Friday, May 17, 2013

You Thought I Was Done?

Every now and then, I have a smart idea. Sometimes it's gingham and ikat, sometimes it's bed coverings as curtains. On this night? Our lone group shot.

(ps - Those are the new favorite shorts.)

So. We went mini golfing one evening after Early Bird dinner. Because we're wild like that.
It was super fun and not just because I came in second (out of 4 - haha) but because Cory was pulling out some really messed up moves. He was a hot mess. Emphasis on hot.

There was another foursome right ahead of us. In my mind they were a full generation older than us, but that's because I often still think I'm in my early twenties instead of my late thirties (true story). They were having the most miserable time. No laughing. No inappropriate humor. Men on one side, women on the other. Drab footwear. It was depressing.

Can we all vow right now to never turn into that? Scout's honor.

I miss my friend. 5 days together and then BOOM. She was gone.
I ran into her last night unexpectedly at the grocery (score!). She was looking all cute in her rad pixie and the cutest skirt. I told her, "I always LOVE that skirt." She looked at me strangely..."I bought it from you. At your garage sale."

hahaha. I honestly don't remember ever owning it. I just remember loving it when she wears it. The more we talked, I vaguely remembered it. But I don't remember liking it when I owned it. (Hence the garage sale?) In a million years I could not have told you that she bought it from my sale. Did I even have a garage sale?? I'm not convinced.

This is just how life is for me and my everyday people. It's not as funny in person. It's more, "You need to get more sleep, Shannan."

This was my last night of vacay, when I had given up. 3 evenings of looking cute had taken their toll. I was spent. So I wore a weird outfit and didn't do my hair.

It turns out, I should never have packed the Blue Dress for No Dang Reason. After wearing it with knit tights, a cardigan, and tall boots, I felt downright scandalous for the 3 minutes I donned it solo.

So I tried on a new dress I'd bought at Target a month ago. It's short in the front a long in the back. You know, a mullet dress. When I first spotted it, I thought it seemed like the quirkiest find ever. So I nabbed it. Then I saw youngsters everywhere sporting the look and it lost some of its sheen. On second glance, it was a giant arrow pointing straight to my chicken legs which were now partially sunburned (left knee cap, left side of right calf, lower right ankle. Don't ask.)

In the end: my gray knit skirt and a t-shirt that keeps narrowly escaping the Goodwill pile.

But at least we had the sunset.

Say it with me, "Awwwww!"

Let's speed this up a bit. One line captions!
"No comment."

"The tree stands alone."

"Dude looks sketchy."

"Sidewalk to Heaven."

"I hate tourists."

"I hope the lady doesn't remember that this is my third night in a row of mocha almond fudge."

Cholesterol free! Lactose free!
Or Gourmet.

And last but not least...
Some traditions beg to be kept.

So there. I'm done.

I'm getting ready now to hunker down with the season finale of Scandal. Tomorrow is a crazy-hectic day, but I'm banking on it being the good kind of busy. Garden planting, garage saleing, and Calvin tests for his yellow belt!

What's on your agenda?