Thursday, April 25, 2013

Story of My Life

1. I spent 4 hours yesterday at Calvin's dr. appt. with all 3 littles.
2. It was the second of its kind in under a week.
3. I sprouted a cold sore yesterday somewhere around 11:13 a.m.
4. I sprouted a splitting headache yesterday around 4:08 p.m.
5. Chips, salsa, and good TV can cure almost anything.
6. (But not cold sores, dangit.)
7. That picture above? The Kroger parking lot, just up the road.
8. We're swimming here in Northern Indiana.
9. The city septic backed up into our basement last week while Cory was out of town.
10. But I don't really want to talk about it.
11. FPFG: "Was I walking around in PEE down there???!!!"
12. CMB: "It was mostly rain water."
13. Mostly.
14. I'm sitting here in my pajamas because I had big plans to watch last night's episode of Scandal while Siley is at school.
15. Turns out yesterday was not Thursday.
16. So I still have 90 minutes on my hands, and I sure don't want to mop my floors.
17. Sorry about your luck.
18. Remember how my basement filled up with partial-pee last week?
19. 15 minutes later Cory's car died. In a torrential down-pour. 2 hours from home.
20. His awesome dad rescued him.
21. It ended up being an easy fix, so the car didn't die after all....
22. But it's definitely in Hospice care.
23. Know of a great car for sale around the $4k price point? Hit me UP.
24. I have lots of food-related things to tell you about...sometime soon.
25. But today, all I can think about is vacation. We're doing a repeat performance of this trip in exactly 10 days with these people. So pumped to thrift. I'm already suppressing the urge to show you all my outfits before I go. I can't explain it. Vacation anticipation does strange things to me.
26. I have the most hilariously strange assortment of books and mags for my trip. I've been hoarding.
27. Indian Beach FL. Any great restaurant suggestions???
28. I feel like I'm done now, but if I stop I have to go mop.
29. No can do.
30. I think I might finish this book today. Lord, I'm hoping so. It has taken me FOREVER. The story is fascinating and his writing is beautiful, raw, funny, poetic. I can't figure out what the problem is.
31. Speaking of books, the kids and I are obsessed with this library book. We can't stop loving it. Ruby is endlessly enamored of his "cute hair". I want all of them to spend all of their allowance money on art, from now on.
32. The only problem with that is that they don't have any more allowance money.
33. Because I took it.
34. Back.
35. It's a long story...
36. Suffice it to say, I had my reasons.
37. And before you get too judgey, just know that Calvin only had $4 and Ruby only had $2.
38. Hey - I recently came into a small sum of cash. (Roughly $6.) What ever shall I do with it??
39. Enough is enough. I've really taken advantage of your time. It isn't right.
40. But thank you from the bottom of my heart for sparing me from a free hour of vinegar mopping.

Always, Very Truly,