Saturday, April 6, 2013

Several Kinds of Good

Today has been a fantastic day, but it's about to get even better for a bunch of you.
After reading your heart-felt comments about art, Jeanne Oliver decided to give her class to TEN of you. Ten! It blew me clean away.

And....for the rest of you, she's offering 30% off the price of the class ($58) when you use the code "farmgirl" at check-out. DON'T TELL A SOUL! because I think she's only offering this to FPFG readers. ;)

I'm so excited for the winners and hope the rest of you take advantage of her generosity. God has so much to show us through creativity.

Here are our 10 lucky ladies! (email Jeanne)

Kelly Lautenbach
The Artsy Mom
Tina Thrifting with Cake

Would it be fair to require you to share your masterpieces with us at the end of the class? No? Not fair at all? Fine.

Lisa Leonard is having an ahhh-mazing Spring Cleaning sale right now. I'm slow on the up-take, so you only have tonight to score, but I'm telling you, the sale prices are down around 50% off and she's offering an additional 25% off sale prices when you use the code "bonus25" at check-out. One of my favorite necklaces can be had for around $25! (regular $64) With Mother's Day, end-of-year teacher gifts, and graduations coming our way, now's the time for some bargains.

And now, I shall leave you with an excerpt from Silas's bedtime prayer from about 20 minutes ago:
"And thank you for my nightlight so I won't be scared and please help Mommy to not be bossy to me anymore and help Daddy to not be bossy and thank you that Jesus is not bossy to me anymore and he is kind and he cannot be bossy to me. Anymore."

Do you see what we're up against? Do you see it? (He's so dang swoonaliciously cute.)

Siley's Boss

*Non-Silas photos courtesy of Cory's archives because I need some flippin' flowers in my life and I think his shots are dreamy.


  1. What? What kind of class are you talking about? I want you to rewrite this post and put my name in it. Right this second.

    I am going to pray Silas's prayer for you tonight too. I have been noticing your bossiness level rising...I just didn't want to be the first one to say anything, but since Silas let it out of the bag, I guess I must join in.

  2. I love Siley's prayer .... hilarious!

  3. so excited about the class!!! thanks for the info :)

  4. oh my word, silas is tied with sage for prayers. hers usually go like this: "dear god, thank you for me! bye bye." have mercy.

    also, since i was with my becky farmgirl i felt closer to you, shannan farmgirl. it was sweet.

  5. I can't believe I won! Thank you, thank you!

  6. Oh - the prayer! Brought the biggest grin to my face...

  7. i have a certain six year old who could commiserate with silas about his very own bossy bosses. he is currently being homeschooled in my kitchen for the remainder of the year. you might pray for us.

  8. I didn't realize I had won until m daughter told me tonight! Thank you so much!

  9. I am so excited about the class! I almost didn't enter the giveaway because I am normally really chicken about trying new things and the class is something I would never do on my own. But then I was thought it would probably be really great for me right now and I probably won't win anyways so I went ahead :) Thank you! And good luck being bossy ;)

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