Thursday, June 27, 2013

Midnight Thoughts from the Rickety HoJo Desk

Isn't this a timely photo?

I thought so.

Christmas in late-late June!

It's probably my favorite picture I took all winter and I never posted it. I'm dorky that way.
When I first found him at the door his eyelashes were covered in snowflakes and by the time I grabbed the camera most of them had melted.

That boy.

I miss him. I need to sniff his neck.

I miss her, too. Miss her smooth cheeks and sweet heart. I miss her little voice and the way she sleeps in the most perplexing positions.

In keeping with my theme, this is a favorite shot from last summer that was never posted.


I remember this night so clearly. We were driving home to the rental after checking in on the progress at the new house, during the build.

It was getting late.
We drove right past an open field with this happening.
Honest to goodness, I didn't feel like pulling over.

But I kept my thoughts to myself and the kids tumbled out of the van and stood in silenced awe, staring. There was fire, after all. We got to watch the whole thing, from unpacking the balloon, to lift-off. It was amazing.

The moral of the story? Pull over! Always, always pull over.
I need this reminder tonight.

Calv and I are coming to the end of our get-away.
I only ever did catch 2 episodes of Kardashians because the network replays the same 2 episodes overandoverandover. But I will say this: Scott Disick endeared himself to me with his "Todd Cranes" prank. I giggled like a fool. That is so my humor. I laughed about it last night when I was trying to fall asleep. It's funny, people!

In other news, I've barefly made a dent in my reading list. (Got a little distracted and spent all day yesterday volunteering at camp. Not to mention lights out at 9 in these close sleeping quarters.)

Calvin and I didn't even come close to getting tired of each other.
I just like that dude so dang much. He's such good company.
But we miss home and I'm feeling a bit...untethered. I don't know. I'm ready for the madness to stop.

Today I talked to my dad and he mentioned that mom was out picking beans. I was thinking holy cow, those are early beans! And they probably are a little early, thanks to Dad's mad greenhousing skillz, but in my head it was only May right now. Not late June. It was trippy.

So it's time to slow the heck down. It's time to ground myself in truth and in the things that matter most.

I'm feeling a whole new wave of disgust over certain places in my heart. I'm so over falling into traps of trying to be what the world tells me to be. I'm sick to death of entitlement and greed. I want to be plucked clean.

I'm excited and terrified to embark on this new season of required frugality, standing on the truth that God always, always provides what I need. I want to live our budget with a smile and never be too scared or greedy to be generous.

See what a few days of quiet will do to a girl? See???

Calvin is sprawled out corner-to-corner on his fancy double HoJo bed.
I should probably go settle in to mine.

Tomorrow is the last day of Korean camp.
I can't wait to tell you all about it.

Summer Love,