Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Reason I Feel Giddy and Additional Genius

I've come home!

I say that because:
A. It's officially June.
B. I'm in Ohio.
C. I just ate La Fiesta salsa.
D. All of the above.

We all know, the answer is D.

Get ready, friends. It's summertime and being here for less than 2 days has proven to me that I need no other vacation destination. This place. If I could pack you all up and let you experience it with me, I would. You'd better believe it.

It's green. And quiet. And nostalgic.
It's peaceful.

The kids play outside and watch cartoons and we all eat like a pack of mad fools.

We see old friends. We hunker down.

I'm just saying. Get ready for more Ohio than you ever knew you needed.

My Dad had back surgery yesterday and it was a success. Cory babysat him last night at the hospital so Grandma could come home and soak up more time with the Littles. (They appear to have her firmly in their grip.)

So today is setting up to be epic in a very mundane/fantastic way.

Meanwhile, I've been saving up some important things to share.

1. The Drop Box
There's no easy way to share this here, so you're going to have to click the link and watch. It's like 3 minutes long. It might make you cry, especially if you're the mama of 2 Korean boys. But mostly, it will remind you of the sweetness of humanity. It will remind you that we're united in purpose with brothers and sisters across the globe, and we're all fighting for the same thing - the prevailing of Love over darkness.

2. When Everyone is Just So Pretty and Stylish - by Andrea Howe
I've been feeling fashiony again. It comes in fits. Andrea's words here make so much sense to me, especially during a season when I'm buying very little. It's freeing to begin to understand my "look", what really works for me, what I'm happy and comfortable in, and go from there. (Is this what it means to be pushing 40? Don't answer that.)

3. How to Wash and Whiten Yellowed Pillows - by One Good Thing
Okay, don't be mad that I'm giving you chores on a Saturday. It's just that this begs to be shared because I did it. And it worked. Disclaimer: I pulled the pillows out of the washing machine and cursed life. But 1.5 cycles in the dryer with tennis balls? You don't even know. My pillows are sparkling new. It's kind of a pain to do the whole thing, but mostly it's awesome because it's (quasi) instant gratification. And they smell fantabulous. You will sleep like a newborn. These pillows will bless your dreams. Am I going overboard here? Perhaps.

4. Life from a Lemon - by my homegirl, Heather Hendrick
Heather has been sharing their journey to healthier eating, specifically, how to do it with kids. This post just speaks to my soul. I'm so serious. It's genius, in that obvious way. Calvin would eat this straight up. Pun intended. Retroactively.

What's the best thing you learned this week?


  1. You never know when it might be the last time for something. A dear old friend called his last square dance for us last month; the Lord called him home this week. It's a long story, but he was instrumental in praying for my parents (and me and my sister) and their salvation. Happy Ohio time!

  2. Welcome HOME :)
    The best thing I've learned this week? Well, I've been learning for about 7 months now how to love the mother of our foster son. I REALLY do love her A LOT.

  3. welcome home and you made me realise it was june and i caught my breath! how fast the days fly by! xxxx

    1. I am DIGGING that aqua blue hair! I that aqua blue hair?? PLEASE say it's so!

  4. i have like three seconds here, so cliff notes version:

    i love you. retroactive puns are little door prizes from heaven.

    and you are NOT pushing 40, no matter what landon might say.

    cathy haunts heathcliff and i never did get the madness of wuthering heights.

  5. As a girl who lives in Ohio, I know how great it is to be here! I just love this state. Welcome home :)

  6. 1. The DropBox promo made me cry.
    2. I breathed in deep your words "the prevailing of Love over darkness." I'm not ready to exhale them yet.
    3. I did that pillow thing about a month ago. My pillow shame is now not nearly so great. (But I let mine dry in the sun for an added breath of fresh air.)

  7. This past week I learned that I really am meant to be an adoptive parent someday soon. It's been such a journey. I now KNOW in my heart what I knew in my head.

    1. This makes me weepy in a good way. Cannot tell you how often I think of and pray for your little one, Tiny. It is MEANT to be. xo

  8. Oh my word. You are home!!!! Woot woot! I'm so happy for you. Thankful that your dad is well, too. And I'm crazy excited about The Dropbox but I plan on having a hundred dozen tissues on standby. Enjoy SUMMER.

  9. The Drop Box. I watched it a few months ago and I honestly, truly think of and pray for those babies every day. I can't stop. And that darling pastor and his amazing crew and those kiddos. I want to gather them all up and hug them forever. Have you watched the other short videos Brian Ivie posted on his Vimeo? Oh my heart.

    Your Ohio = My Wisconsin. HOME is the jam.

    Your dad! Yay!

  10. Cannot wait to see The Dropbox. We have 2 Korean sweethearts as well - a daughter who's 5 and a son who's 2. My husband and I recently watched the documentary Somewhere Between and cried through the whole thing. I don't know if you've heard of it, but it features 4 teenage, adopted, Chinese girls. I thought it was wonderfully done. Thanks so much for the heads up regarding Dropbox - will be keeping a watch for it.

  11. You have a keeper there with that man of your's babysitting your daddy all night. That's the stuff *real* love stories are made of. (Thankfully, I have one of those kind of guys too!)
    I was bad and watched the drop box at work - - I sat and my desk and cried for the desperation of those poor mothers and for the loving heart and hands that provide an option for those precious souls.
    I've never been to Ohio - it sounds like I should put it on my bucket list.
    Here's to summer!

  12. Ah. Thanks for the shout out, friend!

    Love. Bye.

  13. love that cory stayed with your dad.
    thankful your dad had a successful surgery...that's a big deal.

    love that you're home.
    checking out dropbox now. :)

  14. I watched the Drop Box trailer and immediately told my husband that we will be adopting again. OMG, how do you not immediately get on a plane? We've got 6 already-- what's 2 more?