Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Schoooool's Out!

Last day of school - 2013

My babies dared to graduate Kindergarten and 2nd grade. Their report cards made me misty. They have both worked so hard and we had tons of transition this year. I'm SO proud of them! Ruby's teacher said she is a leader in her class. I can't think of anything I would rather hear. And Calvin's teacher said how his class gained so much by him sharing his story with them. (The first week of school he asked his teacher if she would hang his Korean flag in their room. She totally did. So, even though over half the class is Hispanic, Korea was represented along with the American flag.)  :)

It's true - I look at this photo and I feel a little twitchy about the next ten weeks. That kid in the middle is made of part dynamite - especially combustible when mixed with the dude on the right.

But I'm determined to do my best to have a happy and relatively peaceful, fun summer.

In a completely unrelated sidenote (cough cough) Silas will be attending his "old school" one morning a week. It will keep him in the school groove, but it will also give the rest of us an important break. If cash grew on trees, he would go two mornings a week. Keepin' it real. I used to feel so much angst about this kind of thing, but I'm here to tell you, if you have a really challenging kid - a break is good for everyone. Every. One.  I'm so thankful that we have the option of a local daycare that will let him come on a really limited basis. They saved us last year and they'll do it again this summer.

Silas is pretty pumped about it, as long as "I don't hafta sleep they-a." (He napped twice there last year and it was quite traumatic apparently.)

I wanted to find a fun surprise for the kiddos for after school today...

Cue tiny cans of Pepsi! Whoa. Caffeine pop.
Ruby's surprise was the watermelon, which was probably a bit anti-climactic.
Calvin's surprise: Personal Shrimp Ring!

I mean, come on.
You can't make this kid up.
He's addicted to seafood.

 But back to our summer plans.
This was our "Summer List" from 2011. (I don't think I even bothered last year in the rental. Lame.)

I loved the idea of this list and we did most of the stuff on it, but I grow loosier and goosier with every passing year. I fly more by the seat of my pants. I feel like a colorful To-Do list is still a To-Do list, and I feel like that might make me angsty.

So...I reinvented it.
These are the kinds of things we want to spend our time doing. When we do one? We'll write it down under the category.

We're also logging the number of times we go on bike rides and get ice cream.

(Sidenote: Silas drew the "sunglasses" down in the left hand corner.)  

Finishing touches...

Excitement is building...

(new consignment store gingham! can't not give it a shout-out.)


This picture also serves as an important "After" shot. (See first photo of the post.)
Summer haircuts - a family tradition!

(I know you probably don't usually click through on all my random links, but that one will be worth your time AND I need you to help me understand why Silas appears to have aged zero percent in TWO years??! It's also really funny.)

So that's our plan, Stan.

Vacation starts tomorrow!
First stop: Doctor appointment for Calvin! Yay!


What's your Summer plan? Do you do a list? Does it give you hives? Am I just an aging weirdo?