Friday, May 10, 2013

Let's Try That Again, With Feeling

We had a vacation, man. We did all the regular vacationy stuff but you might be appalled  surprised to hear that neither of us set foot in the ocean. We're weirdos, okay? We own it. We did walk on the beach a few times, and that has to be worth something. We also ate a lot. (Can that please be worth something, too?) (It can on vacation!)

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

It's almost ten peaem. I'm roasting crack broccoli because I need some green like the salsa needs its chip. There's a frozen pizza on deck - a rising crust Margherita - totally legit. We're home and hungry. We're also lucky, because there's a giant bowl of mangoes and a fridge stuffed to the gills. My mom is the exact type of rad that stocks the fridge and washes the sheets for me. She's also the kind of rad that buys large boxes of sugar cereal and two boxes of Little Debbie snack cakes for them. Yet somehow, in the midst of all the rogue sugar, Calvin said to me, "Grandma spoils us...but in a way that's pretty healthy."

(I'm on to you, Grams.)

I'm full of the feeling of the goodness of all that there is.
Is that specific enough? Vague enough? Does it acutely indicate that I'm still slightly trapped between my vacation-state-of-mind and my life-is-beauty-full rhythm?

I always feel this way on the heels of a get-away and I'm sorry to say, I always feel compelled to say it right here. Every ding dang time. Sorry about your luck. I probably could've just linked to this post and called it a night, but what fun would that be? My fingers have missed these keys. And you.

It's just that I love vacation. I love the full letting go of it all. I love that dinner appears like magic and ones I love are right there with me. I love the books and the mags, the movies and the fruity drinks. I love the sun on my legs and the sleeping in and the splotchy suntan.

But I love the thought of home even more. I love what waits for me right here. I love that they missed us more than they realized. (I love that they were too safe and having too much fun to notice.) I love my kitchen and my bed. I love the perspective that taking a break holds a mirror to. I love being reminded of how good I already have it.

Here's something I don't love: realizing days later that I put the wrong links in my last post. Yeesh. If nothing else, it's proof that I fell clean off the grid for 4.5 days. I have to confess, I sort of loved that, too.

But vacay's over, so let's fix it, because they really were good reads. (Still are, in fact.)

A Different Kind of Person by Casey Leigh

I'll have more to say and plenty to show soon. For now?

I dine.