Monday, June 17, 2013

Green Table - Summer Ed.

I don't really think of myself as a seasonal decorator.
Then again, I cleared 13 boxes of stuff out of the basement earlier today, and though most of said "stuff" was books, the hand-made acorn wreath and the entire tub of valentine's day regalia might beg to differ.

All I really know is, this green table hasn't loved me for long, but she sure has loved me well.
She was bought for a song at an auction last spring because I somehow knew she'd be perfect in the front entry of my soon-to-be new home.

I found her all sad and dusty, the sorriest, faded mint-green. Her knob was plastic with a faux "metal" finish. She ran me something like $7, and all that ailed her was cured with a reckless gutsy decision to paint her crazy-bright green.

Who knew bright green would be such a universal, works-with-everything color?

Well, God, that's who. He was clearly on to something with all his fancy nature business.

We drop our keys in that little milk-glass soap dish many times a day.  It saves us over and over and I'm not naming names, but it especially saves the forgetful dude in the Santa beard. (For the love. The beard. What is with all this beardedness?)

Every thing else is purely nonfunctional and entirely decorative.
I guess I went and made a vignette, even though I hate that word.
Sue me.

The croquette mallets were picked up at yard sales. They've seen their better days.
Still --- I'm smiling. They pass the test.

The books were gifts from friends. I picked up the white pitcher years ago and can't stop loving it. Vintage camera is a Cory find. Cortland came from the Allegan flea market ages ago and subconsciously inspired the last name of  Lainey Courtland. Mirror also came from Allegan and used to live in my old mudroom.

Roses, courtesy of whomever landscaped our little front yard.

Hold the phone. The wire basket is officially functional and utilitarian. At least for the next few months.
I'm so practical! So nearly-Amish!
You can call me Miriam Yoder. Or Waneta Stolzfus.

This whole gig just speaks my summer-centric language.
It makes me happy everyday, for free.
And that, my friends, is the holy grail of decorating, if you ask me.
Which you didn't.
But still.