Tuesday, May 28, 2013


1) Guys, I just did my first Piloxing class.
If you know me at all, you know this is a little legendary. I was so worried, I had a nightmare about it last night. I am wicked uncoordinated and flimsy and gangly. This body is not accustomed to bouncing about. Or boxing. Or Piloxing.

I was hoping Piloxing involved a pillow. And a blanket. And a darkened room.

Not so.

I hated it. I glared at the instructor once and she seems liked a really nice girl. One time she made us extend our left leg up and out after an hour of piloxing and then said, "Alright, hold it!" and I said, "Nope." I said it. I meant it.

But I never had to stop all the way like I thought I would and true, I have some kind of undiagnosed moving disability, I lack all perceivable rhythm, I can't move my arms in fast circles while I bounce around rhythmically on my legs. BUT I DID IT.

I'm going back.

2)  Just this guy. He wants mac and cheese every day. (He gets it on Thursdays...if he gets a gummy worm at pre-school. It's a long story.) (The worm has been withheld a few times. Don't remind him.) He is obsessed with containers. 12-27 times a day he says, "Can I have that bottle (can, box, etc...) when it's all gone? Spice bottles are his kryptonite. He's currently pining over my coveted bottle of Spring Chicken Serum. He checks it daily and he'll be danged if it's not diminishing quickly enough. It's the dropper. Sends him right over the edge.

3) I found the perfect blush. Rimmel Apricot. I found it in my old make-up bag. I think it's bogus that make-up goes "bad". It's a conspiracy. There's probably a youtube video floating around somewhere... I recently re-discovered Rimmel Apricot, and with it - my cheek bones! It's perfection. Also, it's discontinued. Not helpful, right? But maybe check your old make-up bag...

4) I have a strange fascination with arugula. I don't know. It's peppery. At first you'll think you hate it...and then you'll realize you love it. Need it. I bought a bunch last week at the farmer's market and the cute lady had a stack of photo-copied, hand-written recipe cards for Arugular Salad. (I keep typing "arugular"...it's like I'm Simon Cowell and I can't even help it.) Of course I took one AND I made the salad. It was phenomenal.

6 oz. fresh arugular
1/2 cup toasted pine nuts
3-4 sectioned oranges (you have to cut the membranes off. Membranes??? Sick! Sorry.)
1/3 c grated Asiago or Gorgonzola (she underlined "or" twice, so I took liberties and subbed goat cheese. It didn't seem like a deal-breaker.)
1/3 c squeezed orange juice
1/4 c olive oil or canola oil
1 T dijon mustard
1 T white wine vinegar
1/4 tsp salt


 5) My little lady has been slaying me lately. She's so princessy and twirly and tough. The best little helper. I think I'm gonna keep her. She sleeps in the strangest positions. My neck kinks at the thought. She tries hard at things and asks Silas to play. Sometimes she prays, "help me to be nicer" and it kills me, because she's the nicest. She made every bed in the house today just to surprise me. The girl just rocks my flip-flops off. That's all.

I feel like 5 is a good place to stop. You know I could go on all night here... Don't even make me prove it.

If you don't hear from me for a few days it's because I'm stuck in my bed and can't get out on account of the Piloxing. Please send salsa.