Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Schoooool's Out!

Last day of school - 2013

My babies dared to graduate Kindergarten and 2nd grade. Their report cards made me misty. They have both worked so hard and we had tons of transition this year. I'm SO proud of them! Ruby's teacher said she is a leader in her class. I can't think of anything I would rather hear. And Calvin's teacher said how his class gained so much by him sharing his story with them. (The first week of school he asked his teacher if she would hang his Korean flag in their room. She totally did. So, even though over half the class is Hispanic, Korea was represented along with the American flag.)  :)

It's true - I look at this photo and I feel a little twitchy about the next ten weeks. That kid in the middle is made of part dynamite - especially combustible when mixed with the dude on the right.

But I'm determined to do my best to have a happy and relatively peaceful, fun summer.

In a completely unrelated sidenote (cough cough) Silas will be attending his "old school" one morning a week. It will keep him in the school groove, but it will also give the rest of us an important break. If cash grew on trees, he would go two mornings a week. Keepin' it real. I used to feel so much angst about this kind of thing, but I'm here to tell you, if you have a really challenging kid - a break is good for everyone. Every. One.  I'm so thankful that we have the option of a local daycare that will let him come on a really limited basis. They saved us last year and they'll do it again this summer.

Silas is pretty pumped about it, as long as "I don't hafta sleep they-a." (He napped twice there last year and it was quite traumatic apparently.)

I wanted to find a fun surprise for the kiddos for after school today...

Cue tiny cans of Pepsi! Whoa. Caffeine pop.
Ruby's surprise was the watermelon, which was probably a bit anti-climactic.
Calvin's surprise: Personal Shrimp Ring!

I mean, come on.
You can't make this kid up.
He's addicted to seafood.

 But back to our summer plans.
This was our "Summer List" from 2011. (I don't think I even bothered last year in the rental. Lame.)

I loved the idea of this list and we did most of the stuff on it, but I grow loosier and goosier with every passing year. I fly more by the seat of my pants. I feel like a colorful To-Do list is still a To-Do list, and I feel like that might make me angsty.

So...I reinvented it.
These are the kinds of things we want to spend our time doing. When we do one? We'll write it down under the category.

We're also logging the number of times we go on bike rides and get ice cream.

(Sidenote: Silas drew the "sunglasses" down in the left hand corner.)  

Finishing touches...

Excitement is building...

(new consignment store gingham! can't not give it a shout-out.)


This picture also serves as an important "After" shot. (See first photo of the post.)
Summer haircuts - a family tradition!

(I know you probably don't usually click through on all my random links, but that one will be worth your time AND I need you to help me understand why Silas appears to have aged zero percent in TWO years??! It's also really funny.)

So that's our plan, Stan.

Vacation starts tomorrow!
First stop: Doctor appointment for Calvin! Yay!


What's your Summer plan? Do you do a list? Does it give you hives? Am I just an aging weirdo?


  1. Two more weeks. Waaaaaaa! Really ready for lazy days. Kinda dying over your door. I'm on the hunt for two for my studio.

  2. Tomorrow is Hudson's last day. I'm in tee-total denial. But I sure love me some summer.

    And you.


  3. You are one awesome parent! I know how you feel about to do lists. I don't want to feel like I have to do something. Sucks the fun out of it.

  4. We are headed to IL to see the boys' Babushka (my mom) and my bro/SIL pretty soon. That is the only plan. But we will be outside in our backyard morning and evening (but not afternoon) now that both boys are mobile. I am praying away the snake that hid in the red wagon a couple of weeks ago.

  5. i cried when i sent hunter to preschool in the fall for two days. now i'm crying cause he will be with me everyday this summer. ; ) it's amazing how good preschool is for them and YOU. also? your kids are lucky to have a fun mom like you to be with all summer!

  6. we make a list. yes, it gives me hives. i love that you gave them surprise snacks. my kids would poop themselves if i gave them pepsi :D maybe i should try that for shock effect. have a fun summer, mama!

  7. I love your kids! They are so fun. Shrimp for Calvin? He's way cool. So glad his teacher hung him a flag. Kudos to his teacher.

    Love your summer sign and the haircuts. I'm gonna try and talk my son into a summer haircut, but he's pretty attached to the hair flip he's got going on.

    Preschool is a wonderful thing. Both my kids went.

  8. the shrimp ring? i DIE.
    you are the best mama ever.
    have an amazing summer with those precious treasures!

  9. Beautiful family! I'm loving your new and improved summer list. Inspires me to learn and explore something! xo

  10. Laugh out loud!

    Silas really hasn't aged- same face that looks not a day older. Minus the diaper, he's the same!

    Calvin's affinity for seafood - so darling.

    Ruby- precious! Does she ever want a summer pixie or.. To bring back something like a Dorothy Hamill cut?

    I keep my plans loose these days. I used to be pretty specific, but it just stressed me out. The no- list is a gift. I completely forget what I'm supposed to do. I like yours.

    I can work within those parameters!

    My best friend's oldest daughter is wonderful, but tires her out. She refers to her as " the question lady" and is happy that she has "school" twice a week in the summer. :)

  11. hives, maybe? excitement.... yes? wondering if i should start drinking now or do a cartwheel? YES and YES. happy summer FPFF(amily) !!

  12. Your Silas looks like dynamite. For real. He's hilarious and adorable and full of all kinds of explosive can see it in his eyes. ;)

    The summer list doesn't give me hives at all. not even one bit.
    Maybe because my kids are older? They don't freak out if we don't do every single thing on it...and I don't either.
    It kind of shows me that Jesus has done some major work in the "performing" section of my heart. :)

    Your idea is legit...may have to copy you next year.

    I used to buzz both my boys heads, too. :) Now, they wouldn't let me, if I begged them. :(

    Toodle loo....

  13. We make lists and then I anguish over the things we don't do. I like your idea a whole lot better! Write them down as they are accomplished makes you feel like you're in charge instead of the list being in charge. Great idea, Shannan.

    Love the haircuts. Ethan is ageless, too. Even though he's now 11, he's one of those kids who still looks exactly like his baby pictures. How?

    Sweet traditions.

  14. woop! #ginghamstyle
    I love your take on the summer list. It should be stress free!
    One thing we try to do in the summer is get a stamp in our National Parks Passport. Hoping for Mesa Verde this year....

  15. Calvin's haircut looks good! And that flashback link cracked me up!

  16. It is funny because I am a teacher and we have two more weeks of school and then my summer "vacation" is spent keeping my 4 and 5 year old busy! Although I have to say, my girls really enjoy just playing outside as much as anything else! If only we had as much energy as the kids! Your kids are so adorable and I love how the teacher hung the flag in the classroom! That was so sweet and special!

  17. I love your alternative to the "bucket list" for summer. Lists make Lily all angsty but I love the idea of tracking what we do! Thanks for the giggle this morning too. . . that flashback!! Oh Silas! :)

  18. You are the coolest! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your revised bucket's genious! I don't do a list, actually last year I did do a backwards bucket list on my blog. I have this fear of failure, so I waited and then looked back at all that we did do and it worked out quite well. My littles aren't so little, so summer doesn't seem as blissful as it used to be. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do :)

    Love the haircuts and Rubes is a super star! Have a blessed summer friend!

  19. So much goodness here. The haircuts! The shrimp ring! The plan!

    Bring it, Summer.

  20. We make a summer fun list as well. I'm a list girl so it helps keep me motivated to get out and do new things with them. The list ranges from the beach at Heuston Woods (free trip)to the zoo (not so free trip). I also bribe them with the list. :)

  21. We have officially been on summer break for 2 weeks now. I don't do lists. I'm not a list doer. Never have been. Very unstructured. I like it like that. My kids are older so we don't do a lot of "fun" stuff anymore. At this point we have virtually done nothing. No kidding. Just a lot of sitting around and being lazy. It's time to kick it into gear! I think I am getting more and more boring as I age. I guess I'm just getting tired.

  22. Oh, and for the record, my boys have been getting buzz cuts since my almost-14-year-old was two. I love them! They bring out the eyes. Have you noticed that?

  23. I LOVE the idea of your poster list and I like the idea of recording how times you go for a bike ride and ice cream : ) Visiting the zoo is definitely on our summer plans list and we're hoping to dip our toes in some ocean water before the summer's out.

  24. amazing! cheers to summer, and personal shrimp rings, while i'm at it.
    AMEN to a break. i would long be in a mental health facility if i didn't get a break. praise jesus for respite for our darling spirited ones.
    i just love y'all.

  25. Re children, husbands etc...."how can I miss you if you won't go away?" :)

    1. Lol! One of my fave quotes ever! I used it years back w a very needy ex- boyfriend- too funny!

  26. Aww, you're such a good Mama Farmgirl!

    At first glance it looked like you got Calvin a Filet Mignon, but a Shrimp Ring? Such thoughtful love!

    Last week I made a summer list. It had things of the "Be Happy", "Smile", "Read Everyday", "Say Yes" variety. I am asking God to help me be a happy, fun Mama this summer.

  27. i've made summer lists for a few summers. all kinds of things on it and we checked them off. then...2 years ago...we adopted 2 little boys from rwanda - went from 4-6 kids. the last 2 summers (2011 and 2012) i still made the summer list and BOTH years ripped it down halfway through the summer and threw it away. it was just screaming, "FAILURE!" every day. because all i can do these days is survive...anything else is a bonus. no summer list this year - whew! i finally learned!

    1. Sister. I'm with you. I'm rooting for you. Does it ever seem like things should be more normal after 2 years???? I agree. :)

      Here's to surviving! *clink*

  28. We're taking 5 of our children to Kyrgyzstan for two months! Summer plans on steroids. No pretty signs, but lots of preparation.

  29. Library, every week.
    Reading time, every day (This is also called Mama's 25 minutes of Sanity)
    Some type of cleaning, every day (My kids implode without structure and I implode when the house looks like a landfill).
    A movie theater movie each month (Tomorrow: Epic!)
    As many camps as I can afford (so far: basketball, FCA, art, show choir, praise band, Camp Invention).
    Cooking -- bread, smoothies, muffins, new pizza toppings, build a better taco, stuff that looks good from Pinterest.
    One big vacay to the Black Hills.
    Fun stuff from here as I feel inspired:

    My biggest fear is food: they've been off 4 days and I am out of 6 things -- I think we're going to go broke feeding them all this summer. My biggest challenge is taking all of them with me to the grocery store. Eek!

    1. Girlfriend - my kids have enjoyed FREE school lunch all dang year. It just hit me yesterday that it's now ON ME! Crud. I feel ya.

      Your summer sounds like it's shaping up to be a lot like ours. And totally following your kid stuff!

  30. dude...totally feel you on the "don't know that i will survive the 10 weeks of summer." yesterday i had to invoke the imaginary line down back seat in the car rule. i cannot count the amount of times i found myself saying "if any part of your body crosses the imaginary line, so help me!"...whilst running errands. oi vey....and this is only the 7th day of summer.

    we are filling our summer with movie a friends house, museum trips, swim lessons, dance class, splash pad and lots and lots of crafts!

  31. Shannan, your kids are AWESOME!!! Your Silas and my Levi would rule(destroy) the world if they got together. Apparently, challenging boys are very bright and will go a long way in this world. That is my hope. What I'm trying to so badly to say is, I feel your pain.
    Looking forward to your summer stories.
    You always brighten my day.
    I love you sistah Shannan. xx

  32. Shannon,

    So nice meeting you at the bridal shower! Wish I could have picked your brain more on details of a blog, but I am sure with time, I will get the hang of it! My blog is, but like I said no harsh judging haha still a newbie here!


    1. Your blog is so fun! No harsh judgments here - ever. You're SO much further along than I was when I first started.

      ps - Now I want some dotty Keds. :)

  33. i love watermelon
    we are kinda flyin like ya'll
    no big list..nothin
    just being free and open and believe it or not we have done like four things
    already! that is BIG:)
    i think this way of summer may stick
    and one day a week? i totally get it...xo

  34. I am SO glad I followed your link!!! The cutest pics, really! We just were making our first ever list and I was feeling the "what if we don't get to it all and I feel like I failed" dread (our list wasn't THAT long). I love how you picked the four topics and I might just totally hack your style because it does feel less To-Do list-y and more summer-y! Thanks for the endless inspiration!

  35. Fellow Ohio girl here. I read you all the time, just don't think I've ever commented. Weird, since I'm normally pretty chatty. Anywho, I like your relaxed list theory for this year. I always make a huge list and then promptly forget about it until the last week of summer and then rush back to it to see what we HAVE NOT DONE. Too much pressure and guilt. I think I'll build my list as we go this time around.