Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What I Wore and... A BIG Announcement!

 Friends, I'm here to share the good, the bad, and the ugly about what I wore on vacation.

Let's start with the ugly, shall we? Then it's all down hill from here. I mean up hill.

Down hill.

Down hill?

I bought a proper cover-up. Old Navy. Full price! 30 fat smackers. I know. I get a little twitchy when I pay full price for anything, anymore. I have to really love it.

Guess what? I don't really love this. I thought I did.

But then I wore it for 4 days in blazing, sweltering Florida and I realized something that had previously eluded me: It has sleeves. 3/4 sleeves. (I cuffed them up by day 2. See above.)

All I really know is, it's pinstriped and gauzy and it has pockets.

Fun fact: the waist in these types of items never hits me at the right place. They're always creeping up, veering dangerously on empire. (If you're Stacy London, you pronounce this "ompeer". You're welcome.)

Fun fact 2: I am awkward in photos. For the life of me, I never know what to do with my arms. This shot cracks me up because I thought I had moved past the classic "hand on hip". Apparently not. Don't I look natural? Like I'm not even posing???

You know what else is awkward? When you brag about finally buying a proper swim suit cover up then you go to link up to it and find that it's a dress.

Is this weird? Because it feels like it is, or like it could get there quickly. In my defense, it's made of gauze. But it does explain the sleeves.

Okay, nevermind the me-ness of this picture. Nevermind the wadded up dress and the cup of undetermined contents hiding out in the shade of my lounger. Check out the suit. That SUIT! Gads, I love that flipping suit. It's the one I found on our Fancy Spring Vacation for $30 with the original $156 tags intact.

It's infinitely easier to pay $30 when you know you're getting a deal.

This suit is the perfect floral, the perfect cut. It's a tankini that somehow covers my free-range torso. I have to say, it feels a mite fancy. It's practically couture. I wish the bottoms were one size larger, but what the biz. It works well enough.

Note: I read this book. I had never read it before! Go ahead and gasp. Everyone I tell gasps. "You didn't have to read this in honors Lit in High School?" Well, no. For one thing, there was no honors Lit at my High School. There was also no Lit. There was English class. We graduated 43 in my class and my science teacher had also been my mom's science teacher. (That is neither her nor there, but it seems somehow relevant.) There were no options. Like zero. And see how well I turned out??

Note 2: I'm not trying to be cool in my purple fedora (Target clearance), so you don't have to feel embarrassed for me. It's just that I feared for the well-being of my forehead. Andy told me I looked like Michael Jackson. I took it as a compliment.

The Skirt. Millions upon tens of you asked about it in the last post, and I'm afraid I won't be much help. I bought it a year or two ago at Dear Old Navy. I'm sure it was on sale, although I do truly love it, so perhaps not? We'll never know.

My favorite skill is mixing gingham with, well, anything. This combo especially pleases me. I'm here to tell you: Navy and white gingham is a neutral. Try to disprove me!

The necklace was found years ago at Target, I think.

It's important to note that this was the first full night of vacay, when I was still making an effort to be cute. (i.e. I styled my hair.)

I also fell deeply in love with a few products on this trip and I wouldn't think of keeping them from you.

1.  Maybelline Color Whisper lipstick in Pin Up Peach Shiny and sheer and light and perfectly peach
2. Essence roll-on perfume oil by Maddie and Sophie This fragrance? Is the bomb. I had the opportunity to try a few of the new "gluten-free vegetarian glam" products by Maddie and Sophie and I died for this on roll ONE. I'll wear this forever. It's compact and long-lasting and it smells SO dreamy. Timi helped me test it and she loved it, too. We also glitzed around in their Gloss/Glow duo. It also smelled unbelievable and shined and softened us right up. Perfect for the beach or, you know, the neighborhood. Whatevs.

Maddie and Sophie are offering FPFG readers 20% off all orders using the code FPFG. (put code in comments section and the discount will be refunded to your account)

Hey - when all else fails? Grab an indigenous bloom.

You can't see it here, but I'm wearing my favorite new shorts. They're long and perfectly slouchy with a button fly. It makes me happy, this button fly.

(cuff via Farmgirl Paints)

(green bracelet via 31 Bits - part of the swag from Craft Weekend!)

We made it.

Now. Back in September at the Influence conference I had the privilege of meeting two super cool cats, Barrett and Marisa. In a sea of unfamiliar faces both of theirs made a huge impression on me in one of those ways that you notice. Through them I became aware of their amazing work in Ethiopia with Mocha Club and fashionABLE. I signed up to be a fashionABLE affiliate (this means I get a small percentage of sales in exchange for advertising and selling their wares) because their video made me bawl my eyes out the first time I watched it. The work they are doing is redemptive and life-giving. I wanted to be a part of it. I told you about their amazing scarves around Christmas time, having no inkling that 5 months later, they would ask me to join them in Ethiopia, along with 9 others, on their "blogABLE" trip. To serve in this capacity has been a bloglong dream of mine, and the one dream that I always felt might eventually come to pass.

It will be my high honor to bring the stories of these women back to you, come August. I am thrilled and excited and slightly nerve-wracked about the responsibility of sharing these lives with sensitivity and clarity. I'm thrilled to be a part of the team and even more excited to "take" you with me.


  1. You're just cute as a button and it doesn't matter what you put on. Though your skill with mixing gingham to anything is certainly mind blowing in it's fantastic-ness.

    And just so you know. You totally made that fedora look cool. You really did.

  2. How exciting! I can't wait to "go" with you!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Is it creepy that I think your legs look HOTT in your bathing suit photo? Jealous. If so, call me creep.

    Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the book :)

  5. First, I'm super-super excited for you.

    Second, I adore your swimsuit. You're like a regular swimsuit model now. Those of us plodding along with jeans and t-shirts in WIWW just can't keep up. You're raising the bar with swimsuit photos. ;-)

    Third, that cover up dress is pretty fabulous. I like it a lot.

    And, fourth, I didn't mean for their to be a fourth, because I don't like the number 4, but hey, I'm going with it. You are not nearly as awkward in photos as you think. You're very natural for a woman posing for clothing shots. Today, in my WIWW photos, I look like a robot. Seriously, It's like I'm a dancing tin box. My dorkiness was going all kinds of crazy.


  6. Honey, you're supposed to make lurvvvv to the camera.

  7. Nice legs!! Love the suit. score on getting it for a great price!

    1. People. My legs are SO chickeny. And knobby. And veiny. You're cracking my business up! Must be something about the tan? The pose? The magical FL sunshine??

  8. I'm super-duper excited for you and your upcoming blogAble trip. Back at Christmas time, I took your advice and checked out the fashionable website. I bought three scarves for myself (even though they started out as gifts!!). I have since returned for three more! I really love the work fashionable is doing and the scarves are fab to boot! Good luck on your adventure! I can't wait to hear all about it! They couldn't have picked a better person:)

  9. OHH I want to go to Ethiopia so so bad. Really anywhere in Africa, I need to take pictures there one day. Need to. And I only wish I was going with you!!

    Also, you're adorable :-) in the best possible way: as in, I could never think to mix such lovely prints and pull it off. Case in point: I accidentally got bangs today. Like it was a literal accident.

    1. This made me cackle. I'm sorry about your accident, but I'll bet you're rocking those bangs.

  10. FPFG!
    I, too, love that swim suit! If your legs are chickeny, mine are twigs, and I'll not accept that!
    Just wanted to say that I read a handful of blogs (mostly DIY and home improvement), but yours is the one I save like the cheesecake at the end of the meal. I love the way you write, your obedience to God's purpose for us all (to LOVE). Your path to a family is similar to the one my husband and I are beginning to walk and your words inspire and encourage.
    I like to think we'd be good friends. Was futher assured when you wrote about your love for the Wallflowers!

  11. You're so stinkin' cute! I AM so awkward in photos. When I do the hand on hip thing, I feel like a 17-yr-old. I can't remember the last time I bought something for full price. I love a good bargain.
    I can't wait to hear all about your new adventure. How exciting and humbling!

  12. i remember a post not too long ago about small potatoes. small potatoes don't go to Ethiopia to blog about it. just sayin. ; ) excited for you!

    also? total babe alert!

  13. Ethiopia! Eeeeek! This is so exciting!

  14. i love the dress/cover-up. those waistbands always get me too- I usually figure out how to take the elastic out. so happy you went on your vacay friend!

  15. I am SO relieved!! I panicked when you said the dress (that I also own) was a cover-up....I thought "I'm wearing a cover-up as a DRESS!!!! Trust me, it would be worse to make that mistake. SO relieved!! (Granted, it is gauzy and needs a good nude-colored half slip.)

  16. i totally remember that ON ikat skirt...there was a blue one too that i may or may not have coveted via computer screen.

    ethiopia: be still, my heart.

    ps my sketchy african geography proficiency tells me that you shall be in my neighborhood. meet you at the border.

  17. I've never read The Great Gatsby either. Maybe because I had two English Major best friends...I figured they read all the classics for me? I don't know, but for someone who considers herself a "reader," I've sure skipped a bunch of the classic English Lit books...

    Wow on Ethiopia! How exciting!

  18. What an amazing opportunity to visit this project in Ethiopia. The doors that sometimes open in!

    By the way, what did you think of Gatsby?

  19. THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!
    one of my fellow noonday ambassadors, jenna weber is also going ( i think). she young & slender & blonde and a foodie. i bet ya'll will love each other!
    love the ensembles hottie!!

  20. I don't know where to begin, there's so much goodness in this post.

    1. Africa! Yes! Love it when dreams come true.

    2. Great Gatsby: Never read it either. It's among a long list of literary greats I never encountered in high school. I did, however, encounter security guards on a daily basis, so there's that.

    3. I have recently come to the conclusion that I am disturbingly un-photogenic. It's a thing. Either that or I'm getting old and it doesn't translate well digitally. Either way, sad:(

    4. Gingham + anything = win.

  21. Love all the outfits - right on down to the shorts we can't see - but I especially love that you used the word indigenous! You ROCK mama!

  22. Oh. MY. Gosh! Ikat and Gingham? Genius!! I wish I could wear a maxi skirt/dress. They were created to make short girls cry.

  23. First of all, love the gingham and print....would never have thought to do that. Most important though, what an amazing opportunity for you! I actually found fashionABLE through your blog and shared it with friends and family. Lets just say we are very satisficed customers. Not only are the scarfs gorgeous but so well made and does your heart good!

  24. so excited for you! ethiopia. wonderful.

  25. How cute are you?! That suit is so fab.

    AFRICA. What the what?! So pumped for you! My darling grandpa was a missionary in Nigeria for 7 years and it's a big huge dream of mine to see the land and the people he loved so well.

    Lyla Garrity! Forever.

  26. You're pretty groovy.
    God is using you in big ways!

  27. Fun seeing these cute photos of you from this trip but cannot wait to see the photos from Ethiopia. God is moving!

  28. I tried 6 times to comment on you and Becca's comments. Africa is not so great after all.

    Kenya is neighbors with Ethiopia and you guys both have a free place to stay there, always! Make it happen!!!!

    Also, I have the same skirt so it just seems right.

  29. Did I mention you are an AWESOME person?!?! :)

  30. For the record, I have that same maxi skirt from Old Navy. Also, for the record, you look wwaaaaaayyyyyy better in it than I do. I feel fat in mine. You are slim and modelish. Lovely.

  31. Hey you look Beautiful.well i liked your swimming suit.:)

    christian sermons

  32. how fun you are going to ethiopia! my husband and boys will be there at almost the same times. exciting!

  33. always love when anyone can post pictures of themselves without taking the whole thing too serious.
    you do a fine job of not taking yourself too seriously, my friend.

    ps. very excited about your upcoming trip...chance of a lifetime.

  34. You will love Ethiopia. We do. :)

  35. Sooooo excited for you girl!!!! You will rock this new adventure. Oh and I have that same stripey gauzy dress from Old Navy. It wrinkles bad. Not a fan. Looked great on you though.

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  37. while trying to 'search for the original Ethiopia post so i can link it to my own post... i saw it. the bag... from INDIA beside your fashionable floral swimsuit photo shoot in Florida. Boy, that bag has covered some miles and it tickled me to see you using it. Not really sure why. i guess i'm more and more like dad. i like PRACTICAL + i also GIVE practical = i get tickled to see 'something' being put to use ;)
    missing you and thinking of you ALL the time... really i can not get over HOW CLOSE we are yet so so far away. xx lil sis