Monday, July 15, 2013

Partly Rosy

I feel like I'm in a season right now of coming to bare-knuckle grips with the fact that a good life just doesn't have to be rosy all the time. It was never meant to be. The shadows have their own allure, and even when they don't, they sure help me appreciate the sunshine.

It's been a mixed bag of a week, but aren't they all? Or at least most of them?  I'm starting to embrace the mixed bag. I'm giving myself grace for the times I get grumpy or yell. It doesn't have to mean anything dire when I get my feelings hurt, crave quiet, long to be understood, feel whiny or envious or tired to the core.

All it means is that I'm human, and I need Jesus.

God has given us some really raw gifts in the past few years and they have changed the trajectory of our hearts. They have even, it seems, changed the pitch of our sanity. But welcoming heartache, frustration and drama into our world with open hands has also come with an unexpected benefit. It has given us a new quadrant of shared experience with many of the people around us. True, it's a very small quadrant of overlap, but trying to craft a life bearing the illusion of ease makes even less sense today than it used to.

Not everyday is a chocolate chip cookie kind of day, you know?

So I just keep taking them as they come, praying that they keep on adding up to the life that I love so much, the one that lifts me up and grounds me, the one I wouldn't dare spruce up, even if I could.

On the spectrum, Friday fell swift and unwavering on the "Doesn't Get Any Better" side of the pendulum.

It was just all-around good. And not only because we went garage saleing.

Confession: I like garage sales, but I'm not die-hard, or even close. I don't go very often, and when I do, I don't normally find super rad junk. But we drove back to our old stomping grounds, just half a mile from our farmhouse, and inched our way up the mile-long sale.

I found all of this for....$9!

Some of it I actually needed - like the pizza cutter. And I've been wanting a tea ball forevs. (Is that what it's called? Tea Ball? For any who have been wondering, it's official: I do not hail from a royal bloodline.)

The pie pan and frames will one fine day become part of my over-hyped collage wall.

The camera was just cool looking. The keys and doily are for a project. The Erlenmeyer flask was for Sarah. I like to use the playing cards as gift tags. The fabric gave me that internal flea market zing! feeling when I saw it. And the softballs (there's one more but it rolled under the backseat of the van at a sudden stop) will go in basket under the green table.


I also found Ruby a winter coat for $5. The hood fur is kind of ratty, but a deal is a deal.

I won't lie, it was fun to spend a little pocket cash.

Calvin hit the mother lode and found a gallon bag of "cool" Lego pieces for $3, which was the exact amount he had in his wallet. Score! He came home and immediately crafted this. Call me a Mama, but every single time, I'm amazed.

Ruby found a $0.50 stuffed pony with sparkly feet.

Silas had $1 to spend and here's an abridged list of things he asked to buy:
3 TVs
1 boom box
1 four-armed floor lamp
1 telephone (corded)
30-odd video game components
2 desk top computers
1 strand of Mickey Mouse and Friends Christmas lights
4 extension cords
1 bread machine
1 antique washing machine

Forget about thinking it's funny and just ponder how many "Nos" that was for my wee son and his legendarily volatile and angsty disposition. I'm all about saying "Yes!" when possible, but sometimes the cards are stacked against me and we all suffer for it.

At our very last stop he struck gold with a spray bottle and a little baggie filled with a bunch of random junk treasures, including but not limited to a pretend police badge (aka BOSS badge) and a dog whistle (help me).

I can't begin to imagine what today will hold, but all I can ask for is the grace to push myself and all of my nonsensey human junk down far enough to see the gift of what it is - a day with my amazing children, a day partnering with the best man on earth, a day spent in a cool home and the warm sun, a day where all I'm asked to do is feel the love that surrounds me, and reflect it back.

Happy Monday, Beauties.


  1. Happy Monday! I'm trying to make ours a Monday Fun Day but so far it doesn't seem like that's in the cards! Guess I'll go keep trying!

  2. Happy Monday!!! I love your perspective!!! I am struggling with the inbetween days. Summer is the worst for it, seems we have several large events scattered throughout the summer. Those little, seemingly insignificant inbetween days get lost, I don't know how to appreciate them, make the best of them, etc. I end up wasting them. Thanks for the encouragment to love them for exactly what they are, days still filled with amazing gifts <3

  3. Love your treasures. And your way of thinking!

  4. A girl after my own heart. I needed this today. Happy Monday! xoxo

  5. All I can say is LOL! I haven't hit up a garage sale in ages...probably not since yours before you moved. I just don't spot them, or look for them in the online edition of the paper anymore. I usually just hit up Goodwill and hope for the best. Great treasures! I'm a little jealous!!

  6. I can't believe you said no to an antique washing machine. Now, be honest, you know that would have been added a very cool vibe to your home!

    Happy Monday!

  7. Treasures are still treasures in any form they come! Love the whistle part....hehhehe

  8. That little camera!! I've been on the lookout for one.

    Your last paragraph = gold

    Happy day!

  9. I've always been confused by a weather forecast of partly sunny or partly cloudy. Which one means mostly sun with a few clouds or vice versa? I guess what I've come to understand - and this post helps - is that it doesn't really matter. Each day is partly sunny (or partly rosy) and probably partly cloudy too. Sometimes the glass really is half full and half empty at the same time. You got yourselves some good stuff - my $1 blue rug makes my heart happy every time I do dishes. Lucky for me, I do dishes A Lot. Peace.

  10. I can remember taking my boys to garage sales. I remember their sweet little faces asking me if they could buy some sort of old toy and how fun it was to say with exaggeration, "Well I don't know how we could leave here without you buying that!!" They loved it! Great post.

  11. silas's abridged list-! love.
    yet again, a second-to-last sentence of yours rocks me to my core.
    ever thankful you pen and share ~

  12. I so wish I could have been with you, I would have bought him the washing machine.

    1. Mom - You figured it out! Nice! :)
      And the washing machine was $250, fyi. Better start saving.

  13. "...a day where all I'm asked to do is feel the love that surrounds me, and reflect it back." Yep. That's where I want to live. Help me Jesus.

  14. Really all I can say is this describes perfectly us ... in transition (which we've been in for almost 4 1/2 years and are becoming rather weary of) add that we have lived in a 40-foot RV (5 of us) for almost three of those years, menopause, pre-teen and new teenage hormones, my Mom went to be with Jesus 4 months ago and I could go on. Big things. But, God, He is so faithful. And, the beauty in all of it is we have thrived. We lived by the beach part of that time. We've met amazing people and while we are weary as we reach the end of this season and ready for a new one, we can look back and see His grace and His hand and His goodness and what a testimony to Him! Thanks for sharing this today. :)

  15. Your kids are hilarious! I love that they can still appreciate deals.

    We hit a few garage sales last week. We picked up my nephew Em for the day.

    As I was happily staring at some overpriced frames, I lost him to a lazy boy recliner. He tried out all of the features letting me know what a great deal it was.

    On the way out he found a quasi wingback chair- " this is only $15 auntie Tina! It's nice!"

    It was a great day. I had no idea he loved chairs so much!

  16. Garage sale-ing with kids almost cured me of it! LOL!

  17. Thank you for writing as you do. You help this Momma of two make it through the day sometimes and it is greatly appreciated!

  18. Love the idea that a good life doesn't have to be rosy all the time.

    Btw, I'm blogging/online friends with Rachel so I was surprised and happy to see her pop up here.

    And your orange/green curtains make me so happy and give me envy at the same time. ;)

  19. You are reflecting the love in the brighest of ways friend.

  20. Loved your title and I loved this line..."a day where all I'm asked to do is feel the love that surrounds me, and reflect it back."

    Again, I will follow your example!

  21. There's nothing like a fun day of yard sale- ing to brighten ones outlook! ( I've been thinking of using some birthday $ to purchase an antique camera. They really make me happy.)