Wednesday, July 3, 2013

About Town - East Lansing, MI

I wish I could say we tooled around town in this rad, vintage car. I found it in a parking lot and took about 800 pictures of it. A guy on a bike rode by and screamed, "It's got your name on it!"

Thank you very much. I'll take that as a compliment.
THIS, uh, is where we stayed. I mean, I knew it was sketchy. I told you it was sketchy. But it grew on me. Like a fungus.

Before I knew it, I was immune to its "charms". Then I showed this picture to Cory when we got home and he turned a little green. That's the beauty of life without iphones, you don't worry your husband unnecessarily from the road.

All I know is, there was cable TV, the bed was comfortable, and the bathroom smelled vaguely of pee (or "urine", as Calvin would say), and it was half the price of almost every other hotel in town except for Motel 6, which may have actually been nicer, upon further reflection.

Calvin repeatedly proclaimed it "The nicest hotel I've ever stayed in!" It helps that he's only stayed in 3 or 4. But I may challenge his rankings...

Our first morning we got lost on the way to Korean Camp. Please remember - We're in a foreign town with no technology to aid us. Just me, an 8 year old, and a sheet of notebook paper with hand-written directions.

I felt like I was back in 2001, phoning a friend to say, "Can you look directions up on your computer?" It's humbling, this life with a flip phone.

It turns out East River Rd. is actually Grand River Rd., so we got a bit turned around. Quite fortuitously, our wrong turns led us here!

This store was pure genius. Literally.

It was also meant to be, and I don't think you need me to elaborate.

 (no words)

$15 a pop, buy one, get one half-off. People!
I didn't buy one, and here's why: The first day I went was only preview day. No buying allowed.
The next morning we stopped by on the way to camp at 8:45 and the chairs were stone cold gone.

 I inquired about one of the maps on the right, but it was $100. What????
"Apparently it's, like, really old", said the wise, long-haired teenager on the ladder.

Later I found a Marshalls, because if you drive around long enough, you'll find one. My nose sniffed it out. I tried on several lacey items. (Is this a thing? It seems to be a thing.) And a dress that I LOVED. Holy cow, loved it. It looked very Anthro and fit me like a glove, except for the fact that it fell to a discouraging length of "long shirt" on my frame. It was silky material and had a nautical theme but it wasn't weird at all. It was perfection.

This was one of those days where it was fun to leisurely try stuff on but then I was relieved when nothing fit because I didn't really have any money to spend, on account of the HoJo.

I dragged Calvin here later. This was my first-ever trip. I'm a believer.

*Swoony Shower Curtains*

*Swoony Throw Pillows*

*Swoony Chair*

I became obsessed with this art museum on the way to dinner...
I took too many pics. Meanwhile, Calvin was hopped up on steroids and ready to eat his own hand.

This picture is my soul mate, for some reason. I'm drawn to it, even though in a perfect world the fire hydrant would be positioned slightly to the right.

Again with the museum.
There's so much happening here and it doesn't really seem to make sense, but it still makes me smile.
Reminds me of my life.

My dinner date. This was the infamous Cosi Cobb Salad incident.
He had cheese pizza, which he raved about.
All week, no matter what, he raved about his food.
Behold, the power of steroids!
(Also, check out that sweaty hair. This is the burden he carries. I noticed that many of the Korean kiddos seemed to have the same affliction and he told me it's because the sun is attracted to their black hair, which made perfect sense to me.)

{Now do you believe me? It was a real problem.}

Oh man. I miss this place. 16 pies, by the slice.
Calvin picked coconut cream pie then switched it out at the very last second for a pecan sticky bun.

I went peach blackberry with a crumb topping.

We went homejo and ate our pie in our pajamas from the comfort of our beds while watching Chopped on the Food Network.
In other words, we got a preview of Heaven.


Am I too wordy? Too long-winded?
I can handle the truth.

Nevermind, don't answer that.

I have one more day to talk about, then we'll all get on with our lives.

Stay tuned!