Friday, July 19, 2013

An Invitation

The house is quiet tonight and I'm thinking about Detroit. Part of me wants to move there now, take a stand and tell everyone around not to worry, it'll be alright. You can't bankrupt the soul from a city. It suddenly seems important to stick up for a place I've scarcely known. It's receding before our eyes and I want to make it matter.

I'm thinking so much these days about the small and the forgotten. I'm leaning my heart into all the ways I've felt overlooked or misunderstood, the times I've felt my feet sliding backwards. God is at work on my heart. He's showing me the pride in my stubborn belief that I don't struggle with jealousy and greed. I do. He's standing right here, nudging my shoulder with His own - Look around you, Girl. See the way life seems to be working in reverse? I want it that way.

I'm starting to believe that there is treasure in the small. I'm seeing the way real riches - those more universal and eternal than the dollar or euro - rain down around my shoulders in the moments I feel invisible.

God opposes the proud but favors the humble. (James 4 - just go ahead and read the whole chapter. Ouch!)

Will I ever fall in love with being unassuming? Anonymous?

Can I value the trenches of my life and believe they were hand-carved by the One who created me?

I don't know exactly where this journey of the heart will take me, but I'm so thankful for a God who chooses me, scoops me up, waits patiently for me to learn, and raises a ruckus when a little bit of truth finally clicks into place.

His world does work in reverse. Almost every word Jesus breathed reminds us of this, so why does this truth feel so new? How did I manage to twist the Gospel into a description of the life I was already living?

His plans are so majestic, so ready to blow our American, middle-class minds.
But they are hidden in the Small.

"I used to think God's gifts were on a tall shelf and the bigger I became, the more I was able to reach his best gifts. Now I know that God's gifts are on a tall shelf, and the smaller I become, the more I am able to reach his best gifts." - Greg Fiandt