Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Reason I Feel Giddy and Additional Genius

I've come home!

I say that because:
A. It's officially June.
B. I'm in Ohio.
C. I just ate La Fiesta salsa.
D. All of the above.

We all know, the answer is D.

Get ready, friends. It's summertime and being here for less than 2 days has proven to me that I need no other vacation destination. This place. If I could pack you all up and let you experience it with me, I would. You'd better believe it.

It's green. And quiet. And nostalgic.
It's peaceful.

The kids play outside and watch cartoons and we all eat like a pack of mad fools.

We see old friends. We hunker down.

I'm just saying. Get ready for more Ohio than you ever knew you needed.

My Dad had back surgery yesterday and it was a success. Cory babysat him last night at the hospital so Grandma could come home and soak up more time with the Littles. (They appear to have her firmly in their grip.)

So today is setting up to be epic in a very mundane/fantastic way.

Meanwhile, I've been saving up some important things to share.

1. The Drop Box
There's no easy way to share this here, so you're going to have to click the link and watch. It's like 3 minutes long. It might make you cry, especially if you're the mama of 2 Korean boys. But mostly, it will remind you of the sweetness of humanity. It will remind you that we're united in purpose with brothers and sisters across the globe, and we're all fighting for the same thing - the prevailing of Love over darkness.

2. When Everyone is Just So Pretty and Stylish - by Andrea Howe
I've been feeling fashiony again. It comes in fits. Andrea's words here make so much sense to me, especially during a season when I'm buying very little. It's freeing to begin to understand my "look", what really works for me, what I'm happy and comfortable in, and go from there. (Is this what it means to be pushing 40? Don't answer that.)

3. How to Wash and Whiten Yellowed Pillows - by One Good Thing
Okay, don't be mad that I'm giving you chores on a Saturday. It's just that this begs to be shared because I did it. And it worked. Disclaimer: I pulled the pillows out of the washing machine and cursed life. But 1.5 cycles in the dryer with tennis balls? You don't even know. My pillows are sparkling new. It's kind of a pain to do the whole thing, but mostly it's awesome because it's (quasi) instant gratification. And they smell fantabulous. You will sleep like a newborn. These pillows will bless your dreams. Am I going overboard here? Perhaps.

4. Life from a Lemon - by my homegirl, Heather Hendrick
Heather has been sharing their journey to healthier eating, specifically, how to do it with kids. This post just speaks to my soul. I'm so serious. It's genius, in that obvious way. Calvin would eat this straight up. Pun intended. Retroactively.

What's the best thing you learned this week?