Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pool Day

We spent the afternoon at the pool for the 2nd day in a row. So just try and imagine the state of my house, why don'tcha. We're deep in the thick of these hap-smacking dog days where all we do is play and eat, with a little bit of resting in the middle.

I love summer. I may have mentioned that before.

 My new favorite summertime hobby? Photographing Miss Beauty Cheeks in her swim cap.

This little Sisterfriend is a very close second...
She did not want me to take her picture. She would not smile. So we did that "Don't you dare smile!" trick and it worked for only a millisecond...and my point and shoot caught it! Hot dang.

My nephew Jack celebrated his 6th birthday today.
What's better than an afternoon at the pool with all your besties, 4 cheese pizzas, sparkler candles, and fudge pops?

I'll tell you what: A legendary thunderstorm. It's rolling our way. I feel hopped up and atwitter. It's the anticipation. And the round-the-clock meteorologists who are so gravely serious about their jobs that they take exasperated, martyred, exhilarated sips of water in between radar screens then lose their voices altogether about 3 hours in.

I mean, maybe 6 year olds don't feel exactly the way I do about major storms, but I'm pretty pumped about it. My birthday is sorta soonish, so I'm going to go ahead and take this as partly mine.

This just in: "Tennis Ball sized hail."
Come to Shannan.

My bigger little dudes are positively fish-like.

True story: I never learned to swim. I can't even say why, other than I was kinda wimpy and no one ever taught me. I do have a vivid memory of jumping off the high dive, which is a total head-scratcher. I'm not sure how it happened, really.

Dear "Gourmet Tomatoes" from Aldi for $1.29,
I want to kiss your bumpy faces.

I tried to make JFlo's Magical Tomatoes and the next thing I knew, there was pasta. Then I remembered a zucchini and thin-scliced it up. Then there was a can of quartered artichoke hearts. Then things were officially out of hand.

Dear Friends,
Want to join me tomorrow for left-overs?

I found this on top of the fridge during The Great Salad Expansion.
I feel like the heart and crosses really tone down the whole "skull in a bottle" message.
Well-played, Calvin.

While the noodles boiled, Ruby and I ran outside to check out the wreckage. Remember all of those abandoned houses on our street? Well, they're gone.

Dear Komatsu,
You're not my favorite neighbor. You're just loud. And messy.
No hard feelings. The crumbly houses just grew on me, that's all.
Mildly Toleratingly,

Dear Coral Bells,
Thank you for loving me in the city.

What did you do today?

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PSS - Thanks for all the gingham/fedora support. You're total radness.