Friday, June 7, 2013

Our Lucky Day

Well, for one thing, Silas had his first day of "summer school". Homeboy has been angsty that he isn't old enough to do some of the fun stuff the Biggers have on the docket, so we've all come to a nonverbal agreement to hype up his daycare/pre-school mornings as his extra-special, ridiculously fun Summer Camp. Cue exclamation points. !!!!!!!!!!!

And yes, I said morningS. Someone who loves him very much and understands him quite well graciously offered to pay for him to go on Monday mornings in addition to Friday mornings.

He offered mixed reviews today, including choice pre-schooler drama in the vein of, "The chicken nuggets were HUGE, so we could only get one, not two." (Chicken patty = HUGE chicken nugget.)

I stewed about him being gone, gotta be honest. Change is always a challenge for my boy, but safe change is healthy. Like his brother at this age, if given the option, Siley Pants would never, ever, ever leave my side. Ever.

But it's fun to watch them learn that they can do brave things and make friends and have fun away from Mama's side. I loved scooping him up and hearing all about his morning.

(I also loved dining peacefully at Taco Bell with Calvinator and Rubester.)

On the way home, we happened upon a wee strawberry sign at a random Amish farm. It was so small, I drove right on by. But then my honed produce instincts kicked in and I turned the boat around.

Come to me, farmy strawbs.

I only wish our experience were half as quaint as that of the family in the background. They murmured in hushed tones while they mingled amid the berries. There was the humming of hymns. Some soft laughter.

We did things... another way.

Silas was more focused than I've ever seen him, bent and intent on picking the smallest, greenest berries he could find. Then there was the rock throwing. The sneaky pea picking.

Ruby decided to personally show me every. single. berry. she picked. And she really wanted a response for each mini-Vanna White display. I ran out of reactions. "Oooh! Good one!" "Nice!" "It's!" "Wow, that's a cute one!" "Looks super juicy!"


There was much tattling. A few odd threats. Etc...

We had to keep regrouping. "Everyone look at Mommy's face. Look at my face. Right here. No, look here. Look at me. Look at this strawberry I'm holding. Silas, look. Ruby, my eyes! Look here! Do you see this strawberry? See how it's red? This is what we're picking today. Calvin, please stop throwing them into the bowl. Look at my eyes. You can't throw them so hard. They are fragile. Put down the rock. One! Two! Okay, is everyone listening?"



But we eventually sorta rallied. We got it done. It was fun, and who gives a rip if I stained my jeans?

Sister-friend's eyes are half-closed, but it felt important to show you her outfit.
This girl. She's just so rad.

Favorite nose EVER!
She has been rocking that scarf every which way today. I'm way impressed. Calvin, too.

So yeah, I'm a city girl now.
But these cows, these barns, these rusty gates and all the spigots in the universe fill my veins.
They bring me to life in a different way, a really loud way, the calmest way ever.

I'm so thankful for all of it, for the buckled sidewalk of my new-ordinary days and the wide-sky sigh found just a handful of miles from here.

I'll take 'em both, thank you. This and that.
I don't have to choose.
I can be a farmgirl in the city and I can love every minute of it and never ever feel like a fraud.

We're complicated people, right? We're a little bit towny, a little bit rock-a-billy.
It's the only way to roll.

Lay it on me, how was your Friday?
Hope you found yourself a little wonder.
And if not? Tomorrow's so ripe.