Friday, July 12, 2013

The Cutest Dudes

I didn't even tell you the best part of Korean Camp. My friend Rachel drove over with her little man Josiah. We've been trying to meet in the reals for a couple of years and it finally happened!

It's always so weird and humbling when someone is willing to make an effort to come and hang with me...when they only know me from my blog. I always get that little panic of what will happen when they realize I'm as weird as I say I am??

Josiah has reminded me of Calvin from the moment I saw him. It was fitting that the two of them finally meet, and extra-fitting that they met in the quasi-framework of Korean Camp.

It took them a while to warm up and Si was a bit (understandably) concerned about our sketchster hotel room, but before long they were eating dried seaweed like old war buddies.

They bonded in the pool.

Calvin must have been missing Silas or something (say what??!) because he was really in Big Brother mode. So cute. He personally towel-dried Josiah off after their swim and tidied up his hair. :)

They did a little light reading...

And then we hit the town! Noodles all around.
I mean, just look how lucky we are.

Also - Rachel and I clicked immediately. LOVE that!

Here's where the trouble starts.

We had tried to hit up the MSU Dairy Store earlier in the day and the line was out of the building.
So after dinner, we tried again. The line was longish, but shorter than it had been.

We waited and waited and just when I was up to the counter, checking out all the goods, a young girl rushes up to us and says, "Does one of you drive a white mini van?"

"Uh, if you're referring to the white mini van rocking one hubcap, then yes." (I didn't really say that, but I could have...)

What I was thinking was, "Crap. What did my van do?"

So for real.

I keep reflecting on why that was my internal reaction. I mean, what could my van possibly have done? On its own? I have developed a strange guilt complex. I think I have a good handle on its roots, but it's too late in the day to go into it. I have salsa waiting.

So anyway, the girl nervously explains that she hit the white van, but "there are no dents, just a little scratch I'm so sorry, so sorry, I'm so super sorry, there's no dent at all, just a scratch and I'm so sorry!"

She was certifiably wigging a little.

I thought about walking out to assess, but come on, I was finally to the counter! There was toffee and mocha to contend with!

So I told her it was okay, no biggie. She teared up and went on her way, muttering "so sorry"s on her way out.

Rachel and I applauded her for doing the right thing and coming in to fess up.

Long story not short enough: Considerable dent. Like, basketball sized dent.
(And a little scratch.)

I'm choosing to believe that somehow, the light caught the van at a hospitable angle and she really didn't see the dent.

But regardless, if you're going to bang up a van, it might as well be my van and it might as well be me. The stars were oddly aligned for her that evening. Plus, she'd probably just had ice cream.

I was awash in the truth that this is just one of the reasons we don't put too much stock in our things. Of course it's good to take care of them and there's nothing wrong with making an insurance company pay up, but it wasn't the end of the world. We'll just go ahead and rock this dent.

Our van is so street.

Soon after all the hullabaloo, Calvin took on an interesting air and started saying he didn't feel well.
What we didn't know then is that his body was in the process of tanking.

Hindsight = 20/20

He rallied and said multiple goodbyes to his new friend. There may have been some hugging.
He told me several times that night and in coming days that he missed his new friend.

He also said, "Josiah is a very well-spoken little guy."

(Pot, meet kettle.)

In summary: We are altogether smitten.

Three cheers for blogging!



  1. I love Rachel. I am so glad you got to spend the day together! I feel somehow less stalkerish.

  2. Oh my gosh. I don't know Rachel but I think Josiah is the cutest little thing in all the land. I am glad I wasn't there because if I was with you in line, I might have convinced both of those ADORABLE little cuties to go on an adventure with me.

  3. you two. the best!

    you gracious van owner, you.

  4. Wow, another cutie. Poor van, at least she told you.

  5. I love that u were so gracious with the girl about your van. Inspiring. Love your blog. Makes me laugh every time!

  6. How awesome that you all clicked… and your "'well-spoken" boys! They couldn't be cuter. Hope Calvin is doing better, poor fella.

  7. I follow her on IG....her little guy is adorable!
    How awesome that you guys met...and all through blogging.
    Just when I think I want to never login to blogger again, I meet someone, too, and I change my mind..again.

    Hope Calvin is doing better...

  8. Isn't it great to watch our kids just 'be'? Sometimes, at least I was guilty of this when mine were growing up, (my baby turned 21 last week!) I think we get so busy molding and shaping we forget to stand back and take a look at who they really are! You and your beloved have 3 treasures there!

  9. And I can't even tell you how much this made me miss Calvin!



  11. *We* are smitten, my friend. You two were so sweet to share part of your special week with us. It made me giddy to see our boys hit it off so well! Si still brings up "my buddy Calvin" especially at bedtime when we pray for what we're thankful for. I LOVED getting to chat face to face with you. Finally! What a gift. You are the bee's knees and a true gem. Cannot wait until the next time.

    Also, that girl who hit your car. I'm still in shock over her. Unless my memory fails me, I believe she used the words "I promise there's NO dent. Only a tiny scratch."


    Sending hugs from MI tonight.



      How cool to have (finally) meet Shannan face to face. I kept coming back to see if you had commented on this post. Is that weird? Tell me it isn't weird. :)

    2. I say it's not weird at all!
      (probably because I've been doing the same thing!!)

    3. You gals are a hoot. And it's not weird at all! I actually tried to view Shannan's post multiple times but my internet connection (or browser?) was all wonky and would close up on me right away. Otherwise I would've replied sooner. :)

  12. Love how you handled the dent. Your awesome example will stay with me!