Thursday, April 25, 2013

Story of My Life

1. I spent 4 hours yesterday at Calvin's dr. appt. with all 3 littles.
2. It was the second of its kind in under a week.
3. I sprouted a cold sore yesterday somewhere around 11:13 a.m.
4. I sprouted a splitting headache yesterday around 4:08 p.m.
5. Chips, salsa, and good TV can cure almost anything.
6. (But not cold sores, dangit.)
7. That picture above? The Kroger parking lot, just up the road.
8. We're swimming here in Northern Indiana.
9. The city septic backed up into our basement last week while Cory was out of town.
10. But I don't really want to talk about it.
11. FPFG: "Was I walking around in PEE down there???!!!"
12. CMB: "It was mostly rain water."
13. Mostly.
14. I'm sitting here in my pajamas because I had big plans to watch last night's episode of Scandal while Siley is at school.
15. Turns out yesterday was not Thursday.
16. So I still have 90 minutes on my hands, and I sure don't want to mop my floors.
17. Sorry about your luck.
18. Remember how my basement filled up with partial-pee last week?
19. 15 minutes later Cory's car died. In a torrential down-pour. 2 hours from home.
20. His awesome dad rescued him.
21. It ended up being an easy fix, so the car didn't die after all....
22. But it's definitely in Hospice care.
23. Know of a great car for sale around the $4k price point? Hit me UP.
24. I have lots of food-related things to tell you about...sometime soon.
25. But today, all I can think about is vacation. We're doing a repeat performance of this trip in exactly 10 days with these people. So pumped to thrift. I'm already suppressing the urge to show you all my outfits before I go. I can't explain it. Vacation anticipation does strange things to me.
26. I have the most hilariously strange assortment of books and mags for my trip. I've been hoarding.
27. Indian Beach FL. Any great restaurant suggestions???
28. I feel like I'm done now, but if I stop I have to go mop.
29. No can do.
30. I think I might finish this book today. Lord, I'm hoping so. It has taken me FOREVER. The story is fascinating and his writing is beautiful, raw, funny, poetic. I can't figure out what the problem is.
31. Speaking of books, the kids and I are obsessed with this library book. We can't stop loving it. Ruby is endlessly enamored of his "cute hair". I want all of them to spend all of their allowance money on art, from now on.
32. The only problem with that is that they don't have any more allowance money.
33. Because I took it.
34. Back.
35. It's a long story...
36. Suffice it to say, I had my reasons.
37. And before you get too judgey, just know that Calvin only had $4 and Ruby only had $2.
38. Hey - I recently came into a small sum of cash. (Roughly $6.) What ever shall I do with it??
39. Enough is enough. I've really taken advantage of your time. It isn't right.
40. But thank you from the bottom of my heart for sparing me from a free hour of vinegar mopping.

Always, Very Truly,


  1. I always have to "borrow" cash from my kids. In my defense, they are money suckers in middle school and I give out 20's like chewing gum every week for lunch money, field trips, and my son is playing high school JV soccer, can you believe they charge us 5 bucks each to watch him pay (3 home games this week-UGH!)
    Anyway, love your list, enjoy your vacay~!!

  2. # 13: Mostly.

    I have no words.

  3. Your list is realistic and how I remember when my children were at home, except for the flooddng. Yuck, I really feel sorry for all of you with that happening. That has to be one of the worst natural disasters mainly because of the cleanup. Hope things dry up for all of you soon.
    I hope that Calvin is doing okay. So remember the days of t take all the kids to the doctors and waiting and waiting. Not fun at all.
    Have fun on your vacation. You need one every now and then.

  4. Hope your day improves! Try essential oil on your cold sore. A mix of Lavender and Thieves worked wonders on one of mine - even if you don't have Thieves if you have a good quality Lavender on hand, give it a try. Here's a post where I mentioned it:

  5. These posts?

    The best ever.

    Somehow you living a real life makes my real life more liveable. Livable? Live Able.



  6. I hope you didn't have to mop.
    Please tell me you thought of something, ANYTHING, better than mopping.
    Now I am nervous.
    I wish you were sitting with me in my office right now.
    I have SO freaking much paperwork to do.
    I try to do it and then I think, no, I should check my email.
    And then there is a comment on the blog, so I go and read it.
    And then I say, let me check my sidebar and see if anyone has posted in the last three minutes since I checked.
    And then....well, it is 11:40 and I have been here since 8 and I only have about three things done. And there are three zillion and thirty things to do.
    I must stop rambling in this mega long comment.
    I would really like to click and find out what book you are reading but I am afraid it will suck me in and I will continue NOT WORKING for the remainder of the day.
    I want you to read The Story of Beautiful Girl. Get it at the library next time you go or I am disowning you.
    I am so excited about your vacation and your pretty clothes.

    1. I don't know what you're talking about!


      I'm the same way. This was one reason (among several) that I took down my blog roll. I was forever wasting away minutes b/c someone posted. So now I get one big update in the morning from Bloglovin and do my reading then wait til the next day. Not even joking, it's been such a distraction-reducer.

  7. I've been following along here for a month or so and I love reading your posts. You have a gift. Hope the week ahead of you is much more sunny than the one behind you!

  8. I want to recommend a book that will delight all of you ...The Seven Silly Eaters.
    Maybe those babies will mop for you when they get home. Or do what the kids in this
    book did :)

    Ooo, cliffhangerrr!

  9. I sprouted a blood marked eyeball when I woke up yesterday! I seem to recall itching my eye in the middle of the night.

    However, I blame the doggies.

    Have been fighting a migraine for two days- sincerely hope your headache is gone!

    Have four great books I'm currently trying to read. Can't do it. I did read a whole Oprah this week!

    Sooo glad you'll be having a vacation! Now show us your outfits, please!


  10. Hey Cousin...welcome to G-town. That Kroger parking lot floods ALL THE STINKING TIME. Also, the park across the street floods too. ALWAYS. Sometimes all the way to the road the divides them. Luckily, The Chief is higher up, so we can always indulge in ice cream.

  11. Your lists are like my mind works.

  12. Poor you! You deserve a vacation.

  13. You crack me up - spend the $6 on salsa and chips, of course! Hope your vacation is all you dream it will be!

  14. I was wondering how Roger's Park and the Kroger area faired with all the rain. I remember from being a kid when we had such a rain that Linway plaza and Westside furniture flooded too. Don't know if that was the name of the furniture store or if it's still even there. But, yeah! for no Chief flooding! I thought they didn't open until after Memorial Day. Has that changed??!!?? A trip North may be in order!

  15. Vacation is the bomb. SO excited for you. Sounds like you need it desperately. :-)

  16. So I was COMPLETELY stressed out about the fact that I thought I had missed Scandal.
    Not so disturbed by the pee in the basement.

    There's something wrong with me.

    Here's to all the swoony music, lying liars who lie, and smooching. Lots of smooching.

    (On Scandal. Not in your pee basement. Although, if all of the above is happening in your basement maybe you should make a longer list.)

  17. I think this might be my favorite post ever. Truly hilariously funny.

  18. And I thought I had a good list! Instead of the cold sore I dyed my hair and it turned out a brilliant red instead of a purple red like last time. Sheesh. I wish these companies would just make the colors and stick to it so we know which brand and that 6R will be n the shelf next time my gray brown roots start showing! I haven't mopped my floor either and I got an awesome steam mop for Christmas, I thought it would make the chore easier but you still have to get off the computer to use it. :/

  19. chips and salsa can darn near cure anything..i agree
    not a bad gnarly colon but boy what wouldn't give to have some right now:)

    we know about swimming in bodily fluids. last september an hour before guest were
    to arrive for dakota's birthday party..just family thankfully we had
    water and poop floating talk about nervous breakdown.
    so i get it..hope its better. i do
    and your canker sore is gone so you can eat more chips and salsa

    being happy with you on your upcoming vacation....:)xoxo

  20. You truly are a breath of fresh air!!! Well as long as your not standing in your basement full of pee water....then the air would be less than fresh!!! lol

    Cutest vacay outfits ever!!!!! You sure know how to pull together a spiffy ensemble!!!

    Here's to NOT mopping floors - it's overrated!!! (haven't mopped in a while over here)

    Hope your friday is sublime!!!!!

  21. $6 will get you a large Starbucks---personal favorite is Cinnamon Dolce Latte.

  22. Sis, after another bla of a day/week- I was relieved to know we're still some how living similar paths just a world away. I'm sorry for all the 'downs' and less 'up' points this week and I wish I were there to ease your splitting headache and massage your troubles away the old fashion way... you on the couch comforted in the blue blanket, knee socks on, feet on the coffee-table and 'claw hands' resting at your side :)
    I actually got on here FPFG as a last resort to ease my own worries and troubles on this Friday night. :) serious. I haven't caught up on your blog this past week+ but today I was bound to read your last post so I could feel the bond between me and you and pretend that you were hear 'telling' me the very story I was actually reading.
    I miss you like mad and wish you a weekend of R&R and extra chips and salsa (for me, please)
    Lil Sis

  23. If u didnt already know..Quick tip from a fellow cold sore sufferer. Lysine! 500mg. U can buy a big jug at just about any store including Walmart and it is cheap. Take it everyday like it was your job and if you sense a flair up coming on take two (I'll take one in am and one in the pm). It has dramatically reduced the number and severity of my and cold sores go way to every school picture from elementary and junior high.

  24. Indian beach, or indian Rocks beach? I'm in the vicinity if it's Indian Rocks (St. Petersburg) and will be happy to toss a few great restaurant ideas your way. ENJOY!!!

    1. Indian Rocks Beach! I would love to hear your suggestions. Thanks!

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  28. This is such a small world. I found you via Jeanne Oliver only to discover that we're practically neighbors. Of a sort. I used to live across the street from that Krogers over on Denver Ave! We're now in Elkhart, but wow. Crazy. I've been having so much fun reading your blog and can't wait to see your interview. p.s. your home is fabulous. The teal island is killer.

  29. Girl, two weeks ago our septic tank backed up. Into the bathroom on the main floor and into the basement below it. Then the plumber came and removed the toilet. And snaked the line. And used my good towels to "clean up" the mess. I waited over a week to go in and clean it. I straight up bleached it inch by inch. Three times.