Monday, April 1, 2013

Ohio, A Winner, and a Jeanne Oliver e-course Giveaway

You should know that the kids and I are in Ohio for the next several days, so be ready for an influx of nostalgia, salsa, and tractory photos.

Oh, and chocolate chip butterscotch cookies, because the kids + Grammy already made a double batch.

Here's my theme song for today: God bless the Grandmas.

My shorties are on her like white on rice. I overheard Calvin walk in to the kitchen and say to her, "Grandma, who is your favorite African American baseball player?"

Okay, you know how sporty I am, and that is roughly zero %. My mom is somehow less. Cracked me up.

So here we are, life is grand, the baked goods are flowing like wine, and I only packed knits.

To celebrate, I'm finally announcing the winner of A Homemade Year:

Kathy - You should know that you are one of my very favorite blogs, and I love your writing! And, you should know I would love a copy of this book :) Blessings!
Email me, Kit-kat! (That's what we always called my cousin, Kathy. Are you okay with that, Kathy? I mean, Kit-kat?)

To further celebrate, I'm super pumped to offer a new giveaway. The talented and endearing artist-extraordinaire Jeanne Oliver is offering one FPFG reader a slot in her new e-course, The Journey of Letting Go {Creating Beauty from Ashes}

Jeanne was one of my first blog buddies (5 years now, baby!) and it has been such a thrill to watch her journey.  She's inspiring and soulful, funny and encouraging. She really understands that each one of us carries the heart of an artist. One of you lucky dogs will see all of this for free. For everyone else, the 4-week course is only $58. The class begins April 8th. (Participants are free to watch the videos and create at their convenience. All content is available for one year. Brilliant, I tell you!)

To give you a taste of what Jeanne has in store for you, have a peek at this quick, 3 minute video:

The Journey of Letting Go Trailer from Revilo Designs on Vimeo.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment and tell me something about art. Tell me your favorite artist, your favorite medium, the way it makes you feel, the reason you're afraid of it. Tell me what your art is. (Because we're all artists.) Tell me any little thing about art. Lay it on me, Sisters.