Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lighter Fare - My Sprinkler Collection & New Family Pic

But first, because you know I can't not give a daily update of some kind.

Today, I'm rocking a mathematical vibe:

Silver Beach + 8 small children + 92 degree heat + 8 hours = My entire family was in pajamas by 5pm and we had left-overs for dinner.

Hallelujah, Summer. I think I'll keep you.

So, I wanted to thank allayall'ns for your collective radness re: my last post. I'm just plowed down by your beautiful honesty and your willingness to ask hard questions and tell the truth about yourselves. It is so freeing. You make me belong, do you know that? You make me feel less wonky. Your thoughtful responses had me keyed up to an emotional mezzo soprano. In the best kind of way. Thank you for trying with me. Thank you for sharing my little words with your friends. Thank you for loving and for making me think even harder.

I have a million more things to say about that topic, so stay tuned.

For tonight? We take it down a notch or seventy.

Because it's hot out. I'm tired. I'm sore from last night's piloxing. And I lost Silas for 3 or 4 heart-stopping minutes eternities today on the beach.

I just need a little breather.

A few years ago I randomly started collecting vintage sprinklers.

I don't know, either.

Here's the best I can come up with:
1) I truly do love Summer
2) I like having a collection to rummage around for (I'm mathematical today, not grammatical)
3) They're utilitarian
4) They're colorful
5) They're chippy
6) They're inexpensive (each under $6)

You don't even know how much angst this collection causes Silas, he of the sprinkler/all-things-water obsession. He asks me eighteen times a day if he can "take one out".

And now, a word on my decorating methodology: I sometimes get skeeved by large stretches of blank wall, so I jump the gun and ask Cory to hang the big, uber-cool "Library" sign over the TV. Because it fits.

In length.

Other than length, it just doesn't really fit. But I already asked him to put a screw in the wall, so...

I leave it for a very long time and allow random junk to collect on the shelf.

Finally, I get the gumption to take it down, and I hang my collage art on the right-most screw.

So now we have a cataclysmic lack of balance and still a bunch of junk.

So I remove the junk and I'm left with total weirdness.

(It feels like home.)

Then, late one night, the rest of the house sound asleep, I look up and realize that we should have a canvas made of the family picture Cory had just recently taken of us. We'll make it the same size as the collage art. It'll be perfect, even the colors. I think. Not that that really even matters, but still. At 1am you just never know what might matter.

Just my luck, canvases are on super sale! Boo-yah. We order a 16x24 and it costs $30, shipping and all. It's a perfect fit.
And yes, the colors are perfect and yes - it matters. Not in the scheme of life, but in the scheme of fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants decorating.
Before I know it, it's almost Summer and I'm itching to do a little preemptive celebrating, so I bust out the sprinklers. In a perfect world, there would be more space between the sprinks and the pics, but it's seasonal, okay? It's all good.


Or as I like to say, Viola! Davis!

 The whole thing makes me very happy. And that's what matters.

But please don't ask why the little #ginghamstyle curtain doesn't quite fit the cubby or I will be forced to tell you how I sew.

Okay, fine. I'll just tell you: Crouch down. Hold your right shoulder up to the edge and extend your arm. Your arms are ridiculously long, but surprisingly not long enough, so add a few inches. Or so. Hold the fabric up. Squint a few times. Hold fabric up to your arm. Add inches. Squint again. Iron edges. Sew the seams. Hang it up. Wonder why it's not quite long enough.

Just for kicks:
Curtains: Bed tapestry from Urban Outfitters. $20/window
TV cabinet thingy: $15 "desk" from Salvation Army.
Plant stand: $5 ashtray from who-knows-where
Plant: $2 from Aldi
Chair: $15 from an estate sale.
Remote control holder: $1 vintage tin from St. Vincent de Paul
2 tiny pictures: I don't recall, but I'm sure they were cheap :)
Lego creation on chair: courtesy of Calvin
Collage Art: Made here by yours truly. This was actually my craft only I ended up breaking my own rules to surprisingly happy and inspiring results. I keep meaning to tell you all about this craft. It's SO fun. Addictive, even! 
Family pic: Canvas People (60% off sale running right now plus free shipping!)

How do you decorate? Do you decorate? Is it something that matters to you? Do you wish it mattered more? Less? Are you by the book or by your britches? What's your favorite thing in your home to look at and don't say your kids because just don't. Also, no pets or spouses. Also, not the Bible because that's just not fair.

I Blame Silver Beach,

ps - This one was for you, Benjamin!

pss - Canvas People links are affiliate links.