

What gifts did your day bring?