Saturday, April 13, 2013

What I Look Like When I Blog and Some Super Smart People

Hi. This is what I look like when I'm blogging. At least usually.

At this particular moment, I actually look more like this. Same desk, same computer, same ergonomically incorrect chair. Same funky socks.

But most nights, we put the kids to bed, tidy this zoo up a bit, and I get comfy. And as luck would have it, my stalkerazzi moved to the new house with me, so we have an appropriate visual. (Look closely and you'll see my pajama shirt...)

Tonight we're at the tail end of a whirl-wind. We drove to Muncie and back today to meet our newest nephew, fresh off a plane from Uganda. He's the same age Silas was when he came home. And it struck me tonight that he's two months older than Calvin was when Ruby was born.

I feel like I'm thinking out loud right now....

What? That's what it always seems like??

While I'm at it, you should know that I'm dealing with my first whole chicken as. we. speak. It's, uh, boiling on the stove. I feel sort of bad talking about it. It stunned me with its chickenness, that's all. And its headlessness. I think I'll stick with split breasts from now on.

Are you curious about why I'm boiling a whole chicken at 10:14 on a Saturday night?
Well, stay tuned. There's Velveeta involved and I'm not afraid to admit it.

We're having special overnight visitors tonight and tomorrow should be one for the record books of my murmured heart.

I'm leaving you with a bunch of random links I've been saving for a few weeks because they're awesome and no other reason is necessary.

Living in Africa Doesn't Make You an Awesome Person by Annie from Ramblations I wanted to stand up and cheer when I read this.  I really love her transparency and the girl just makes sense.

Why We Have Our Best Ideas in the Shower by Leo Widdrich at Buffer This is super sciency and involved, but it's an interesting skim. And most importantly, it confirms my sneaking suspicion.

Listening Well as a Person of Privilege by Christena Cleveland This girl nails it. "Privileged folks often underestimate how much they need solidarity with oppressed folks."  She slayed me with her well-shared wisdom and convicted me with her brave truth-telling.

6 Tips to Smart Giving by Amy L. Sullivan We're still talking a lot about the importance of generous, extravagant giving around these parts and how important it is to really understand where the $ is going. This is a great resource.

5 Steps to Help Kids Learn to Control Their Emotions by Aha! Parenting Self-explanatory, right??

Alice Cooper: I am a Christian    Fascinating. I'm still chewing this one around.

Dining Room Tour by DustyLu Gorgeous. Dreamy. Swoony.

Happy weekending!